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  1. Durin

    Catapult aircraft.

  2. Durin

    Catapult aircraft.

    Hey guys, just wondering if the captain skill air supremacy will ever have any effect on the second catapults on some ships, is there any plans to make further upgrades available, could there ever be a higher quality fighter available, like ME262 available as a more expensive consumable, different flight times, much superior performance and range to convention float fighters but at a higher cost?
  3. Can anyone tell me if CTRL left click on enemy planes makes them a priority target for your catapult fighter? Sometimes he seems to does what he wants no matter what you do, Nothing worse than a group of Torpedo bombers sneaking in when your fighter is enjoying the view on the other side.
  4. Awesome suggestion I too would love to see weather create absurd randomness to the game, Night time battles under a full moon would be great also.
  5. Durin

    another matchmaking joke again... sigh

    Hmmm I'd blame the Shchors and the Myoko cruisers on the other team before blaming matchmaking, those 2 guys took out 5 of your ships and your team was only able to kill 2, quite impressive results in my opinion.
  6. Durin

    Battleships and Fire.

  7. Durin

    What are your thoughts peoples?

    The game is pretty awesome the way it is, I know the ideas are extreme, a player activated air strike with the potential to turn a game around in his teams favor in a hurry would be brutal though, but those factors make an interesting aspect which would be appealing to viewers which is needed for the professional scene.
  8. Durin

    What are your thoughts peoples?

    Take a joke bud.
  9. Durin

    What are your thoughts peoples?

    The spare catapult on my Tirpitz would fit a few on there pretty nicely
  10. Durin

    What are your thoughts peoples?

    Well regardless of how fun controlling a V1 rocket from my Tirpitz would be, the only real serious thing I actually asked guys was a choice to make a custom game, I want to play against my friends, Night time naval warfare would be cool, and DM stands for Death match...
  11. Hey guys, happy Friday, Not sure if its ever been bought up but are there any plans to use more unique technologies used by certain countries, Id love to be able to control a German V1 rocket as a consumable,would be so cool, US Aircraft Carriers could have P-51 mustangs with forward firing rockets mounted like they did in WW2, Also not sure how you could implement it but British Aircraft carriers could have a squad with Tallboy bombs, I understand they required larger planes to carry them so that could be a problem, Will there be any further upgrades you can do to your ships in the future? I also think night time battles would be great, would be so stealthy and require good aiming precision and team communication, does WG have any plans on bring this gaming into the Pro gaming scene if it hasnt reached that stage already? Is there ever going to be a mode where I can have a 1v1 DM with ships that re-spawn? I see so much potential! Regards,
  12. Durin

    My List of Suggestions for World of Warships

    Please do not suggest anything that could result in changing the sound of my Tirpitz main guns, they sound beautiful, Seeing crew members running around or getting blasted off the deck could be a bit full on but pretty cool, would be very taxing on your computer system... Voice accents depending on which races ship you are using would be pretty cool though, Personally I think some of the sounds are quite cool, I love the crackle you can hear when ships in the distance get hit, but no sound in the game equals to the sound of staged firing on a Tirpitz though, cant wait till I finish work!
  13. Durin

    Battleships and Fire.

    Hmm, you have a fair point there with all the superstructures being prone to catch fire, but that was what fire retardant and fire control was for. Last night for instance was playing a random battle, I was the only BB left on my team with about 8600HP left, was up against a Mikhail, smashed his citadels in to the point he had 110HP (Ripped off with damage I know) My guns were reloading with about 4 seconds left, my secondaries were out of range, he landed one shell which alone didn't cause any damage because of where it hit me but caused me to catch fire, this literally happened 1 second after my repair team duration had finished (had to use it because there was 3 stacks of fire on me) there was still green on the repair icon with about 2 seconds left when I seen the shells he fired in the air coming at me, damage control ran out before he hit me, My fellow cruiser friend killed the Mikhail but because i got hit by a single shell I still died from fire, the scores were about even before my ship melted away causing my team to lose after I died, I know it just sounds like bad luck but this happens quite a lot, I have fire prevention captain skill and the module to reduce chance of flooding and fire but still my ship dies from fire virtually every game. I think people underestimate the accumulative damage that fire does to any ship, that one shell caused has much damage as an AP shell penetrating an engine bay but not actually scoring a hit to Citadel, Because of how accurate and how skilled the players are at my tiers they rarely miss, results in continuous fire and insufficient methods to prevent and repair it or even stop it, I can justify getting lit up by concentrated fire from 2-3 cruisers, but its always that one unfortunate hit that results in such high damage, regardless of the size of guns firing against me, Am i supposed to fear cruisers in my Premium Tirpitz? Pretty sure it was designed to beat everything in the Atlantic, Accept anything with wings and tallboy bombs of course Any help would be appreciated...
  14. Durin

    Battleships and Fire.

    Just so you're aware I play every other class of ship but Carrier, I also understand that my game skills are not perfect but then again no ones games skills are, you say you can minimize damage by playing defensive, that's basically what the majority of battleship players will do, sit back and slug away from a distance, but sooner or later the enemy will eventually catch up with you and you will get hit, I have no problem with getting hit by a HE shell from a Heavy Cruiser or another Battleship and getting lit on fire. The fact is destroyers guns have a fast reload rate, their guns don't do the penetration damage or the large amount of instant damage like larger guns do, but they do however seem to have a just has high chance of lighting you on fire as every other ship, you mix these high chance of fire with a fast fire rate, it means your ship no matter what the size takes huge amount of damage from fire, as soon as you hit damage control , they score another hit and you're on fire again and you lose around 15% of your HP, I understand the games balance is extremely important, but a few little fine tuning patches could be beneficial, they could always be reverted if they were game breaking, which would be unlikely to say the least, especially if they buff the destroyer to compensate for the damage lost because of ineffective HE spam.
  15. Durin

    Battleships and Fire.

    ​A more detailed system with gun size vs armour thickness, would fix this problem.