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  1. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    The mechanism of 1st XP winner don't lose star should be re-evaluated

    1. It was introduced as a community requested feature 2. Save-Star system did in fact reduce the difficulty of ranked, making the rank distribution more reasonable. In a way, "working as intended" 3. Saved stars is very likely pumping more stars into the "pool" than all other methods combined. As every player who quit ranked/reached R1 takes a lot of stars away from the pool, it is important that the overall pool gets constant supply. Now if you talk about the EXP distribution, about how your seemingly detrimental teammates kept his star while you, as a "PFTO player", got lower XP, I may agree with you. In fact I have a few ideas myself. IMO a clan war styled score system or make every rank irrevocable may work better than the current system. But removing save star without presenting a better option? Well, there are some people who held the belief that humans lived a better life during the stone age.
  2. IIRC, an awesome community member wrote a detailed article explaining the principal behind HE penetration and IFHE. The author is amade IIRC, written approx late '16/early '17. Now I want to share this article with my clan members, but I can't find it via forum search. Anyone happened to have that page bookmarked?
  3. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    So why is everyone choosing sharks?

    I'm with Eagle. For a simple reason "Eagle Buck", when translated "properly", sounds like a foul word used in the city I live in
  4. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    Wows can not log in China!!!

    Chinese here. I do experience some disconnecting incidents, and in many cases a reconnecting attempt ends up a failure. But if you don't get disconnected, the connection is smooth and very playable. (Jiangsu Province, China Telecom 20Mbps, usually sits comfortably at 35-50ms) IIRC the undersea cable that was broken a while ago is still not fixed. As a temporary solution, prepare two separate set of internet connection. I'm using my cable network (China Telecom) with my cellphone hotspot (China Uni-com) as a backup. When you get disconnected, switch network and reconnect, always works for me. (Guess not exactly viable for international travellers?) Or you can try Netease UU https://uu.163.com A small monthly fee for "international" games, i.e. games with their servers located outside of mainland China, but free for CN servers.
  5. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    Question about naval artillery firing IRL!

    May, or may not. For a perfectly stationary ship on calm waters, absolutely yes. Multiple shells fired in close proximity will interfere with each other leading to increased pattern. But if the delay is set too long, as we all know the sea is not still, the ship moves , causing the previous gunnery parameters to become invalid. A one-by-one serial firing sequence is also invalid for calibration. The Royal Navy believed that anything less than a three-gun salvo is invalid for gunnery reference. In practice, many triple and quad turrets have delay circuit to help reduce pattern. One (of the many) example is the 380mm/45 Mle 1935 seen service aboard the Richelieu class, a 0.060 sec delay was set for the inner guns. This reduced the average pattern from 525m to 300m, at 26.5km.
  6. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    Regarding being made PINK!

    You, and you alone are supposed to watch out for any allies that may get caught in your torpedo's trajectory. You should avoid launching your torps when your allies can potentially get damaged. If you had to, ping the minimap and text to warn your teammates. This is good manners and responsible team play. And it's an official tip written on the load screen. Unless your teammate is half a map away (only possible for Shima and Gearing), it is always the TK'er responsible for team-torp incident. He has the right to make use of the game mechanism and punish you for your irresponsible torps, as long as it doesn't affect the end result (which counts as passive play)
  7. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    Worcester module model leak?

    It should be a repeatable occurance, but not like every shell breaks it. It's like, let's say, a drakonation. As a matter of fact, Worcester's model was made back in mid 2015, some time between CBT and OBT, and minimal changes to the model was made during the recent testing. So it is likely that Worcester's model has small leaks and cracks, similar to other models of that period of time.
  8. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    Worcester module model leak?

    I mean the machinery, the engine. And FFS Worcester does not have secondaries.
  9. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    Worcester module model leak?

    Sorry for the confusing title… by which I mean that Worcester's module classification model is leaking outside it's armor model. It seem that the ship can get her machinery blown up by even small caliber HE shells. In one instance my Worcester got her machinery rekt by Yueyang's 127mm HE, and I've disabled another Worcester's machinery with my 152mm HE shells. Sorry I don't have replay files, but given that I've experienced this on both sides, and within a few days, it should be repeatable.
  10. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    Clan battle start?

    The accouncement didn't specify the year… So technically everything is fine. Trust me
  11. The distinction between light and heavy cruiser is SOLELY it's gun caliber. There is no definite hull criteria or in-game playstyle linked to it. The first London Naval Treaty made a distinction line of 155mm, above that you are catagorized into type A, otherwise type B. Both types had a maximum tonnage limit of 10000 tons. Heavy cruiser then came out as a nickname for type A cruiser. While the second London Naval Treaty set a limit of 8000 ton for type B cruisers, it also stated that navies can build 10k ton light cruisers in anticipation of future hostility. And well… only the Brits took 8k ton limit seriously, which makes sense as they hosted the naval treaty. You don't want to break the treaty when it has your capital city in it's name, right? As for in-game, there is no definite play-style linked with heavy/light distinction either. If we remove Mikhail Kutuzov's smoke, her play-style will be a helluva lot like Roon, stay at long range, kite, WASD and spam HE. And if we look at the other side of the cruiser family, radar RN CL playstyle is at least somewhat similar to their USN 8" buddies. BTW the so called heavy cruiser is a part of the pre-treaty definition of light cruiser, which came as a development of the "scout cruisers" in WWI. Currently VMF CL line has three CA, Kirov (yes Kirov.) DmDonskoi and Moskva. As I mentioned above, the only true distinction is the gun caliber.
  12. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    Is the Server Dying or Is It Just Me?

    Living in mainland China here. 35ms ping at noon but total nuts during peak hour. IIRC recently a few cables broke… But with an accelerator(a kind of VPN for network boost), the ping goes down to 35ms-55ms during peak hour, so the server is fine, but cable issues… Well it's beyond what WG is capable of, so I won't blame them.
  13. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    Radius of catapult aircraft?

    Some say catapult spotters circle around the ship at a larger radius than their fighter counterparts, any specific data on that?
  14. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    How to predict the exp required to unlock seattle?

    169000, based on PT numbers
  15. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    Who are at the helm of these WoWsCSTesting accounts?

    It seem that these accounts were distributed to CCs for testing new ships and upgrades. But can any WG staff answer me, is divisioning two Stalingrads against the rules set for these CCs?