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  1. ShimakazeMustDie go check his stats, he actually owns a Shimakaze and plays it
  2. Is this the future of the WOWS?

    I know this OP and know exactly what he is talking about. And here's my one or two thing 1. My friends and fellow clan members have seen you white texting a translated version of that Chinese warship girls R recommendation meme. Let me remind you, a recommendation should be done with subtlety, be done in an appropriate context, and point out the merits. That line does none of these and seem more like a badly written advertisement. White texting this only makes the player base of "warship girls R" seem unmannered. Also it is directly violating EULA. The following line is quoted from game rules, part of EULA, which you can find on the forums. 2.18. Mentioning and discussing of other games is permitted, but it should be discontinued if the character of the discussion turns into at a direct promotion of another gaming project. 2. Warship girls R never gained predominance anywhere outside of mainland China. It's just not attractive enough, plain and simple. Remember how, after the game got released in JP region, the WGR player base scoured through Twitter trying to find one or two Japanese who enjoyed the game? Compare that with how Azur Lane memes flooded Japanese social media. 3. While many warship girls R player refuse to admit it, Warship Girls started as a semi-clone project of KanColle. Many of it's early maps, early enemy ship stats, characters' settings and even memes are either directly copied from KanColle, a ripoff from KanColle contents or mirroring KanColle contents in a manner I would describe as ugly. While later contents start to avoid similarities, these early content gets preserved. And the player base seem unwilling to face the game's past, be it good or bad. 4. AFAIK many illustrators are no longer passionate about making new illustrations for warship girls R. And the recent contents clearly demonstrated the professionalism of the "WGR historical research group" has degraded, significantly. Tell me when did the Japanese ever seriously attempted a 72cm torpedo? When did Krupp produce a second 533mm gun? Impero as an aircraft carrier? Draw a rectangle and a line extruding from it and call it a Mark XXIII turret for the 6"/50 BL Mark XXIII gun? An individually sleeved 100mm/65 type 98? Let me finish my very aggressive and impolite reply with this Chinese saying. 暴力安利不可取 Roughly translated as "promoting something agressively is not a viable option"
  3. Tell me how to avoid Ap bombers

    AFAIK using that word is forbidden in the forum for obvious reasons… Perhaps use "third Reich" instead?
  4. Balanced TM

    I should have cropped the screenshot before posting… Now everyone starts discussing everything but the Midway nerf
  5. Balanced TM

    40 planes off Midway' hanger? Result of excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages? This seem outrageous to me even though I am no CV player and rarely divs with CV Now Hakuryu not only has better planes, but also a larger hanger? It's equivalent to feeding 40 planes at the start of the game Not to mention Midway was renowned for her extremely large hanger historically, I know WoWs is no naval simulator, but at least respect commonly acknowledged historical facts. balansd.jpg
  6. Change Ship collision mechanic pls :(

    Ramming your enemy is a rare thing in WoWs IMO, and there's plenty of other things that needs fix more than ram mechanism, why bother. And FYI, when USS Washington and USS Indiana collided 1st Feb 1944, Indiana was saved only by a well trained crew performing excellent DamCon, and that was with both ships taking evasive actions. She would have been Rust in Pieces had the crew been less experienced or the last minute evasion not taking place.
  7. Do Commanders Remember Old Ships?

    Retraining your captain is like you getting a new two-dimensional waifu from the season's Japanese anime, you are gonna forget the old one that you just started calling waifu three months ago
  8. Need help with a Soviet glossary

    Thank you guys for your help, you have my gratitude!
  9. Need help with a Soviet glossary

    Thank you for replying! So the "ZIF" in "Project 68 bis ZIF" simply refer to the new AA mounting deployed on the new design?
  10. So...no news about buff Republique?

    The average stats at this stage is not due to the ship being over performing, but due to the people at the helm. Those who are willing to spend over 500K FXP or grind so fast are usually experienced and has a higher than average level of skills. The same thing happened to other lines as well, GK held over 100K average and over 55% WR for quite a while. and AFAIK GK only had one major change, a secondaries buff, and her stats dropped over time, as less skilled players managed to reach T10. Z52 also had exceptional stats even with 6.5km concealment, but she end up getting a concealment buff later. Rep may seem to have good stats ATM, but stats will drop, and 52% less than 100K is not good enough for a new T10 BB given how good the first batch of players are. Also, many average players don't know the performance of new ships, I see numerous Hindens trying to rush into my Rep as if they were fighting against Montana, but even average players would learn how to adapt. A CC I followed, Uocat in the EU region, a unicum with almost 80% WR, went as far as calling Rep a "giant turd" and claimed Alsace to be a overall better ship. A few friends who FXPd the ship on day one also warned me against FXPing the ship. And seriously, there is no major useful advantage of Rep over Conq.
  11. So...no news about buff Republique?

    *the citadel thing* …and the devs end up admitting that underwater citadelling was bugged in 072 and was working on a fix, I felt that it was fixed a few days ago, but haven't done any testing. The problem was not with how the ship performed with the bug, but without. Get anywhere close to the enemy and you melt, not and your line of battle crumbles cuz enemies have more tanking and equally powerful main guns. Put it simple, list one major thing that Rep actually does better than a 419mm Conq that actually helps her win games.
  12. Need help with a Soviet glossary

    I know the correct section would be historical discussion, but basically no one ever visits that section. I'm working on a translation project for my friends, about the Soviet Project 68 cruisers. I'm trying to make sense of minor details the original passage did not explain very well. And I encountered this glossary, "ZIF", in the "project 68 ZIF" and the "ZIF-68" AA guns. I wonder what does this mean, if anyone in the forums happen to know. I tried some search engine works without any progress.
  13. So...no news about buff Republique?

    Cuz almost everyone who FXPs this ship has at least some decent experience playing this game? As we all have observed, every ship has some decent stats when first released and drops gradually. I have discussed with a few unicums République owners, and their conclusions are 1. Because of the hull you are basically limited to sniping, and the guns are not good enough at dealing damage to compensate for the absence of one T10 BB in the line-of-battle 2. You can always find a better substitute in the form of Conqueror, 419mm firing even AP And as a person who believes in actual data more than vague senses, 431mm's characteristics does not match the hull. As I said the hull is limiting Rep at sniping position, but 431mm shells have a maddening 0.35 air drag, which means these guns are suitable for mid-close range, where Rep would melt. I personally believe that I'm not bad at T10 BBs, but I did struggle getting even IMO passable win rate in the Rep. I have always been able to face my stats, never once did I ever had the idea of hiding my stats, but I had a two-day lose streak with 40 games/14 victories which almost caused me to hide my stats, and I went to the service center trying to get a partial stats wipe (turned out it's not a service they would provide)
  14. Why is DD still invisible when on fire ???

    A replay file would make the actual situation clear. But I think he may popped smoke without you noticing. Smoke rings only appear when you get up close.
  15. Need some advice for Richelieu

    Find a division, play Hermes, problem solved