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  1. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    OCD question

    Muzzles in World of warships are octagonal shaped shallow recesses with textures applied, and not even regular octagons. Yeah, living with OCD sucks.
  2. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    spend 30000 doubloons get French IX DD?

    Protip: get Le Terrible instead Le Terrible has effectively the same gun suite as Mogador: 5gun/5sec v/ 8gun/8sec, same ballistics same penetrating power. Mogador does have the advantage of an extra upgrade slot. And a torpedo suite that is more usable: Le Terrible has better concealment, allowing a longer concealment/torp-range gap. Also the torp is slower, which actually is an advantage. You can fire torpedoes out of range when enemies are pushing you, they'll walk into the range themselves. Mogador's fast torps means that she needs to get closer to pushing enemy ships to land torp hits. French DDs can use torps to bait DamCon and use MBRB to set fire afterwards, launching torps further away allows you to position better when you need to set the fire. Also Le Terrible is T8, allowing you to bully lower tier ships more often.
  3. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    You are not leaving me, are you?

    Windows doesn't give me an option to delete it, I find it kinda funny
  4. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    You are not leaving me, are you?

    This is actually my workstation, now I'm at home for summer break I can't risk having my parents see a game icon on my workstation desktop. They'll throw a rage fest and blast me for wasting money.
  5. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    Battleship buff coming (eu forum discussion)

    I still distinctly remember how much I battled other members of the forum on the topic of Kutuzov a few years ago. Back then I said the ship herself was not OP but the IFHE perk was. My suggestion was to nerf IFHE. This perk just adds too much to 6" HE firing guns. You have the DPM, get the pen and keep a respectable chance of fire. Shouldn't work that way. Also, it's a minor (actually major) buff to RN DDs, they will be able to penetrate 19mm instead of 18 (113/6=18.83, rounded up to 19, current mechanism is Alpha Piercing HE*IFHE>plating is pen, announced is ≥), this will free up 4pts and 1% chance of fire for RN DDs. And Gearing's 21mm plating will do nothing against 127mm HE.
  6. HMS_Swiftsure_08


    Whenever @drakon233 plays CV, an innocent player gets detonated. Save innocent players, let's make drakon play surface (and detonate) again.
  7. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    Official website Easter Egg

    So a few days ago the server screwed up, and I found this interesting detail Here's the Error 500 message of WoWS official website: Does the background seem familiar to you? It certainly seem familiar to me, because this is the Soviet light cruiser Murmansk II: A Sverdlov class (Project 68-bis) cruiser, she was the second VMF cruiser to be named Murmansk. Entered service in 1955, she had a long career covering the entirety of the cold war and was sold for scrap shortly after the USSR collapsed. She ran aground near Norway during a storm and was left unattended for more than a decade before an in situ dismantling process took place.
  8. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    Has Benham drained the life out of you yet?

    Half a patch passed, I'm very much alive and Bill Clinton did not have sexual relations with that woman.
  9. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    NTC rework was a trap

    Also, the controversial NTC news is a smoke screen for the IFHE one. Want to get a controversial change thorough the pipeline without backlash? Publish some fake changes that players will act even more negatively. This will draw the community focus fire away from the real deal and congraz the real change went through.
  10. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    Keep a close eye if you are grinding campaigns.

    Honorable service was a campaign designed far before the spotting ribbon. If I'm not mistaken, the actual criteria is be the first to spot 10 ships. The spotting ribbon is granted for 1st spot and spot a ship that has been undetected for a given amount of time.
  11. Yoshino is a semi new model - based off of another premium ship Azuma. Salem is simply a Des Moines Yoshino is a competent spam cruiser, her guns are accurate and the ballistics are enjoyable. With the 20km torps comes sweet surprise. Feels like a huge Atago but with top of the line range and ballistics. Salem is a dumbed down Des Moines. Having that weak radar makes her quite useless in teamwork scenario. The DPM is DM grade but being a DM means it's more situational, Yoshino can just sit back and spam everyone that you can see. You shouldn't expect too much out of the heal, it's 2%*20secs(=RN heal), but it is only 100%/50%/33%(=normal cruiser heal, RN CL heal is 100%/60%/50%). i.e. normal penetrations will drain your reserve HP pool as fast as they drain DM HP pool, and if you get citadelled, you can't get much HP back. Yoshino isn't the best tanking ship either, but she can confidently angle against guns that cannot overmatch 30mm. And she has 5 heals max. Overall, Yoshino should be your priority, and if you like DM as a cruiser killer, you can get Salem afterwards.
  12. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    I hate myself

    And there's drakon, who played the shit out of it simply because detonation won't occur in savage battles.
  13. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    Coal ship: Jean Bart or USS Georgia

    …And getting sunk by a powder magazine explosion?