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  1. Smoke is a nice addition to Kutuzov, but one must take other aspects. Emerald has smoke, and can enjoy more spamming time than Kutuzov, but no one except that Izumo in scenario "newport" consider Emerald OP Accuracy... Hummm, from my experience most cruisers are accurate, and from 1-10 scale for cruisers Kutuzov may get a 7, better than single mount WWI boats, can compare with some high tier cruisers but certainly no match for triple turret RN CL or IJN CA. But IMO accuracy is hardly a problem for cruisers unless it's Graf Spee which is a CA/BB mix. Citadelling... Someone is giving too much of a broadside or a failure division? Kutuzov guns are 152mm, despite these guns having exceptional ballistics (I'll vote #1 for 6" who is with me), and great penetration (first tier for 6"), they are just standard 6" with 45/60deg ricochet angle. And unless you bring some T5 cruisers, keep angled can certainly ban him from citadelling you. IMO the main strong points of Kutuzov are 1. DPM, second in T8 only to Mogami, and can use IFHE for easy HE penetration 2. Ballistics and range. Very flat and fast ballistics, easy to use guns, and that range... When you spam against certain targets (stop looking at me GK you know I'm referring to you) almost all of that range is effective 3. Maneuverability, put acceleration mod on her, not exceptional but definitely not bad, and given that range 4. Concealment. No I do not mean her concealment being good, but the bad concealment allows her to relieve of dangerous close up DD support duties and harvest damage. 5. Smoke, nice addition To be honest I thought this was a ship museum visit thread when I saw the title and I was expecting a bunch of nice pics....
  2. Nelson does not have a spotter plane tho, and IIRC the ship isn't very accurate...
  3. I guess it isn't the ship being bad, but in that particular game, her weakness was demonstrated. When the first version of Conqueror ST was datamined, I predicted that she would be ripped apart by cruisers. The 32mm hull including weather deck, low HP, large detection range(IIRC 19km?) means that RN CL heal problem will reappear on Conqueror, i.e. reserve HP pool being drained by large amount of penetrating hits. The super heal is not as OP as it seem to be. It is simply people don't want opponents to get the lost HP back. It is discouraging when you got a big chunk of HP off an enemy ship and with a click that ship grows that HP back in a clearly visible rate, meanwhile people tend to forget how easy it was getting that chunk off the ship. While the current release version of RN BB boasts high concealment in exchange of the previous version's incredible armament, thus making a less radical gameplay, they are still relying on destroyers to screen themselves from being constantly spotted by enemy DD. In your unfortunate case, your DD decide to forget about their team responsibility, so naturally the scenario gets back to the version one Conqueror where you get ripped apart by cruisers, and unlike that Conqueror, Nelson does not have exceptionally powerful and reliable armament to retaliate.
  4. Standard hull thickness of T4&5 BB is 19mm, which can and will be overmatched by 305mm, even 283mm can do that.
  5. Not that simple. IIRC NA cluster have a system of rewarding well behaving players based on karma, people with good karma gets some in game bonus stuff. Also, multiple result of misbehavior in chat or AFK can result in auto ban.
  6. 0/0/0 is the AFK penalty. I've got wrongly hammered by this once, got a cap, made one shell hit(bounce) and got killed, 0/0/0. But I don't find anything wrong with the system. Hurting players with minimal contribution on rare occasions is way better than letting AFK scums wander around.
  7. Even Alfred Peter Friedrich Von Tirpitz can't stand this.jpg
  8. I have just freexp'd Monarch and played my first game on her. The battle was nothing special, but I do find myself in need of advice on how to use her guns for maximum efficiency. The main problem, IMO, with Monarch guns are 1. A downgrade from KGV in terms of HE. Monarch has 56,700HP/Salv while KGV, a tier lower, has 61,000HP/Salv. Both have a reload time of 25s, which means inferior DPM compared to the previous ship. Also, fire chance per shot is reduced compared to KGV. 2. Subpar AP performance compared to T8 rivalries. As I stated in my AP comparison thread, Monarch has the worst penetration of any T8 BB at any range. In practice, I fired a salvo at a Tirpitz, 15km 70deg. Two shells contacted Tirpitz' main belt, and both got non penetration. IMO that is not too far away and not well angled. Other complaints about Monarch are also common, for example weak main belt, low HP and short range, but as I have quite some experience on RN CL, I want to try solve them myself. The problem I now have is that 1. Is Monarch's HE powerful enough for frequent use (spam)? 2. If not, should I engage BB more or focus on the cruisers? 3. What is the optimal range of Monarch wrecking other BBs?
  9. No, you've got the sequence of the events wrong, what the WGC does is that it utilizes the power of Santa to finds people with bad skills and flag their room with a tag "zone B", a group of Rushian ninjas will then plant microscopic injectors on that person's keyboard, once he touches that keyboard, hairwash dew with alchohol will be injected, manipulate their mind, causing them to shytpost (out of a scale of 1 to 10 with a reference of 5 for OP's, how conspiracist do you find my reply?)
  10. Karma is not about your performance IMO. It is about how well you socialize with other people, being friendly and supportive can often reward you karma.
  11. There's the communication bar at the bottom left corner
  12. Banning visual is an addition to "I'm not using that shyt(p)" because you cannot force other people to opt using non-glowing ships. But the audio is totally your option based on what captain you choose/(if that capt does not have special voiceover) your audio setting. Because team voiceover is not the voice other player choose, there is no point of an option for banning special voiceover. In other words, the audio equivlant for "no I don't want to see that shyt" is already there and always on, as I was not listening to a mixture of ARP HSF Chinese Japanese English(NA/GB) and other types of voiceover all in the same time. As I said, if you dislike anime stuff, just don't use any of them, train your own captain. Yelling "glowing shyt not muh realism WG sux" and using that capt is like "I'm going on a strike!" "6PM now I'm starting my strike!" "8AM now I'm pausing my strike and going to work! I'll continue my strike 6PM today!"
  13. In PT, 21400+19500+17100, lost I was in a radar Minotaur, my team had a dumbass Gearing and me for one cap, the enemy team has two Minotaurs and three DDs. The Gearing fed, and in a radar hydro combo, I killed three whole DDs. Those enemy Minotaurs knocked out my turrets five times and permanently destroyed one. Meanwhile on the other side of two brothers, the team fed. Common PT stuff, all is well.
  14. MM IS BALANCED (TM) MM is part of the "fun and engaging mechanism" that "balances player skills" The same goes for Saipan, Nikolai, Z46 and all of those ____fill_your_rant____
  15. Hear that sound? That's the sweet sound of purists moaning... If you dislike anime stuff, just don't use them, switch the filter and don't the the captain. They are just 10pt/12pt capt, and is it that hard to train a "muh realism" capt with the same points? If you are going to be a purist, you should put your efforts into it. The anime fanciers spent quite some time grinding those glowing ships, and why shouldn't the purists just grind a 10pt capt? If you opt using the anime captain, it is your choice, and you are supposed to deal with it. The same thing happens with the "realism" Seagal, if you choose to use that captain, you will have to use that boring motionless voiceover. And unlike Seagal, anime captains does not have any speciality over normal "realism" captains. In a word, grind your own capt or deal with it.