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  1. 155mm/60 3rd 2.22/5.64/10.80/11.64secs 203mm/50 3rd M2 2.34/5.62/10.18/10.90secs (Shell flight time 5/10/15/extreme range, AP&HE have same ballistic performance) That is to say, Mogami’s 203mm has superior ballistics above 10km but the difference is not unbearable. Side note: Rushian 152mm “RUSSIANBIAS” 2.13/5.30/9.96/10.81 (data of stock Chapayev-15.75km extreme range, close to Mogami’s 15.67km) “superior ballistics since 1917, with a barrel of vodka” The trade off is DPM for better AP&firing angle&no need for IFHE
  2. Really? Torp reload only option? It’s just like saying Minotaur should only get AAm3 for slot 3. While the community usually agrees on a common build, other builds do exist and they do have their own reasons to exist and many of them do make much sense. For example, my Minotaur has RoF mod for slot 3. As I never get to know a good CV player that can div with me on a regular basis and I am more confident on my gunnery skills than using torpedoes, I go for RoF. I don’t want to sacrifice firepower (that is useful every game) for better capabilities of downing planes (CV at top tiers are rare). I also heard of a build that picks radar and torp reload skill&mod, after wiping out enemy DD he can then use manual torp launch effectively. For Fletcher, while many would praise her versatility as a anti surface DD, some would build her solely as an AA platform for CV division. She falls behind AA CR in terms of DPS, but concealment, smoke and element of surprise makes up for it. RoF mod Fletcher also exist as a pure dogfight DD. I do not deny that Kidd is a capable AA DD, but it should not be feared more than a warningly non-SE Fletcher that divs with a unicum CV. While she is a tier lower and can meet T6 CVs, T6 already have miserable life and another blow makes no difference.
  3. Tail guns, ship AA, 013 can shoot down planes Kidd has slightly more base DPS than Fletcher hull B, 8 more at mid and 11 more at inner. But as a T8, Kidd does not have the AA efficiency module (or anything else at slot 3), when Fletcher equips slot 3 AA mod, she has 13.2 more at outer, 4 more at mid, but still 4.8 less at inner than Kidd. Clearly that is better than Kidd at AA.
  4. It should be AB-P-XY, the third turret should be considered a “mid ship” instead of “aft” turret group.
  5. Ummm, I got em like 4:30PM UTC+8, Minotaur game And did anyone notice the length of player IGN display in team loading screen got reverted to the original one? It got clogged up with clan tag, on many occasions the actual IGN can only have two or three letters before the “…”
  6. Clan tab working for me a few hours after update You need to do a mission to get new rent ships, but the mission is updated late of the update Wrong voiceover in scenario including playing halfway voice at the start of battle and voices from other scenario maps derp
  7. Accusing racism simply because others get better stuff than you do? WG is clumsy from time to time, but clearly their time restriction is not based on racism. Now the AU/NZ people simply need to stay up late for a few hours to play clan wars, but what about regions observing time zone like UTC+5 or +6? The 8-11PM UTC+8 prime time would choke up their dinner time, and that is IMO far more serious than staying up late for a few hours. And for the UTC+8 region, they are clearly the winner of this prime time setting. But is that a demonstration of WG Asia’s alleged “racism”? While IDK about the Koreans, but the staff responsible for the Chinese site is unreliable, frequently making stupid mistakes and releases announcements a few hours late of Japanese or English version. Now is that racism against people who use Chinese as their main language? A few sentences ago we were discussing whether WG Asia were racists who only cared about UTC+8 region? And FYI, similar time restrictions were implimented for NA and EU servers as well, so it is clear that it’s the devs not marketing who made this decision. Their decision was likely based on 8-11PM(usual game time) of the prime region (using simple statistics I guess). That is stupidity, not racism. If you really want a change on this situation, simply posting a rant can show no effort. Draw on the past experience, remember how the forum spammed ASIAWORST meme during WoWs 1st event? That showed the community, as a whole, their disgust on Asia’s meh event discounts. What you should do is unite AU NZ clans, show WG that you, as a whole, felt unfair about their policy, and find a way to deliver your message, posting a rant on your own and claiming you to be representing AU and NZ clans won’t do anything.
  8. Arkansas Beta Secondary gun's firing range increased from 3.5 km to 4.5 km, and the secondaries are now extremely accurate: The new maximum horizontal dispersion is 86 meters (it was 287 meters). Source: sea-group org (URL: Seems decent enough, with or without manual secondary
  9. Has this OP’s rant posts ever been funny? It’s not nearly as fun as sharkbait IMO
  10. I’ve been running an E3 1230v2+R7870GHz assembled early 2013 for the past two years of WoWs. I do get some minor freezes of usually one to two seconds from time to time, but that is more likely due to the deteriorating thermal conditions of my old and exposed rig. That old PC finally died away a few days ago and I’m now running WoWs on my GTX 1050 laptop hooked up to a monitor, and the gameplay is now pretty smooth. However I do get some rather serious lag during “clan wars prime time”, but everything is decent when clan wars isn’t available. Even a few months ago when I was at Los Angeles connecting to Asia with wireless hotspot from my phone, my gameplay experience was acceptably smooth, nothing like what you described. You should try debug your PC or network. Check if you connected your monitor to the GFX card directly or you connected it to the mainboard I/O. Check if everything is connected and secured. Try making a non overclock profile for WoWs, as it isn’t that resource demanding. And if you are running wireless, make sure there’s no major obstacle between your WRT and your wireless NIC. Connection and resource management issue does exist, but if it’s that serious, it must be either at your end or you were exaggerating it.
  11. The French 340mm… If they have her the 1924 newer AP shells, that will be a 0.515 Shell Weight Index(is that the correct name? The formula is shell weight(lbs)/caliber(inches)^3), which is pretty moderate, and the muzzle velocity is 780mps, nothing fancy. I won’t expect much penetrating power from this gun. But anyway, discussions on penetrating power is useless when you get 4…8…12…16, 16 of em!
  12. IIRC USS Texas is the only WWI era super dreadnought afloat. And a few months ago it was reported that she was in real bad condition. While asking the NA community for donation is a wise decision, I hope players from other region can be allowed to join. We don’t share US patriotism and many of us probably don’t like USN pre-standard BB design, but damn it that thing was real history, and no one wants to see history die away right?
  13. If you find Akizuki OP cuz you can’t hit her, it is probably overestimated her maneuverability and choose the wrong lead are too far away from her 3.RNG was trolling you Akizuki does have some serious DPM, but she isn’t having a tightly packed hull or decent maneuverability. Akizuki is now way past her golden age (between 0.6.0 IFHE addition and invisifire nerf) At that time she could easily invisifire troll many cruisers without the need for another ship spotting the target.
  14. Here we go again, yet another rant movealonenothingtoseehere
  15. Am I the only one to feel that Worcester don’t hold the strength or technology to be a T10? The ship was kinda half baked and experimental, her guns never reached a RoF above Des Moines class’ 8inchers, and those DP Mk16 mountings were extremely prone to fail. An additional defect is that her surface gunnery directing capabilities were no better, or even worse, than the pre-war Crown Colony class (and that was just a 8,000 ton treaty CL) Despite USN preserving far more ships than the RN, the British counterparts Tiger class had far better average life-span than Worcester class. (Tiger 19Yrs Lion 12Yrs Blake 18Yrs Avg 16.3Yrs…Worcester 10Yrs Roanoke 9Yrs Avg 9.5Yrs) And that is with Tiger class entered service almost 10 years later than Worcester class. Late 1940s were a crucial point for surface gun ships, missiles can’t be regarded as a practical weapon, carrier aircraft didn’t go much advance while surface AA were drastically improved. While late 1950s marks the obsoleting of pure gun ships for major navies. And even with all these advantages that Tiger class never got to enjoy, Worcester class was soon deemed obsolete and decommissioned. IMO this ship should be T9, matching the Neptune class which was another late war 6incher large AA CL design.