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  1. I love co-op

    The forum here doesn't judge co-op players, it's fun, straightforward and relaxing. A few active forum members are also co-op lovers. And I agree with you on the subject of better co-op. If you have participated in previous PT, there was one version in 2016 that had a very simple implementation of "hardcore PvE". The idea of that test mode was instead of mirroring player's team, it gets doubled. So a team with let's say 1 Ryujo 3 Clevelands and 4 Mutsuki gets to fight 2 Ryujo 6 Clevelands and 8 Mutsuki. Apparently a battle that can't be won, that’s why this primitive idea was discarded. But I think some changes to the rule may result in a challenging and competitive alternative. For example, CV and CA/CL only gets mirrored, while BB and DD gets doubled, with the economy coeff near scenario value. And no bot fillup. This would allow more competitive games and be more rewarding. Also allow achievement but only gives less signal flag reward when receiving achievement in this mode.
  2. Option to disable badge

    It's simple, I dislike this thing, and I want an option to hide it from my client.
  3. Is this WoWs or KanColle?

    WG Asia definitely borrowed some teku-nicians from Tanaka 7:00>8:30>11:00, server maintenance, KanColle style
  4. Guilio Cesare - change in 0.7.0?

    I think it's the detonator threshold, currently 55. IDK if it's a buff or nerf, I don't get what does this value do… But considering how minor this change is, my guess is minimal difference in performance.
  5. Huh? One Day Left? But I Thought...

    The original due date is 18th Jan, right at the server restart/patch day, the extended two days goes after that, till 20th Jan.
  6. Concept of Free exp is stupid right now.

    It is "freedom of not being bound to any ship", not "free of charge"; the free here is used by it's "Unconstrained" meaning, not "obtainable without any payment" I wonder why no one else made that misinterpretation? And in case you don't know, technically FXP is "obtainable without any payment". It is rewarded every game at the rate of 5% of ship EXP.
  7. so is RNG really effected by reports?

    I met yobbo's Shimakaze today and gave him a compliment, regardless of all those rant and jokes, he is quite a responsible and communicative teammate, at least during that game
  8. Scharnhorst artic camo looks awesome

    It allows the player to see how many secondaries and AA they lost at a glance, 10/10 OP P2W need nerf
  9. Any Mac players out there?

    Actually macOS client is officially supported, correct me if I was wrong but it seem to be accomplished by using a compatibility layer called wine. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/content/game/ There's an option for macOS version on this page. But IIRC macOS version only got DirX 9 working And of course one can install Windows on a Mac device using bootcamp, which will allow running Windows programs just like every other PC out there, including games. Had that mac not reached T-Junction of the processor already and barbecued the user's hands by the time the game is fired upGiven how notoriously bad at designing thermal solutions apple is. IIRC there's an option for switching between MultiMedia key and F-key in bootcamp application (the other set of function would be activated by holding Fn)
  10. Do your employees even play this game?

    PanAs DD DWT can and will hit cruisers, unlike some version of GZ test or Shima test that can only hit BB and CV Victory is a science, and know your opponent is crucial
  11. He complained in your thread about how the mods are biased by giving you only a warning while banning him for 2-3days
  12. Gets reported for playing good

    Well, KGV… Fire is annoying, and annoyed people need something to vent their salt
  13. >OP finds weekend games sux >"let's ban every -/:;()$&@“[]{}#%^*+= that plays on weekends!" >I find OP being a ranter and cannot reason very well >"let's ban every guy that uses default avatar and has one underline in their IGN!" Now how is that proposal, pretty dumb eh? OP, your proposal isn't any smarter.
  14. Lemme guess, you are trying to suggest that mods are biased and their judgement are based on clans. I won't argue about whether the mods are biased, but the difference in penalty does not mean the mods are biased. Now if I posted the same thing as OP did, I would get a few days' ban, as I had violated the no insult rule a few times in the past and warning only applies to the first offense
  15. It is an automatic system, WG explained this in the game rules section