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  1. Odren

    CV Rework (SEA)

    Personally, I hate the fact that fighters are useless now. At the very least, you should be able to control them on the tactical map and assign them to guard particular ships and/or spots until shot down or recalled. Now, if you want a particular spot guarded, the TB/DB has to fly to a spot first, call them, and hope that maybe an opposing squadron will stumble into those fighters.
  2. Odren

    The Premium Shop of Disappointment

    I know, I know. 😞 I need my Belfast
  3. Odren

    The Premium Shop of Disappointment

    Got $50 worth of boxes. Saved me the grind to Chapayev and North Carolina. Also got Leningrad and Scharnhorst. Plus, I got enough stuff to complete the collection (got the 10pt hockey player) AND got the mission to unlock the 15pt hockey player. So overall, I think I'm happy.
  4. Odren

    The Premium Shop of Disappointment

    Same here. I missed them the first time around due to budget issues. Now that I've got money to burn on virtual stuff again, I can't get them. 😞
  5. Odren

    Azur Lane Belfast needs her ship

    Or at least a sister ship, like a re-skinned Edinburgh that looks like the Belfast. Anything to avoid another grind. :)
  6. Hello. Please make Belfast available for purchase again. You can either grind or buy (now or in the near future) the ships for the other Azur Lane ladies, except for Belfast.
  7. Odren

    Ship Skins Gateway

    Wow. Those are a lot of ports. Thanks. Can you tell me which of those you used for the ARP Yamato? The Submarine Port?
  8. Odren

    World of warships Space Ship 2202 / ARP Ships

    Guys, how do you get the ARP Yamato to float?
  9. Hi. Can you point me to the article/forum post which says that the Sims has a broken Exp multiplier? Thanks. Did not know about that. I do have the Sims (got it from a crate), but rarely play it.
  10. Odren


    I've been on the receiving end of in-game chat rants similar to those posted by the OP. Most of those rants are about me not providing air cover when my Essex has but a single fighter group to use. Obviously, someone on our end is going to end up being sunk by a Taiho strike package. My suggestion to those ranters: don't lone wolf, stick to a nearby CA or other BB to share AA, or die.
  11. Odren

    Arpeggio Ship Camo

    Hello. I know that the Arp collaboration will end soon, but I would like to make a suggestion. How about developing purchasable permanent camo for the Arp T7 and T8 Arp ships? Basically, the same skins that they have right now, but with some unique functionality. Instead of concealment or dispersion benefits, maybe fire and flooding resistance to mimic the Klein Field?
  12. Odren

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    We're not going to get any of those achievements gold, are we? WE SUCK!