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  1. Instant_Regret

    Should I get Prinz Eugen?

    I can't do carriers. I suck even against bots Dunno. Just sailing around and blasting AP at HE-spamming peasants
  2. Instant_Regret

    Should I get Prinz Eugen?

    Thanks for suggestions everyone! I want to go down KM cruiser line in the near future, but right now I'm leveling VMF CL line at T8 and want to get to Moskva and also RN line at T8 and IJN line at T9 and also USN BBs at T8, so all-in-all too many ships already on my plate, constantly struggling with trying to farm credits. Let's say, what if I like under-gunned and AP-oriented ships and do well in them, like Furutaka for example? This is why I thought, that this ship might be fun. Just running around the map blasting with my strong AP, sort of like Taco but at T8...
  3. Instant_Regret

    Should I get Prinz Eugen?

    So I used the latest patch changes to get rid of my Belfast. Not that I think changes to smoke mechanics affect her performance much, I don't, but I just don't like her. I love RN cruisers and I do well on them, but not Belfast. Anyway, I was looking at tech tree premiums to buy instead with my new load of doubloons and I'm really considering Prinz Eugen. Waifu reasons, camo looks amazing and she's a T8 premium, so a must be a good money maker. Is she a good ship though? Would you recommend buying it?
  4. Instant_Regret

    Strongest Cruiser Line

    Well, there are also things called superstructure, plunging fire and upper bow armour that is thin enough that 203mm shell can't go into autobounce even at very oblique angles. Let's look at actual example. I took a liberty and checked your stats on Warships Today. So for example let's take Aoba and Furutaka, since I haven't progressed further yet. For Aoba you have a 5% higher average damage than I do. At the same time I have MBH at 27% and you have 40% which means that you land about 48% more shots on target than I do. (N.B. I really need to get my aim better). Also your torp hit ratio is 14% compared to my 4%. Even if we disregard the potential influence of torpedoes this means that every shell that I land on target does substantially more damage than every shell you land on target. There's not enough data to calculate the exact number, but it's a big difference, could be as big as 40%. And I mostly use AP even on BBs, only switching to HE to deal with DDs. Probably on the second thought Furu would not be a very good comparison because when I started on it for a long time I was mostly using HE, only switched to AP on everything for the last ~15 battles. Anyway, I'll do some testing in training room and see what it shows, but I'm fairly certain of results. AP should be better.
  5. Instant_Regret

    Strongest Cruiser Line

    Statistically unlikely. You might get that here and there, but simple maths shows that you can get up to 42% (!) average damage increase by just sticking with AP.
  6. Instant_Regret

    Strongest Cruiser Line

    How so? Take Aoba and Cleveland both at T6. Now calculate RoF * No_of_guns * MBH * Chance_of_Fire. If I use my own MBH for Aoba (27%) and do the maths I get that I stand a good chance of setting 1.5 fires a minute and some 29403 HE shell damage maximum. Cleveland has slightly lower accuracy on average - rainbows, duh! - at about 21%, but you can still get 1.97 fires a minute and 33264 maximum HE damage. Even Nurnberg can do better with 1.6 fires/minute and 33660 HE shell damage. At the same time I can get up to 41877 max damage with AP. Maybe at higher tiers that's the case, but where I'm at now it's just not true. In fact I think it's a waste of time with HE.
  7. Instant_Regret

    Strongest Cruiser Line

    Sorry that makes no sense to me. If they were so good then they wouldn't be doing med-low damage on average compared to same tier cruisers from other nations. Here xp income correlates pretty well with average damage. I think the reason for these styats is just that IJN cruisers are not everyone's cup of tea. Majority of cruiser players that I meet in battles like to spam HE, even see planty of Furus, Myokos and Aobas trying to spam HE at everything. And since that kind of play style doesn't work well for IJN CAs because of low dps you get low xp and low damage stats. So the ships are great, it's just that majority of people don't play them right.
  8. Instant_Regret

    Strongest Cruiser Line

    Well, it's historically accurate, because real Furu did get this upgrade, although it is overpowered especially if it's top tier in a match. I was mostly looking at average XP earned, but even if you take something like average damage dealt - Furu is the worst on T5, Aoba is 2nd worst CA on T6, Myoko and Mogami are on top in their respective tiers, Ibuki is down the bottom in T9 and Zao is mid-range in T10. And still RN and SN cruisers come on top most of the time. You can count on me. I'm doing a great job of dragging RN cruiser stats down
  9. Instant_Regret

    REALLY? NO Halloween camouflage for Asia server?

    Well, pan-Asia server is WG's unloved child - we don't get signals in premium shop, less variety of ships available and it's no wonder we don't get Halloween camo. Although I did see a Myoko last night with Halloween camo, so maybe they just forgot to mention it on the website.
  10. Instant_Regret

    Strongest Cruiser Line

    Well, I love my IJN cruisers and love my Furious Taco, but just simply statistically IJN cruisers are not the best. Even closer to being the worst. Just looking at ship stats on Warships Today for Asia server where I mostly play and if you sort ships by average XP then: T1: Hashidate is the 2nd best, but who cares about T1 anyway T2: Chikuma is 3rd worst ship of any type T3: Tenryu is 2nd best of all non-premium cruisers T4: Kuma is only better than Karlshuhe T5: Furutaka is the worst ship of any class T6: Aoba is 3rd best cruiser and the worst by average WR T7: Myoko is the worst cruiser and worst ship of any class if you exclude ARP ships T8: Mogami is the worst ship of them all T9: Ibuki is the worst again T10: Zao is 3rd best cruiser And it's pretty much the same story if you sort by average WR. Right now statistically it's either Soviet navy or Royal navy cruisers that are the best.
  11. Instant_Regret

    I Need A Good Read, Suggest Please.

    In the beginning USSR and Germany signed a Molotov-Ribentropp pact, which was not a formal alliance, but a sort of neutrality agreement. Meaning that both USSR and Germany won't interfere in each other's dealings and no military conflict would happen. Reading "Japanese destroyer captain" - very interesting perspective from Japanese side. Not sure how they were planning to win the war if they were under extreme conservation of fuel and ammunition practically from day 1 and it didn't get better from then on.
  12. Instant_Regret

    How do you guys play each class?

    For me it goes like this: DD: If IJN DD - rush to cap, if USN DD is there run away screaming. Mid battle go to wherever enemy team might break through and use torps from hiding for area denial mostly. If USN DDs - rush to cap, try to kill IJN DD that's already there, get focus fired by all cruisers and BBs supporting him then either die or run away in tears. Mid battle - lay smoke for friendly CAs, hang at the edge of detection, spam HE at anything that moves, try to find opportunity for banzai charge onto a lone enemy ship. CA: Mostly play IJN heavy cruisers. Start of battle load some HE, follow DDs and try to support them with cover fire. Once capping business has been finished load AP and go for anyone showing me broadside. Then when health gets low set fire on the nearest BB and then charge in with my torpedus. You can figure out, that I don't survive battles too often BB: Too few games in them. Mostly I just suck from the start to the end CV: Haven't played yet.
  13. I haven't played that many ranked battles yet, only rank 18, but as it's usually the case, the problem is not with a ship, the problem would be with a player and with communication within the team, or lack thereof. Most players can be reasoned with to an extent, it's just that not many people try.