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  1. Heya! Will do always trying to provide you guys with the best possible content
  2. Hey everybody, During the month of September - October I'll be pretty much revamping every Captain's Academy episode I've ever made along with as much new information that applies to the game we love today. I will be updating this thread with all the latest videos as I'm done with them. So without much hesitating, here we go! Episode 36 - How to Carrier Episode 35 - How to Battleship Episode 34 - How to Cruiser Episode 33 - How to Torpedo Episode 32 - Captains and Captain Skills Episode 31 - How to Destroyer Episode 30 - AP or HE? Episode 29 - Damage Saturation or Why Did I Do 0 Damage Episode 28 - Overpenetration Mechanics & Penetration Mechanics II [Corrected] Episode 27 - Citadels, Armour and Penetration Mechanics Episode 26 - The Armour Viewer Episode 25 - Aiming & The Reticule Episode 23 - Fighter Strafing/Barrage Episode 21 - Manual Torpedo/Dive Bombing Episode 20 - Invisi-Fire/Stealth Fire Episode 19 - How to Aim??? Episode 18 - Training Rooms Episode 17 - Which Consumables? Episode 10 - Essential Controls
  3. Just for your information, there is no situational awareness bug in 0.5.5
  4. iChaseGaming

    Last chance perk on Shimakazes

    You're welcome It was something I was thinking about and testing recently. Then saw your post and that pushed me to actually make it into a video Thank you ^_^ I'm actually on the NA server, but I'm hanging out on the Asia forums
  5. iChaseGaming

    Texas Review - No Fly Zone

    well I've started to hang out here now too
  6. iChaseGaming

    Last chance perk on Shimakazes

    This topic caught my attention lol, I was just testing this the other day video coming in a bit
  7. iChaseGaming

    Texas Review - No Fly Zone

    Here's a review of the Texas
  8. Yeah...don't think that was a winnable fight. Yamato > Iowa easily and well Montana vs Tirpitz...just raw penetration damage alone a Montana can wipe a Tirpitz off the map...
  9. If the enemy Yamato players were both horrible, then maybe yes you could have won. Otherwise, nope, Yamato easily overmatch Iowa bow armour, so as long as the two Yamato players were semi-decent they would have had no problems winning.
  10. iChaseGaming

    Pensicola hit box

    Yes, the real me
  11. iChaseGaming

    Pensicola hit box

    for the Pensacola, try to stay a bit further back, use your superior AP to hit targets that are broadside to you. use your HE when targets are angled. Don't sail in straight lines, constantly weave in and out. Pensacola requires you to be evasive while using your great guns to do damage.
  12. iChaseGaming

    USN Saipan Fighters

    Thank you and go figure my first post was about a CV ><
  13. iChaseGaming

    USN Saipan Fighters

    The catapult fighter is locking down your CVs fighter and then your fighters are getting shot down by the ships AA. If you're within range of a catapult fighter, you're going to be in range of a AA