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  1. hasa86

    I am outta here see you guys around

    they come they go they all leave poo
  2. hasa86

    Team Battles time messed up?

    10pm australian NSW time in 5 min INGAME CLOCK DOSE NOT TAKE IN DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME "I Think"
  3. ingame clock diff to windows 10 clock 2 hours fast o_O we been grouped up a hour b4 waiting its about to start! think aussie nsw time its 10pm to 2 am i think
  4. hasa86

    Clear Sky Medal ?

    arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ that helps
  5. hasa86

    Which is Saltier?

    lost a torp team on ess CV but got a bomber got the CPT lvl 15 + to bomber and fighters by 1 1 fighter 1 torp 3 bombers would be freaking if i didt check what was comming out that the group of 7 drop 10K DMG bombs each i have 3 sqs of them Quoteing from someone: " there still op just in diff way" I LOVE IT i can kill own and poeple and shut up about nuke torping lol
  6. good for the true grinder's time pro timeeeeeee
  7. ABOUT TIME UPDATED: Pic 2 Team Battle Testing went well. they smoked us. We ran 2 Games 1st Was fine till CV planes were seen Then all i could hear was crying on Teamspeak about the lag spike's to busy tryin to turn a CA off the point but spiking into island. 2nd Game NO LAG AT ALL and they have a CV none of us had any lag spikes at all. they smoked us. we let cv fly all around us turn some AA off no lag spikes. We would of lost the 1st game anyway becouse we are stupid. but the 1st game ended for us almost halfway in when became unplayable for everyone We are all Australian's and the lines between us and the server keep getting CUT massive patch around so the spikes suck. we not really had issue with it lately in random. but it killed us alot faster then would of been. As a team trying Fleet work first time in TB neer cap Spike locked us into a death run into the cap..... was fun............ 2nd game was fine. under same with a cv on other side too and team but diff map. was good if anyone cares. lol 2
  8. just suck.. if i dont have 5Km Hydro-acoustic or on Cooldown. Someone can GODMODE you to death and there nothing u can do about it. you just drive around doomed no matter witch way you go till you killed over then next 3 - 4 mn dose not feel fair or fun at all trolled to death in a t9CA by a jap 8 DD becouse he can shoot me but i cant shoot him while he kills me and trolls me usein invis fire for almost 1/4 of the game becouse i dont have hyrdo.... Dont sound fair to me.
  9. Mean no disrepect. I call a Spade a Spade. happens to all of us on NXT teamspeak and Ausezgaming.com Teamspeak. been happing for a long time now. blind firing not fun for me for someone to be shootng me at 9km while iam chasing him at 9km AND I CANT SEE HIM. yes he is a DD but when you fire you should be spotted not troll my roon ass to death i was fighting another roon who could not hit a barn. i got blind fired DDed to DEATH! no fun in that "2 min of this b4 the boys said to SS it while full speed at the DD where the fire was comming from Plus time on Screen shots trolled 1/4 of the game. " "Awesome work by the player btw trolled me good" I JUST get trolled to death. WHEN YOU FIRE! IT SHOULD GIVE YOU UP. BTW THIS IS The REASON why i hear over 2 diff community teamspeak rage outs. crap being broken you can hear on ts becouse he has active mic on. its funny till they dont come back to the game.