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  1. _Evangeline

    Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022

    Wow,amazing! I still remember they said we would never sell X premium ship and never develop submarine。LOL
  2. _Evangeline

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.10.7

    Submarines in ranked battles like a piece of shit!!!!! Disappointed
  3. _Evangeline


  4. _Evangeline

    You know WG, the memes just write themselves.

    AS a four years player, i have the same feeling like you.What's more,after 0.8.5,CV rework really becomes a joke.
  5. _Evangeline

    Public Test 0.8.6 Feedback Thread

    A new sad update for high tier CV players on 086
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  7. _Evangeline


  8. _Evangeline

    Why CV population seems to have cooled down?

    I think that cv will get new buff in the future update.For the 0.8.5,the plane losses became excessive because of the new AA dps.To keep CV efficiency reasonable and the cv rework successful,WG must make some new changes on CV. It took only one day to change form the situation of many cv players ranking inthe game to no one.This is indeed the style which WG is familiar with when they try to make the WOWS keep balance again.Too funny!!
  9. The new Rogu Ware is interesting indeed.But after i updated the game and read the special combat missions carefully,ennnnn......I didn't konw what to say.It is more difficult to finish than any other events before.In order to get enough fuel tokens to exchange IX U.S.destoryer Benham,I have to spend a lot of my personal time to finish these unimaginable combat missions.How long will I get 800 fuel tokens ?LOL
  10. _Evangeline

    I have 1 question to ask about CV

    Yeah ,you are right. My idea is only for the t6 'Furious". T8 and T10 CV are high -tier warships.They play a different way from low-tier cv.For high-tier Cv,players'personal skills and experiences are very important.A top cv player should know how to protect his flight formation and choose target.High-tier CV 's planes have more Hp than T6 or T4 cv.So they can even get 2nd trop.Kaga is a special ship.Who else has 96 planes expect Kaga?LOL
  11. _Evangeline

    How should I spend my tokens and coupon?

    I am very glad to meet a good friend like you in this game.Just like you say,Chinese-language forum's atomsphere is a little strange.Weather it is an offical Chines-language or NGA forum in our own country ,there are many players who we always call them "keyboard-man" making useless remarks on the forum.But Fortunately,as you say,the English-speaking community is a little better . French destroyers would be smokeless from official bulletins indeed,but they can run over 50 knots when they turn on their engine overboost.LOL I just noticed your replay on the disscussion "The Pan-Asian (Chinese) Cruisers is coming?" I highly recognize your point of view and think that you are a wisdom and respectable person.Hope we can discuss more questions together in the future.
  12. _Evangeline

    The Pan-Asian (Chinese) Cruisers is coming?

    I just noticed that there was the same discussion artical in Chines speaking communityLOL
  13. _Evangeline

    I have 1 question to ask about CV

    That's only one side of the players feeling.As a a top tier BB.you fell unfair because you lost 20K hp under the attack of cv.But for cv player,he choose to attack you,he know he will lose all his flight formation.Though the fighters or bombers finish the mission,they drop the torpedo or bombs,they won't come back to the mother ship. it will take a long time (nearly more than 70s pre plane) to recovery full attack flight formation as a T6 cv. So it is a two-way choice.Both partcipants will pay a price.
  14. _Evangeline

    How should I spend my tokens and coupon?

    Hi,dear I have finished reading your words . i really understand you comfusion very well . I noticed that you joined the game in Chinese Service.Maybe you are a chinese player. If you really are , I am very happy to meet my countrymen in this game. XD Return to the topic, i am not sure whether you can earn Lazo tokens now. As far as i know ,you can only get the Pt. 2 special tokens for legendary captain Kuznetsov by buying gift boxes in wg store. If you have kept a fully-equiped and upgraded Shchors in port,there is no need to exchange Lazo。Because they too similar.In order to keep the Lazo's characteristics,Lazo's reloading and flexibility are worse than Shchors. But the most important thing is that Kuzentsov is worth exchanging. If you are going to try high -tire Soviet battleships one day,Kuznettsov is necessary.His special skills is tailor-made for Soviet battleships.So why not give up Lazo and try to exchange Kunzenttsov?Though you are mainly a cruiser main ,Kuznettsov can still provide great help for your ship.If you miss the activity,you may wait a long time to exchange Kunzenttsov again which will cost you a lot of coal source. For the second question. Yubari need you have high-tier Japanese CA gaming experiences or you won't get good experiences during the game.Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya is a very good choice if you decide to play Soviet battleships line.He can help you understand how to fight as a Soviet BB and use your limited "damage control".Agile as a French dd,I don't recommend it to you.You have said that you you would not try destroyers for the time being.What's more,new French dd technology tree will update under 0.8.5 .Agile is a little different from the new French dd. All the words above only represents my personal point of view .Hope they can help you.
  15. Wargaming游戏中心 目前能够支持通过登录个人账号,查看自己WG账号下的金币,银币,加值账号等信息。对于WGC中战舰世界的模块,能否增加军火库的相关常驻信息呢? 比如说在已有的金币,银币,加值账号的基础上,增加煤炭量,钢铁数量这两种比较重要的信息