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  1. odski70

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    Does anyone know if the latest patch altered the guns of the Tirpitz? The shot dispersion is now huge, I am getting nothing but overpens and ricochets even side on. The shells travel slower and what I normally lead a target with I am now having to give more lead. Dispersion is 275m which is larger than my GK. Prior to patch was regularily scoring about 110 - 120k last 5 guns top score 44K. Lowest 12K.
  2. My Puerto Rico build just disappeared and all my ship building tokens??????????? Have they listened?
  3. I bought the first booster and Gorizia to my now regret (when I read the fine print/saw the build post test server that I saw on youtube with Jingles). Alas i'll be going no further time with family is more important. Its a pity a great idea was executed so poorly and allowed greed to take over. There's no way an average player can do this.
  4. odski70

    Grober Kurfurst Improvements

    I've just finished the 'Dont come close" mission and I feel very short changed. In short dont do it. On completion you get a GK that now has a 19 km range vs 23.3 that I used to have and a 26 sec reload vs 31 sec. The way I read it I gave up 4 km in range to save 4 seconds and to close the gap and get 4 km closed i'm probably going to get thumped maybe over 2 min? by another BB 4 or more times. Way too go WoW!!!!
  5. Ha ha been there done that drop it
  6. Wow Legionary are you in the military do you want a medal or a chest to put it on.
  7. I've got rid of my fighter and carry a spotter on my BB if I see a CV I go all out. But thats not what a BB is for. Fix it WOW.
  8. Is WOW going to fix the historical inaccuracies of the CV's? I'm pretty sure rockets were not in use on all CVs and i'm sure the Japs did have them hanging off their Zeroes. Also biplanes with rockets as well. WOW has pretty much fucked this game.
  9. ??? That does not answer the question
  10. Hi All, Newbie who's been getting right into my German BBs. Is there a thread that anyone knows about that can answer my question? Thanks in advance.
  11. odski70

    I am about done

    I've found hang close to other ships and every time I change direction click ~ to orientate my guns to the enemy side. If you can stay close all the ships nearby hack into the attacking aircraft. If you find a group that heading your way it kinda deadens the pain. Not much of a help I know but give it a go.
  12. odski70

    Has anyones settings reset

    Not yet I was not looking forward to hours of downloads. I think thats the next option.
  13. odski70

    Has anyones settings reset

    First time poster. Big issues since latest update. Regular crashes and terminates or restarts. I've lost enemy and friendly ships names on screen, HP as well. Ship icon (that you can hover mouse over for detection values gun ranges etc). HP for my ship and indicators for damaged/destroyed turrets etc plus fire/flooding indicators. Trying to fix in settings but cannot get it to come back. Any helpers?