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  1. Talendro

    Dunkirk Jack

    For this reason I wish that WG would remember that Oceania is lumped in with SEA. There are few events for Australia/NZ that link us to our European heritage.
  2. Talendro

    Whats the ARP Ashigara

    You can even have two Ionas One day they might fix this ... one day
  3. Talendro

    How many ships do you have?

    102 including the 5 ARP ships.
  4. It's on a par with the US server being able to buy signals from the premium shop. Disappointing really and lacking in foresight.
  5. Talendro

    ARP Commander use empty commander reserve slot

    I got a second "Iona" instead of " Kirishima"
  6. Talendro


    If there's going to be a RAN ship it should be HMAS Melbourne. B hull could be a reinforced bow.
  7. I only just revisited Atlanta and am having a blast. If other ships are silly enough to let you into range then they will regret it. I play it like a US DD on offense and as an initial AA boat if there are CVs. First play after dusting it off a few days ago I cringed when I drew ocean as a map but decided to hunt DDs and then circle behind BBs so that I could rain down on them while their turrets traversed. A BB decided to ignore me only for me to rain hell on him. I stay away from Clevelands as their ROF really hurts the paper hull. Is it the best ship for cash? Nope, not even close. I'd rate Murmansk and Atago well above it. Is it a fun ship if you play to enemy mistakes? Definitely. Is it a frustrating ship to get into range at that tier? Absolutely. Will you get smashed using it? Certainly. Will that one game in 20 where the planets align be a total blast? Yup.
  8. Talendro

    Meta Ships

    I rate the Murmansk up there at the top of T5. It's a cheap premium that far exceeds its cost.
  9. Talendro

    Port Slots

    I'm at 42 ships and 11 empty slots and it tells me I can buy more