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  1. Saltyroo_58

    CV over powered planes

    I have been playing and hoping that WG would buff these CV's and do something about the endless supply of aircraft and the way a carrier can launch aircraft with out a cool down and being on fire . This current model is so seriously broken the amount of damage a rocket plane can do is so unfair to all ships specially DD's defensive AA fire is only good for one attack while the aircraft can fly on through it and still do damage and attack again while it is in cool down leaving the ship defenceless . I am compelled to write this after a game I played in the Monaghan where I chased a Ryugo for about 2 + minutes hitting it's flight deck over and over again whilst it launched and recovered aircraft against me until I ran out of defensive fire AA to stop the aircraft I did my best to dodge rocket attack after rocket attack but there is only so much dodging that you can do before you capitulate to the damage being done to you without them not having to care about any consequence to the way they play .
  2. I have been attempting to complete my British DD collection as I was unable do do so in time I have activated the collect button and have collected a couple of items but it seems since the last update I have not got a single one in any of my crates is there a reason for this ? PLEASE EXPLAIN !!
  3. Thank you very much Wargaming for making CV's to easy to play and killing of the art of DD play . It has got so bad you can't play DD any more as the Cv has taken away the main role of the DD to spot and get near enemy as soon as they are spot in the first couple of minutes of the game they are annihilated by over powered squadrons of aircraft that just fly through flack and your defensive fire can't even make a difference to their attacks. I'm not saying I'm the best DD player out there but this upgrade will kill of the DD players off and turn the game into a World of Warplanes . I have noticed a increase in player behaviour of bunching up in one area of the map by entire teams to protect them selves from air attack . I love playing DD but this is getting to be unplayable and making me and other players lose interest in the game and going to other branches they really don't want to play .
  4. Saltyroo_58

    Most DD players are bad

    Yes i do realise it was a joke , but for a dedicated DD driver it touches a raw nerve because unfortunately it is what it is in our WoW's game . we all ways blame the little guy for everything that goes wrong while the big guy with the big guns take all the glory . Tin cans forever that's where the real fight is boys ..
  5. Saltyroo_58

    Most DD players are bad

    This has to be a joke really ? This has to be the rant of a complete mad man if it wasn't for the DD drivers like myself the big game winning guns of a BB would be utterly useless . Is this the mentality of all BB drivers in my clan most good BB players realise that a BB has more health than a DD and that they need to be protected just as much as a big fat BB sitting to far away it can't hit shit !! This is where I think Rank battles are broken BB's don't commit to the fight in case the DD's get killed early they sit back farm what damage they can so they get top spot by picking off Damaged CA's and BB's the DD's and CA's have caused before they got sacrificed to the full force of the enemy team with close support of there BB's . If you BB drivers honestly think you are the winning thing your idiots .. It's a team game and you should be giving your team close support and not sitting at the back telling the rest of the team spot for me you should be close enough to spot for yourself . In my experience there is nothing more frightening as a DD and a CA with a BB supporting them closely . ( Show me a Admiral who didn't shit his pants seeing this and I'll show you a liar )
  6. Saltyroo_58

    Billing bug ?

    I don't know if this is a bug or what but since the last update I have experienced the first stuff up while purchasing dubloons I brought $50.00 AUS any amount dubloons through the WoW's site and did not receive them in my WoWs account on investigating I found they where sent to my WoT account . I have always used the same method of purchase using paysafe cards I received a email saying they where in my account then I noticed it said thank you for your purchase of 9,500 gold I went to my WoT game and there they where. This is no good to me as I don't play the game and don't want to purchase anything in it I have sent a complaint to the billing department but of writing this have not received a answer so I'm writing this to see if anyone else has uncounted this and to warn everyone to look out for this if it is a bug in the billing. Will keep posted on the out come
  7. Saltyroo_58

    Give us the Aussie flag

    ​You make a excellent point _DuxNutz_ I think it was The Mighty Jingles said and I had to LOL " They look like floating German discos " something like that I was glad they gave you the option to turn it off they made my eyes bleed. I love your game tag Mate Bonza Stuff Mate !!
  8. Saltyroo_58

    Give us the Aussie flag

    thank you Tossle but I really didn't take it as a racist comment Lord Typhoon was only being funny I hope (Well that's the way I took it) Hey ! I may well be a bogan but I would never spit on a non white Australian or anyone at all enough said. Lets get this back on track as a fun discussion . WOH !! drakon233 put the gun down .. PLEASE ?
  9. Saltyroo_58

    Give us the Aussie flag

    ​That's right the flag in game is correct even the 70's 64 spears latter changed to 32 in 2004 from memory but it only came in in the 1970's . I have been doing some research into this and to my understanding it was common practise by all navies operating under the RN to display the RN ensign often more than one in battle so if in battle one got shot off they would not be mistaken to be surrendering and all so the national flag of it's country of origin would be flown as a pennant flag . The red ensign could be used in battle if they didn't have a National flag as pennant flag . Yeah why not be separate like Poland ..Yeah !! as if that's going to happen ??
  10. Saltyroo_58

    Give us the Aussie flag

    MMMMM ! Yes our kiwi bro's where would we be with-out them ..probably a richer country ? Thankfully we only take the smart ones .. I'm not expecting WG to do anything they are probably sitting in their office laughing at this whinging Aussie while smoking their Cuba cigars but it would be nice to see it.
  11. Saltyroo_58

    Give us the Aussie flag

    Well .. when I started this I didn't think it would such a hot topic I was and still am just stating it would be nice to have the Country of origin flag behind the ship that signifies the Country the ship is from . That is true the Leander was crewed by New Zealanders so was the Fiji .. HEY ! YEAH !! NICE ONE BRO !! .... Here's a idea could a talented graphics team make a flag to go in the background with the Royal navy White Ensign and the Countries flag blended in ?? Hey honestly please take Russel Crowe back we will admit to making a mistake on that one .
  12. Saltyroo_58

    Give us the Aussie flag

    ​YES !! And they didn't fly the Commonwealth flag either that wasn't even thought about back then .. But it's a Australian ship have the flag behind it . MODS nup !! They cause problems with new patches
  13. Saltyroo_58

    Give us the Aussie flag

    Again you are so right at what your saying the New Zealanders and Canadians and Indians have got the right to not want a Australian flag .. HELL NO !! They should have the right flag behind them too not something that means nothing to them and not something that was brought in 30 years after the war .
  14. Saltyroo_58

    Give us the Aussie flag

    ​I agree on your point I am not disputing that fact it's just the British ships don't have the white ensign behind them they have the British flag so does the U,S with Old Glory France so on only Germany is off because due to the ill feeling the swastika brings to some people . The Russians ship fought under two different flags but in game they are proud Russian USSR just like I'm a proud Australian.
  15. Saltyroo_58

    Give us the Aussie flag

    Hot topic what flag do I want the Australian flag I thought that might be nice . Yes where is the swastika that should be a option .Yes your Southern Dragon should have the correct flag. Yes the white ensign was flown by all commonwealth ships at this time I am just asking to have the country of origin flag displayed behind it . And as for you Mr.LordTyphoon all I can say you have got the wrong picture ...MATE !!