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  1. Here is the newest volume from JP https://worldofwarships.asia/ja/news/pukapuka-fleet/pukapuka_fleet_vol68/ What i want to ask is, why this is no longer translated to English ? Because the author prohibit it or something? If it just because we have lazy translator, i think even some of us can translate the comic strip. Nothing we could do if the author (Muramasa Mikado-san) doesn't want tho. It have been like this and idk any news at this regard.
  2. Zwelivelle

    T22 wrong AA rating

    Aniket_Sengupta, on 03 May 2017 - 01:07 PM, said: See ? This is better to explain what you want. Pointing to the very core of what you need is basic, and powerful. And i wish you don't attack people who spent some time to answer your question. Please be civil. And much better if you could provide screenshot or video. Since i'm already in, i made this special for you. I bought back T-22, and this video. You could ask this at bug section. Skip to 2:50 to see the moment she fires at 4.5km. Watch the mini map. Yellow rings are AA, dashed ring is concealment. Sorry about the recording quality, X-box DVR is not good.... 720p seems to be my max cap of video resolution when i upload vids to YT. Well 4k vid uploaded to YT, although still shows as 720p, it will give better, less jaggy picture.
  3. Zwelivelle

    Best Nation to start for a new player?

    Be ware, German DD are relatively weak until you get tier 7, which is just reasonably powerful. I also pursuing this tree, so far i have Z-23. But i'd like to get Grozovoi first.Z-46, tier 9 has amazing concealment and gun layout.
  4. Zwelivelle

    Noob need halp

    What i hate about Kuma is that gun placement, which is quite OK if you actively wiggling. But...It is a perfect newbie trap to tell how bad broadsiding is. That also telling how not to torp your own team mate. The armor is horrible and the sub systems are easily broken, even when dueling with say, Isyaslav, tier 4 Russian DD. You'll find anything on that ship is easily broken, like rudder, engine, gun, torp launcher etc etc. The pro about Kuma are the weapon potential, She has the same RoF with the old Des Moines, combined with Japanese brand HE; A lot of fire and damage; High concealment, and long torp. Don't worry the next tier Furutaka is a nice ship, although she has longer reload. Not all ship of the line is good, so be patient. I wont deny that some people would like to play Kuma, because it fit them. But if you're not, well, i'd say you're not always alone.
  5. Zwelivelle

    T22 wrong AA rating

    Ha ? I have Z-23 already. I also posted my video with T-22 before
  6. Zwelivelle

    T22 wrong AA rating

    DP main gun : 1. affected by manual AA 2. shooting at planes automatically if 1 is not the case 3. it will shoot plane even when you're firing, because it is just aura 4. AA range is as far as listed on AA tab If you can shoot other ship as far as 10km, doesn't make your gun shoot planes at 10km too. It will obey the range listed on AA tab. 5. In game animation showing them shooting to planes are scarce 6. Same gun at different tier has different AA value, for balancing purposes You'll know your DD equipped with DP main gun when it also down at your AA list.
  7. Zwelivelle

    Noob need halp

    I only see Kuma as food. She has been long outclassed by newer cruisers.................... and destroyers. French paper ships are better than Kuma IMO.
  8. Zwelivelle

    Smoke working as intended?

    That's why you're arguing with me, i'm perfectly understand your statement, even your statement compliment with mine actually. Quite wonder why noone asking for radar on Japanese ship? 1943 Fubuki, Kagero also equipped with radars, FC radar too. What i tried to say is, track radar alone is not enough. And it doesn't give better view than standard radar, while it is powerful, it only as thin as flashlight. It is why another type of radar also used simultaneously. I'm reffering to the OP sentence : . However if radar assisted fire control mechanics are to be considered the target in smoke should appear in the minimap, much like detected enemies in cyclone. I don't see where ships with FC radar could see better than ship without one. Also FC radar during that era is not true Fire control with tracking capability radar (like the flashlight). It was standard search radar with computer assist. Japanese also used the same kind, although with lower resolution and technology. Radar and computer alike. It is not like idk about Japanese ships. If you really want to see better with your radar, put bigger antennae, and use more advanced technology. Some bigger radar with higher res or range also need more power. Put your radar as high as possible to overcome earth curve and skycrapper. It is not by using additional fire control radar, it designed to give better sight to the weapon, not the people. So that's why i said something like this, quoted from my 1st post. Back to WoWs, don't we have FC radar already applied to all ships ? You know Japanese navy at that time couldn't be that accurate. All ships already has surveillance radar, but, only select that could penetrate "the smoke", and island. Maybe you ticked because i said something about Japanese Navy, but note my 1st and 3rd sentence.
  9. Zwelivelle

    Smoke working as intended?

    Fire control radar is a different kind of radar, it only beam a single target, like using flashlight to search the sea, when used without search radar. So ofc they have high resolution. As they need a strong wave reflection back to the weapon need to be guided. Iowa didn't have that kind of radar, so they used ballistic computer instead. You're not wrong, but kinda pointing to wrong direction.
  10. Zwelivelle


    Other than run and gun, i also used them like Sharkabek. 35 knot Bertin is like driving Isokaze. With more than twice HP, also immune from HE citadel, laying off torps from far away, and laying another one when she get very close. AP ofc would delete her right away, but you know the probability + WASD hax. Also including using the ship herself as extra torpedo. They made squishy because they're dangerous for diving attack. Torps are not getting any better since Bertin tho.
  11. Zwelivelle

    losing streak?

    Nice to hear that.
  12. Zwelivelle

    Smoke working as intended?

    Ok, then i've outlined that FC radar is not something like that modern one. It was like what i've described, it is different system than surveillance radar. Also different system than modern ones. Also, Iowa didn't have FC radar during WW2. It was standard radar, or surveillance radar ? Well surveillance radar is term used at WoWs, it usually categorized as search radar. Surface search radar, air search radar. What Iowa had was a ballistic computer. If you re-watch the Wargame Iowa video, please look at it again. The search radar, catch the coordinate of the ship, then process it through the computer. It is big as table. The computer send the information to gunnery men to shot the gun.
  13. Zwelivelle

    Some thoughts on the current high tier meta

    That's weird, i've encounter a lot battles with 5 BBs at each team.. 5/12 is not meta? For long time ago yes, when we still have Beta working in progress stamped at the result screen. I played majority at server lowest time.
  14. Zwelivelle

    Some thoughts on the current high tier meta

    Maybe you just played at different hour than me.
  15. Zwelivelle

    Smoke working as intended?

    Confused. If you press the radar, they appear visually, but you want during that time, they also appears at mini map ? If that is true, i don't understand the next sentences. A big drawback to DD and CL. Only applied to select ships with radar assisted FC. The radar we're using at the game is surveillance radar, not FC radar. The simplest fire control radar works by focusing the radar beam to the target, that's why usually they only could track one target at time. Even modern FC radar have limitation on how many they could track at same time. Obviously not the radar used to detect, because if you tried to beam something at space, it could take a while. It is X,Y,Z 3 dimensional axis, we have earth curve to deal with too. So the sequence should be survey first, when you get the coordinate, then you can use the tracking (FC) radar. Back to WoWs, don't we have FC radar already applied to all ships ? You know Japanese navy at that time couldn't be that accurate. All ships already has surveillance radar, but, only select that could penetrate "the smoke", and island.