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  1. Swiftter7

    Test rewards 0.7.0

    Thank you so much, I could've sworn that I did the Premium Time requirements but I had no evidence to back it up with.
  2. Swiftter7

    Battle of North Cape

    Managed to complete stage 5 by repeating the 75k XP twice and 10x BB kills twice... took 3-4 days... WHOLE DAYS. So glad I saved up all those XP flags and camos Totally burned out geez WG
  3. Swiftter7

    Huh? One Day Left? But I Thought...

    Contacted the WG support, they said it's the client not showing the correct time left (I guess), have fun grinding. Am already happy getting my QE camo :)
  4. Swiftter7

    Surviving a battle XP?

    You move around, shoot at some enemies... as long as you do something, you'll get XP I'm pretty sure. Only way to get 0XP is to not move (or AFK)
  5. Guess they still don't want us to get DoY
  6. Swiftter7

    Returning player gifts?

    Check your email and see whether there was a mail from WG about it
  7. Swiftter7

    Aftvent Calendar

    I'm pretty sure Day 20 is the last day, so you won't be able to complete it I guess. :(
  8. Thanks for the info! More Type 59s to farm with!!
  9. Swiftter7

    Final Battle of North Cape Mission

    Wonder what would be the compensation... if any.
  10. Swiftter7

    mission 5 North cape - Task 3 bug

    Same here
  11. I wouldn't mind that IF they add a task which is to destroy RN CLs/DDs... Because what I would rather do is just ignore them and try to kill enemy BBs instead due to the other task. And I'm pretty sure I won't be the only person that will do it; leading to games being thrown. What Wargaming really needs to do is balance the missions/ tasks, for example: Kill X CL/DD/CV using BBs. And to balance it out: Kill X BBs using CL/DD/CV. ...Or just make damage tasks which I find the most balanced. Helping the team to win and completing the task together.
  12. Swiftter7

    My losing streak

    Gosh darn it, saw this post and thought: Heh, it'll never be that bad... And that Hosho game was Devastating Strike, Confederate, Clear Sky, and Liquidator with 86k Damage But managed to finally win next game :D
  13. Swiftter7

    Need help with dad's prezzie...

    Maybe a Hood or Warspite? Seeing "RN BBs" makes me feel like he would like more RN BBs
  14. Nah, I was refering it was like Solo Warrior, hence the quotation marks. Guess I should work on making my OP more clear next time