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  1. Swiftter7

    Operation Source

  2. Swiftter7

    Tier V Battleship Challenge!

  3. I'm not sure if it will work as it's using the old WoWs launcher; but you can find a "global.mo" file inside WGC's WoWs folder.
  4. Swiftter7

    [Asia Exclusive] Get Hololive Commanders for Free!

    You need to play to WoWs from DMM Game Player's Launcher, there will be a popup in game to bring there.
  5. Swiftter7

    [Asia Exclusive] Get Hololive Commanders for Free!

    Hey, maybe my guide will help out. I did use a VPN, but only to get to the page to download the game. Seems like only this part is region locked to Japan.
  6. Nope, just regular commanders. They start out at 6 skill points. You do unlock their voiceover mod in the settings after getting them though.
  7. This is a guide to get the Hololive Commanders (Houshou Marine and Shirakami Fubuki) for free by creating a new DMM account. News: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/hololive_commanders/ Starts: 2020/06/11 @ 08:00 (UTC+8) Ends: 2020/06/30 @ 22:59 (UTC+8) Recommended: 80GB+ free storage space (You can delete update files after the DMM WoWS client is done installing to about 52GB) Be prepared to download 6.9GB + 26GB of content for the DMM WoWS client. Clear cookies/cache on Wargaming and DMM websites or just change your default browser to some browser you've never used before (This is to prevent wargaming/DMM automatically logging in to your existing account(s)) A VPN is necessary (It may be possible without one, but I couldn't find a way). I recommend TunnelBear as you'll just need to be brought onto a page via VPN. You can switch off the VPN when downloading. Steps: 1. First, go to DMM games website (https://games.dmm.com/en/) and create a new account. Confirm your email and proceed to the next step. 2. Go to the WoWs DMM website (https://dg.worldofwarships.asia/). Click the Play Button. A popup with two buttons will appear: Blue Button: "今すぐプレイ!"(Play Now) Orange Button: "DMM GAME PLAYER" "インストール(<Your OS>版)" (Install DMM Game Player) Don't download the launcher (Orange Button). I was stuck on an Update Loop from v2.4.6 -> v2.5.5. Apparently the link they gave was for an older version (When I tried it). Instead, click the underlined link below (DMM GAME PLAYERとは?), where you will be redirected to a page with another orange download button. This should give you the latest version of the Game Player. Download and install. 3. After it is done installing, it will prompt you to login. If it brings you to the home page with your account already logged in, it means there was some files from a previous install still present in your device. (Switch to your new account if needed). 4. Downloading the Game Using a VPN, switch to Japan and go back to the WoWs DMM website (https://dg.worldofwarships.asia/). Press Play and this time click the Blue Button "今すぐプレイ!"(Play Now). This should bring you directly to where you can download the WoWs client in the DMM Game Player. Click the Orange button. Tick the first box out of the three (Accepts Terms), and begin downloading the WoWs client. Note: This client is different from the regular WoWs client, I recommend putting it into different folder than your existing WGC WoWs folder. There are 2 stages to the download, a 6.9GB patch, followed by a 26GB patch. The download will take a while. If your download is slow (for me it was 100kb/s, which is essentially days), you can download the patches via HTTP from the links inside "WoWsLauncher.log"... You should be able to press the "プレイ" (Play) button in the DMM WoWs launcher now. 5. Creating a DMM WoWs account After logging in the game, you should see this. This is where you will be linked to create your account. If there's no conflicts with existing account from browser cookies/cache, you will be able to enter your new username here. If you are brought to login with your existing account... Enter the username you want for your account. The first checkbox is to agree with terms. Create the account with the orange button. 6. Play battles From the DMM WoWs website: "Reach account level 7 by completing 11 battles". The whole game will be stuck in JP language, but the UI is the exact same as EN version, so just play 11 battles. I recommend playing Co-Op as it is the fastest and using IJN ships as the Hololive Commanders are for IJN only. 7. Reaching Account Level 7 You will see that you have unlocked Commanders for your ships. I did not receive the Hololive commanders until I restarted the game. Clicking this in DMM Game Player will bring you to your games, where you can start up WoWs again. You should receive them once you enter the port. Congrats and have fun with your new cat Fox and 40 year old cosplayer Pirate commanders! To link your account to Wargaming (and stop using the DMM client to play) I decided to make this after seeing the complete lack of instructions on both WG and DMM's websites on how to even go through the whole process to obtain these 2 commanders. After spending days figuring it out, I hope you will be able to get them too! Hopefully this helped you! (^・ω・^§)ノ
  8. Swiftter7

    Public Test 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    After I accidentally started the game with "Launch game with settings reset" option, I lost all my progress on the Royal Navy Event. I was at Stage IV, and it reset all my progress to stage I. I hope this is a PTS issue and not on the official server.
  9. Swiftter7

    Test rewards 0.7.0

    Thank you so much, I could've sworn that I did the Premium Time requirements but I had no evidence to back it up with.
  10. Swiftter7

    Battle of North Cape

    Managed to complete stage 5 by repeating the 75k XP twice and 10x BB kills twice... took 3-4 days... WHOLE DAYS. So glad I saved up all those XP flags and camos Totally burned out geez WG
  11. Swiftter7

    Huh? One Day Left? But I Thought...

    Contacted the WG support, they said it's the client not showing the correct time left (I guess), have fun grinding. Am already happy getting my QE camo :)
  12. Swiftter7

    Surviving a battle XP?

    You move around, shoot at some enemies... as long as you do something, you'll get XP I'm pretty sure. Only way to get 0XP is to not move (or AFK)