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  1. Murmansk is really, really good.
  2. Tareek


    After a week full of 3 kill games I finally got it xD Konigsberg has a lot of pewpew. I like pewpew, looking forward to play with more German cruisers.
  3. Tareek

    we dont want these players

    I've been hit 3 times so far by friendly torps. The last time happened just a few nights ago, my Minekaze was sunk by a "friendly" Isokaze that sent his torps in the direction of some enemy ships while while his ship was literally next to me. Basically I heard:"TORPE....*kablast*...", actually took me a few seconds to realize what happened.
  4. Issue: Sometimes while playing the game will freeze completely, forcing me to close it via the task manager. I get the *BLING sound from Windows with no mention of any error. It happens very randomly, sometimes I can play for hours with no issues, sometimes it happens on the first map. Occurrences: I'm experiencing this problem daily, but as mentioned before there doesn't seem to be something very specific triggering the error. It could happen twice within few minutes, or just once in a few hours.Tested: No, can't reproduce it.Severity: It forces me to close WoW from the taskmanager.Details: WoW is the only game that is causing this issue on my pc. I don't have WoT. I have the latest nVidia drivers and the GPU temperature doesn't exceed 55C while playing. I've never had this problem during the Beta. My pc: i5 4690 8gb ram gtx 760 Windows 7
  5. Tareek

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Yeah I know, but it felt bad ;_; A legit game mechanic made me look like a piece of garbage Stupid cooldown on the repair thingy.
  6. Tareek

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Yesterday I've been accused of blue lining while I was using my Cleveland, but my steering gear was broken
  7. Tareek

    So you wanna play Destroyers ?

    I'm having such a bad time with Mutsuki ;_; US DD are fun, they're like a super light cruiser with torps. Lot of pewpewpew. IJN DD up to T5 are cool as well (ok, iso and Mine are a bit OP), plenty of stuff to do, below average turrets but can still help. The Matsuki though....90% of the time is spent going left and right doing nothing, then launch some torpedos hoping that the enemy will be sailing in a straight line forever and then go afk for 70 seconds because it takes forever to reload them and Mutsuki's guns are useless. Meh, in terms of pure enjoyment it's the worst ship I've unlocked so far (most T5 and some T6).
  8. Tareek

    FPS drop of 0.4.1

    Update: Installed 0.4.1 on my desktop with i5 4690 - 8gb ram - gtx 760 - Windows 7. I was at 58/62 fps pre patch, still 58/62 fps post patch, no performance difference with everything on high at 1920*1080.
  9. Tareek

    FPS drop of 0.4.1

    So far I've only installed the update on the laptop that I keep in the office and I haven't seen any difference in the fps. I have Windows 8 here. Tonight I'll install it on my desktop with Windows 7 and I'll see how things go with that.
  10. Tareek


    Easily one of the best motivational speeches of the century.
  11. Tareek

    why? is there no torpedo countdown to loading?

    This. If only some torpedos have been lunched you'll not get a full reload countdown while using turrets, it will only be visible if you select the torpedos as active weapon and check the bars of each torpedo turret. I've learned that using the Phoenix because it was my first ship with torpedos that's not able to fire all at once because they're limited to 1 launcher on each side.
  12. Tareek

    [The Epic Battle] AMAGI Blocking

    Liked for the TaTu xD
  13. On my dektop (i5 - 8gb ram - gtx 760) loading times are very quick and I enter the battle long before the timer. On the laptop that I use at work with Pentium ULV (the 1.8ghz model), 4gb ram and no dedicated graphic card I'm always a bit late, usually 5/10 seconds after the game has already started.
  14. Tareek

    Why are people so passive?

    I've only started playing 3 days ago. In my first matches I used to rush forward and get insta-oneshot. Now I tend to prefer starting slow, see where is everyone going and decide what to do (give cover to others, go flanking, defend/attack a capture point etc etc). The only situation in which I tend to start at full throttle is if I'm in a DD and I start on one side of the map, in that case I'll try to rush behind islands and ambush whoever passes by.