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  1. Sharri

    Update 0.6.3 General Feedback

    All of the key issues (TAB, clicking on buttons etc) appears related to the alternate carrier mode from my testing. Wish it was better tested before release. Didn't have these issues on the PTS
  2. Sharri

    Update 0.6.3 General Feedback

    Port interface - clicking on ships, buttons etc - nothing happens! Very buggy now
  3. Ranked is a game of MM. Good team win, potato team - lose, there it is. Play enough games and you'll eventually move up (or down the rankings to 1). It's funny how the majority of games are a white wash one way or another, one team may lose 1 maybe 2 team members and the other team is annihilated.
  4. Sharri

    i think iv debunked why no one doesnt push no more

    The trouble is the HE fire spamming meta now. Push - burn to death, no support, torpedo spam, HE spam - not fun game play. This has single handedly ruined the game and is in no way "SKILL". cruisers cant hit DDs because it's diffucult at range, so everyone fires at CAs and BBs - DDs in turn torp everyone - match ends in total disaster... Get rid of invisifiring and HE spamming - game play will improve dramatically... Oh wait - I rely on invisifiring to stay alive - well at max range (invisifiring), you have more than enough time to dodge the incoming shot!!! Recent Ranked match, I witnessed 2 BBs on the north map hiding below the big island south of the normal "C" cap (B in ranked) to hide from the HE spam - disgraceful!!!! Absolutely no use to the team!!!!
  5. Sharri

    It's time to remove the Karma system

    Nothing said in chat at all. Happens all the time, not to mention players don't show reward to players that do well either half the time. If it serves no other purpose than to let players vent, then it is of no relevance here.
  6. Sharri

    It's time to remove the Karma system

    Pointless feature. Get a kraken and get reported because someone is butt hurt.... Get rid of it
  7. Sharri

    U.K. Inconstant Smokes

    It's not just the RN line. Smoked in the Kab and had 5 secs left of the smoke deploying but no smoke. End result ended up 2 boat lengths away from the smoke boundary. Happened to a mate in the gearing as well. :-/ Very frustrating
  8. Thanks - would be nice if changes like this were explained and documented better rather than "interface changes"
  9. In previous versions, team members were able to CTRL + click on team mates in the Team List to jump to their ship when dead to view the team mates ships. Please bring back this ability as it's very frustrating when you want to view a DIV mate, once you have been sunk, and you have to poll through most of the team before you can view their ship. A simple CTRL + click on the team list and you will be there.
  10. This mechanic makes challenging ships just that much more difficult to play. No HE, crap smoke, paper thin ships... Don't get me wrong, I love playing the RN CL line, but I think WG can do better!!! People crap on how detonation is a real thing etc etcetc, well smoke once launched smokes till the canister is depleted, not in puffs... It wouldn't be hard to compute the beginning and end points and set said smoke!
  11. There is definitely still that load in bug trapping people at the load in screen... I think that is responsible for most of the late load ins. I have to shut the client down and restart to get back into the battle...
  12. Sharri

    3 Detonations in 8 Games.

    2 detonations in one match. I got detonated in a BB with 57K hp left and another BB also got detonated by torp for 32K hp. I still think it's a bullshit game mechanic as it just ruins your match. Don't bother starting with the "it's real BS" - this is a game not a simulator... Game mechanic - Tick - game experience (FUN) - BIG CROSS
  13. Sharri

    Play on two servers

    Use Aslain and select server option to enable selection of whichever server you wish (as well as other cool upgrades). Then you can log into both servers as required.
  14. Sharri

    Epicenter kinda pointless at tier 8-10

    Completely crap game mode - I hope they remove it!