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  1. nr_31

    ARP MYOKO Stuck at 12k damage

    Now i look like a fool for not reading properly. Where the &*#k i'm gonna find carriers to shoot when there aren't any playing these days
  2. as the title say, i been stuck on stage 4 for 3 days now. Damage counter is stuck at 12653/50000. I have done over 250k damage now with different ships as required that is over tier6. Started the mission from port or by clicking on the challenge but nothing. Please help
  3. nr_31

    Support ticket time frame

    Thanks a lot for the help dead_man_walking. My account unblocked within couple of hours. Please remove this topic if you want
  4. As the topic says, not sure whats going no with support but i have 2 tickets unanswered. 1 from 26dec 2015 and the other one 3 days ago and there's 5000 tickets difference between the 2. I have my account blocked. Please can any moderator get in contact. Thanks