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  1. New version available! Changes: - ranks are presented in the form of graphics, - leaderboard can be sorted by rank - players with highest ranks on ASIA server - layout changes - more pages display their data using full width of screen, - new players compare tool - more information, periods selection, battles types selection - for example you can compare ranked battles in last 21 days - example, - separate leaderboards for battles types - ranked battles leaderboard, - new warships compare tool - same tier and type comparision, selected warships comparision Other features: - players stats, charts, progress - example, - avatars, - leaderboards, - ships statistics, - ship detailed stats, ship ranking, same type and tier compare - Cleveland, - ship parameters, module configuration view - Mahan, - nations and types trees - USA, Cruisers
  2. I've created tool for World of Warships statistics based on my WoT Page. WoWS Stats & Numbers Main features: - player statistics with progress tracking - example, - milestones - important moments for account, new ship, new damage record, - leaderboard, - warships statistics, - leaderboard for warships and same class/tier warship comparison - Cleveland, Atago, - recent events Enjoy, use, comment!