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  1. Hmas_Bundaberg

    Higher tier malarkey

    Break even I haven't had a T8+ match where ive broke even ... must just be a crap player and yes I do have premium. I wont have premium any more just play low teirs for fun now I have all T8 ships but wont use them even sold some. Their business model is ruining the game surley they can see that or are we all morons with too much money. Ive been on the public test server and the game play is sooooo much better than SEA, your aim actually works and ping is worse
  2. Hmas_Bundaberg

    0.5.1 Public TEST Patch Notes

    Hmmm, Blue fix which Conan said would be a severe punishment....... really they go slower so they can spam you more..... Im am really over this farce
  3. Hmas_Bundaberg

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    then don't shoot, back luck for you its the same as running into an Island
  4. Hmas_Bundaberg

    Its here..and I like it-Kiev DD

    I just got the T5 Russian DD.. 1st game melted a Kuma... big deal no, second ship torpedo'd a New Mexico dead, came round an island enemy CV torpedo him dead turned and ran into a Furutaka, mag'd its either Feast or famine with these new ships ... but gotta say when I get the hang of it I think im gunna love it. its like a wart it grows on you till you can get rid of it;-)
  5. Hmas_Bundaberg

    loud ringing noise

    I would love to hear a choked beiber ;-)
  6. Hmas_Bundaberg

    Curse of the German Navy

    Im up to the yorck half way to the hippy. I have to laugh at the description of the Survivability of the German line, which supposed to be top notch according to the info when you hover over the pic in the tech tree. ROFL They are made of Glass and fueled by Explodium and the low tiers use sandstone instead of shells. And before Haku gets on and tells us how wonderful he is with this ship ,as he is with everything else in the world; anybody else who is only mortal and of this planet will have a frustrating time with the German line until you use your ship purely as an escort. Which is what all cruisers are supposed to do but don't in general. The only thing you have going for you after the Nuremburg is the extra range you get from the Yorck. stay with a big meaty BB and you'll be ok most of the time. The T5 and up German cruisers are good at destroying Destroyers. with in 10kms p.s stats are not a good gauge of a players skill. they only show some aspects of a players skill like mine ..... I have little to none but managed to grind to the Iowa without any cheats or Blue line surfing so there is hope for everyone. Keep grinding boys and girls and don't pay until its fair to play!! ;-)
  7. Hmas_Bundaberg

    Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    The irony is astounding Mods telling us to stick to the rules But cheats, hacks and Team killers don't have to abide by the rules LOL what a Joke Hypocrisy at its finest. keep it up WG we are amazed every day. "Mumma used to say stupid is what stupid does" Forest Gump
  8. Hmas_Bundaberg

    Ever wonder if RNG is out to get you.

    Typical of a nerd.. gotta puff yourself up. Win rate means jack. How many times have you been killed by a blue line cheater. how many wins do they get cpmpared to someone who refuses to cheat. HAKU are you one of those losers who have to cheat to build themselves up?
  9. Hmas_Bundaberg

    the TK is real

    Good to see I reckon most Tk's are at sissy wet pants girlymans who run the line. Ive got a list of them and when I see them Im gunna TK the poofters. Ive had enough of these idiots ruining the game for everyone else. How is slowing down a Yamato from Border hugging War gaming does not care what happens they just acknowledge it and put band aids on the problem I grinded up to Teir 9 in US BB' and now I wont do anymore just hang around at T5-6 cause at least you can kill some of the line hugging sissy's Soon this game will be a ghost SEA server is the worst If another company started a game similar to this war gamming would be finished they suck
  10. Hmas_Bundaberg

    Aim Bot cheat

    Yes now you've told everyone how wonderfully skillful you are and above everyone else. I'm not talking about super players like yourself (sarcasm). Today the german and Russian lines have been released, to avoid the HE spam fest that's present, I decided to play teir 5 match. in a division with 2 others I got mag'd first shot by a player with only 400 games when you take into acct the number of games required to reach T5 and then look at the number of Devastating strikes he Had you wonder %0 dev strikes after 400 games. Then a few games later the same player did exactly the same thing I was angled slightly to avoid his head on shot .. and you guessed it Mag'd again by same player. 7 times today I have been maged and that's in about 3 hours of play.
  11. Hmas_Bundaberg

    looking for division

    last wombat nice tactical element... really ? nothing tactical about the blue line other than numb skulls who cant get ahead with out cheating. Your a beta tester? really? you should be dropped from any testing if you think it's fine that this "tactical element" is good for game play. No wonder the community and chat rages when knuckle heads do things like this. I just finished a game tonight where some morons sat along the line for the whole game 5 of them. The rest of the map was empty except for the western side of the map along the line. They were all battle ships except for the one DD who was trying to torp them. Probably out of frustration. He could not however cause the CV was also running the line and kept sending planes down the line which spotted him. His game was ruined, everyone else's game was ruined because of this "tactical element" you speak of. why bother having a map at all instead why don't we just have no map and just a line and the first team to shoot everyone else on the line wins... Your "Tactical element" is equal to soccer players picking up the ball and turning the game into rugby or something and telling the other team they cant tackle them. If you cant play within the spirit of the game go play world of tanks I hear its full of knuckleheads who find "tactical advantages". Seriously you make me wonder why you play at all.
  12. Hmas_Bundaberg

    Rant with me please

    You wont get rid of this game play until you get rid of the stupid Capping system and blue line cheat. If they can only win by sinking ships ( yeah I know a silly concept in a "Battle" game) then they would probably attack , but as it is now, all they have to do is get a minimal amount of damage inflicted on the enemy and it gets boosted if the team wins. If not they don't have the penalty of repairing damage. but hey that would mean less $$$$$$ for a certain few. This game is designed to entice people to spend $ even though they say you can play for free. that's why they wont fix blue line, frustrated people spend money to try and relieve their frustration. Unfortunately the blue line thing is worse at higher tiers. So I have an Iowa and New Orleans and Mogami and Amagi and North Carolina etc. but I play T5-7 cause the idiots blue lining are easier to kill than 3 or 4 Yamato's running the line. Its unfortunate cause apart from these 2 or 3 things this game could be amazing and have a longer shelf life than it will, people will only put up with frustration for so long then they'll find something else to do. Its cheaper to keep a paying customer than it is to get a new one. Ask any marketing manager. anyhow I give it 6 months if they don't at least fix the blue line cheat.
  13. Hmas_Bundaberg

    Another special advantages for Premium ships?

    There is nothing premium about premium ships other than the premium we pay to convert Xp to Free XP;-) some of us aren't stupid