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  1. KolossalkabawSEA

    Error Connecting Server

    Experiencing this right now, too.
  2. KolossalkabawSEA

    Saved by the Bell

    That's close!
  3. KolossalkabawSEA

    Biggest difference between SEA and NA...

    NA players are chatty. SEA are not.
  4. KolossalkabawSEA

    Have they nerfed the Minekaze too much?

    I got my Isokaze and Minekaze after the 4.1 patch. They're boatloads of fun, if you ask me.
  5. KolossalkabawSEA

    Have they nerfed the Minekaze too much?

    I'll just leave this here...
  6. KolossalkabawSEA

    Saved by the Bell

    But it was a nail-biting game really. We were outnumber 4-8 then we managed to dwindle their numbers. We lost the game but had so much fun!
  7. KolossalkabawSEA

    Saved by the Bell

    This thread is for those "saved by the bell" moments wherein you were meters closed by being blown up or blowing the enemy ship. If my torps just hit Langley, we could've won the game My fault was I was shooting HE rounds and didn't notice that my torps were already ready to fire. I was just a second late.
  8. KolossalkabawSEA

    NOt fun at all, Server transfer?

    I got average of 100ms ping on NA server. I have 30ms avg ping here in Asia.
  9. KolossalkabawSEA

    The game graphics are pretty awesome!

    AFAIK, Asus Lamborghini has a 460M and not a 460. My retired MSI GT683DX has a 570M and I could not play WoWs on full settings unless I like playing in the ~20 frames range or burn my graphics card.
  10. you can edit the scripts_config.xml file to add the asia server rather than downloading the whole 4GB again.
  11. KolossalkabawSEA

    can you not!

    Just grind other ships and make it to Rank 9 so you can do ranked battles with Kawachi. It's really frustrating when my kawachi get into matches with Tier VI CV, and Tier V BBs. this 4.1 update hopefully fixes that.
  12. KolossalkabawSEA

    The game graphics are pretty awesome!

    We can expect to see dents and actual metal deformity in future patches. The WG developers are striving for that. But for now, the game graphics is really awessommee.
  13. KolossalkabawSEA


    You can play another SERVER using the client that you downloaded with a quick tweak in the script_config but you CAN NOT transfer your progress to another server.
  14. KolossalkabawSEA

    0.4.1 patch note and maintenance schedule

    Ranked Battles, FTW! My kawachi is fed up getting into Tier VI CV, and Tier V BBs. Finally!
  15. KolossalkabawSEA

    IJN/IJA Spoken Commands

    All Main Batteries Fire! = Buurrnninnggggg Love!