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  1. JohnBalls

    I need help with manual drop :'(

    Oh yes I notice that when playing ranked. Not really much independence players out there in Ranked.
  2. JohnBalls

    I need help with manual drop :'(

    Thank you for the advice. I don't plan to bring the Independence onto rank. CV is not really my main tree line to play, it's more of a leisure or for fun. I play BB most of the time.
  3. JohnBalls

    I need help with manual drop :'(

    I am playing USN CV, specifically T6 USS Independence. I do love the additional dive bomber squadron on the first flight module. I've been switching out on 1/1/1 and 0/1/2. I really like strike independence because of the potential damage output. Worst case scenario : facing an enemy independence with fighter loadout. The struggle when using a USN CV is choosing the right loadout.
  4. JohnBalls

    I need help with manual drop :'(

    My difficulty has been solved. Oh yes, I do have to remaster the feeling of manual dropping. It has been too long since I experience the feels in manual dropping.
  5. JohnBalls

    I need help with manual drop :'(

    Yes master!
  6. JohnBalls

    I need help with manual drop :'(

    Hey guys! Thanks for the help. I found out why I can't do the manual drop. The manual drop key, left ALT key, wasn't assigned to the alternated battle mode key in the controls section. I have no idea why the left ALT key wasn't assigned to any key assignments. After assigning the left alt key to the designated assignment, I am finally able to manual drop! Time to brush up my manual dropping skills.
  7. Hello there comrade captains! It's been awhile since I played carrier. The last time I played CV was before they removed the manual drop on T4 and T5 CV. So i worked my way up to T6 CV and said "Yes! I can finally manual drop!". But, there is a problem. The usual manual drop button, left ALT key, doesn't seem to work. Have they changed the manual drop key? If so, what is the new key? I do not read patch notes so i'm missing a lot here. Help me comrade captains, you are my only hope
  8. JohnBalls

    Ship disappeared *POOF*

    Thank you comrade captains. My doubts have been cleared. You guys are really helpful
  9. JohnBalls

    Ship disappeared *POOF*

    So i was in tier V USN destroyer USS Nicholas and in a duel with tier VII british battleship HMS Hood. When things went south, i popped my smoke and hide inside it, wanted to wait for the Hood to come closer so that i can torp him (maybe detonate him too ). The moment i popped my smoke, poof. The Hood disappears out of my sights. He was at 8km and only reappears at 5km. I don't really play destroyer much but this really made me curious. Is this normal? Do explain to me too. Cheers