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  1. JohnBalls

    Support : Something went wrong

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I feel like it is appropriate. I am trying to submit a ticket regarding phone number change. Been trying on different browsers and cleared cache, still get the same "Something went wrong". Is there any other way to contact support regarding my issue? I have no access to my old phone number.
  2. JohnBalls

    I need help with manual drop :'(

    Oh yes I notice that when playing ranked. Not really much independence players out there in Ranked.
  3. JohnBalls

    I need help with manual drop :'(

    Thank you for the advice. I don't plan to bring the Independence onto rank. CV is not really my main tree line to play, it's more of a leisure or for fun. I play BB most of the time.
  4. JohnBalls

    I need help with manual drop :'(

    I am playing USN CV, specifically T6 USS Independence. I do love the additional dive bomber squadron on the first flight module. I've been switching out on 1/1/1 and 0/1/2. I really like strike independence because of the potential damage output. Worst case scenario : facing an enemy independence with fighter loadout. The struggle when using a USN CV is choosing the right loadout.
  5. JohnBalls

    I need help with manual drop :'(

    My difficulty has been solved. Oh yes, I do have to remaster the feeling of manual dropping. It has been too long since I experience the feels in manual dropping.
  6. JohnBalls

    I need help with manual drop :'(

    Yes master!
  7. JohnBalls

    I need help with manual drop :'(

    Hey guys! Thanks for the help. I found out why I can't do the manual drop. The manual drop key, left ALT key, wasn't assigned to the alternated battle mode key in the controls section. I have no idea why the left ALT key wasn't assigned to any key assignments. After assigning the left alt key to the designated assignment, I am finally able to manual drop! Time to brush up my manual dropping skills.
  8. Hello there comrade captains! It's been awhile since I played carrier. The last time I played CV was before they removed the manual drop on T4 and T5 CV. So i worked my way up to T6 CV and said "Yes! I can finally manual drop!". But, there is a problem. The usual manual drop button, left ALT key, doesn't seem to work. Have they changed the manual drop key? If so, what is the new key? I do not read patch notes so i'm missing a lot here. Help me comrade captains, you are my only hope
  9. JohnBalls

    Ship disappeared *POOF*

    Thank you comrade captains. My doubts have been cleared. You guys are really helpful
  10. JohnBalls

    Ship disappeared *POOF*

    So i was in tier V USN destroyer USS Nicholas and in a duel with tier VII british battleship HMS Hood. When things went south, i popped my smoke and hide inside it, wanted to wait for the Hood to come closer so that i can torp him (maybe detonate him too ). The moment i popped my smoke, poof. The Hood disappears out of my sights. He was at 8km and only reappears at 5km. I don't really play destroyer much but this really made me curious. Is this normal? Do explain to me too. Cheers