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  1. entah_lah

    0.8.9 Bug Report Thread

    The inventory menu is not open. I wait for about 5 minutes. Nothing. Link: https://youtu.be/hqCYXcNC3bg
  2. entah_lah

    My best Harekaze achievement

    About that survivability expert, you're right about that. But I never use ramming signals flag on destroyer, only the battleships use it.
  3. entah_lah

    My best Harekaze achievement

    Well, I didn't expect this achievement can be obtained by a destroyer... https://youtu.be/8h_m85B2aK0
  4. entah_lah

    Multiple bugs on update

    1. Mouse clicking is not responding. I have to press "enter" to login 2. The game suddenly asked me to exit the game right after game loading was completed 3. When I press "enter" to login, the game says this message: I already check the integrity 3 times already, reinstall the Game Center, restart my computer twice. PLEASE FIX THIS !!!
  5. When I want to log in, my mouse clicking is not responding. When I switched to Desktop, the mouse clicking working properly. But that's not all, when I log in the game by pressing enter, I can enter the port, but the port is change to Hawaii port instead of Sarushima Base. I tried to restart the game several times, but the problem still the same. Sometimes, when I restart my computer, the previous problem solved.
  6. I think everyone already knew about the opening of High School Fleet, if you don't you should watch it now. For this topic, I just want to know who's engage in battle with Harekaze during the opening video. First, it look like Harekaze is under attack. Then, we can see the target ship looks like Yamato-class battleship Of course, Harekaze will drop their torpedoes to the target. Then, explosion!! The big question is, where's that torpedoes ? We all know that Harekaze will deploy their torpedoes. But where's that oncoming torpedoes coming from? Is that battleship have their own torpedo tubes??
  7. entah_lah

    High speed battleship?

    I'm not sure how this happen, but this ship absolutely not high speed as you expected
  8. entah_lah

    High School Fleet anime. What is your opinion?

    Just using battleship Yamato and destroyer Kagero, this can be happen
  9. entah_lah

    Searching Malaysian Player who active in this forum

    Captain "I don't know" reporting in.... I'm from Batu Pahat, studies in Shah Alam
  10. entah_lah

    ARP is ending.... Haifuri is next

    Musashi ready for battle
  11. entah_lah

    Meet my new captain

    Finally, my new captain will take over this cruiser....
  12. entah_lah

    Haifuri : Destroyer Harekaze

    Finally.... http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/wows-rendezvous-hs-fleet/
  13. entah_lah

    Haifuri : Destroyer Harekaze

    I just hope Wargaming make a collaboration with this anime series. Anyway, what do you think about this ship?