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  1. IJN_Katori

    Warships on Air Special!

    hmmm, SAP/HE/AP. SAP/HE is not finalized and might change. Besides than that, they might get Hard hitting secondary guns and Fast reloading Main Guns, which far superior than the German ones i suppose?
  2. IJN_Katori

    Warships on Air Special!

    Just Read Paulo Emilio's changes, since it will Affect the Fate of the Italian Battleship Equipment, it maybe that the Italian Battleships could have 3 types of Shells so basically SAP/AP/HE Don't lose hope lads, they are in development! Paulo Emilio was the state change for their shell change so for now the preliminary are SAP/HE. (Intial Plan for the Italian Battleships and Destroyers) @S0und_Theif @S4pp3R
  3. IJN_Katori

    Warships on Air Special!

    Don't blame me, Blame the spreadsheetz.
  4. IJN_Katori

    Warships on Air Special!

    There wont be Armor Piercing Shells for the upcoming Italian Battleships, just SAP and HE. possible reason is that Impero was tested and spreadsheet says she annhilates Cruisers and Destroyers often and Less for Battleships, so they made the Italian Battleship line more of a SAP/HE than a SAP/AP.
  5. IJN_Katori

    Warships on Air Special!

    They're meant to be Anti Cruisers and Anti Destroyers, using HE for battleships for their Rapid fire main battery, so these are the final test for Impero The Italian BBs purpose is their rapid main firing guns for anti destroyers and crusiers with SAP, and High Explosive for BB vs BB.
  6. IJN_Katori

    Warships on Air Special!

    Yes, SAP and HE ONLY.
  7. IJN_Katori

    Warships on Air Special!

    Italian BBs soon also, SAP and HE Only.
  8. IJN_Katori

    Warships on Air Special!

    There will be special announcements regarding Hololive and Azur Lane:
  9. IJN_Katori

    OBT anniversary was 2/5,who's been here since then?

    Joined OBT in both servers. Hella difficult with the mechanics back then.
  10. IJN_Katori

    German CVs

    @Max_Battle You play them as brawlers. Weser is a Hipper hull. And also. Rhine until Manfred has laser accurate secondary turrets. Far as more deadly combined with AP Rokects
  11. IJN_Katori

    Daily Dose of Drama

    Oh isnt this another drama? Last time was the Chaotic Reddit moderator drama
  12. IJN_Katori

    Tillman Super Battleships. (USS Maximum)

    Time to revive this one.