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  1. IJN_Katori

    IJN CA

    IJN Cruisers are recommended for Starters alike Heck, Furutaka, can even set fires like 3 or 4 times if the enemy doesn't know what its doing.
  2. Seven province is dockyard WHICH MEANS. FREE AIRSTRIKES!
  3. IJN_Katori

    Cursed Warships

  4. IJN_Katori

    Cursed Warships

  5. IJN_Katori

    Cursed Warships

  6. IJN_Katori

    Hey you.

    This isn't the RTS, this is someone "who has a Yoshino picture in it" Be cautious.
  7. IJN_Katori

    Hey you.

    A bit of serious discussion Be aware that he also edits other user quotes to compliment himself, which is despicable to other people. (He does this always so be aware.) You dare to edit my quotes in some separate threads and saying Bring back RTS? WG cannot do that anymore. Also turning my trash talk into compliment isn't going to work you sneaky biatch. I'm glad you were not in the Official Discord Server, otherwise you've been suspended by other staff or moderators. Especially with your friend who's basically wants RTS CVs back, they aren't coming.
  8. IJN_Katori

    Modern tanks? What about Modern ships?

    Like I said. Modern carriers will be hard to control even if their have CIWS or any of the stuff. Jet aircraft isn't the first to begin with. Modern aircraft carriers have more fragile armor than WW2 ones because they are made into nuclear types.
  9. IJN_Katori

    Vampire II

    I wasn't salty. I was showing more evidences that Druid will be part of the stupid garbage points that you'll have to grind for a year or so. As for vampire ii performance. Im ok with it. But price, IT SUCKED.
  10. IJN_Katori

    Everyone hates carriers so....

    Also be glad it is a game without people in it. Attack fighters, torpedo bombers or dive bombers will probably massacre people on board of the ship and all of those bloodshed appearing in the decks of the ship. Happy about massacres and genocides? Then choose a warship game with under M rating in it, also add the RTS on a game and to massacre people. This is what the OP wants isn't it?
  11. IJN_Katori

    Everyone hates carriers so....

    Fuck this I'm out. Edited like it's Tiananmen Square innit. Nothing happened while a tank gets roflstomped you.
  12. IJN_Katori

    Vampire II

    Who cares about the Vampire II Look at Druid. It'll be more higher price than Vamp II because druid is basically UK Daring with probably 60k garbage points.
  13. IJN_Katori

    Everyone hates carriers so....

    Oh don't even edit my quote you sneaky little impostor I can see you Acting sus.
  14. IJN_Katori

    Everyone hates carriers so....

    And WG trashed your opinion. End of story.
  15. IJN_Katori

    ​📰 ST, Adjustment in Firing Mechanics

    Looks like any of you guys didn't play Steel Ocean.