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  1. As you may know. WG is ready to be greedy this Christmas. You know you can't trust em but if you don't wanna get the Hizen. Stop at Yahagi instead.
  2. 1,950 doubloons is not final so expect to say them "Complete for 75,000 doubloons" You may think from last year that you lads pay the price for a mediocre ship. And then mega regrets for everything. You will still have to milk your wallet for those crunchy containers but only the crappy ships is the one you get.
  3. This year End's dockyard is gonna be a scam Hell itself
  4. @S0und_Theif @S4pp3R Let the Fire begin
  5. I realized one of those Santa Claus is flamuu @S0und_Theif
  6. IJN_Katori

    Some new year stuff.

    I'm going to wait for Strasbourg in Azur lane, we have Dunkerque donutt
  7. IJN_Katori

    Some new year stuff.

    Feng Yang and Yahagi reward? Also 22 directives seems not easy.
  8. IJN_Katori

    Some new year stuff.

    @S0und_Theif @S4pp3R Recently there was a stream from the official twitch. Marco Polo IX (Which is armory. I'm guessing its bye bye Thunderer) Strasbourg (the main reward for the NY Event) Hizen (Dockyard) @Manacetamol please post image if you're online
  9. In short, they made the Secondary shells more Spicier than American secondaries, basically Spicy Pesto or Sharp Flaming Macaroni shells Seems like They dont like Italians underpowered but can still kill Kremlin on a stick.
  10. IJN_Katori

    OMG Kansas is terrible

    not liking Thicc ships is Heresy.
  11. IJN_Katori

    Did they updated VV yet?

    hey at least we have the correct hull for VV now, but the bridge is a mashed up VV and Littorio
  12. IJN_Katori

    Did they updated VV yet?

    EDIT: From what ive seen the Bridge of what its using came from Littorio, i can confirm that its a merged of VV and Littorio while the hull base still using VV.
  13. IJN_Katori

    Did they updated VV yet?

    Mmm yes pasta.
  14. IJN_Katori

    Did they updated VV yet?

    From what i think, it could be the Littorio/Veneto but under in 1945 Half postwar upgrade. Its using the B hull so the B hull could be the "What If" Littorio got upgrades near the end of the war.