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  1. PT, time between plane attacks New settings for the minimum time between plane attacks will be tested on the 0.9.2 Public test. - The minimum time between attacks for bomber squadrons except Indomitable increased depending on the Tier and specific aircraft carrier; - British bombers except Indomitable have their acceleration time and acceleration coefficient right after they drop their bombs increased, meaning they will accelerate to a higher speed directly after a drop. This will make it easier to conduct the next attack. These changes will fix the situation where it was possible to bypass enemy AA defenses by using the temporary invulnerability state directly after the previous attack. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary and subject to change. Oh well, Haters gonna hate, if you DD players want to supper, SUFFER.

    what if you got duplicate ARP ship?

    There are 2 BGMs played in each Port Naval Base: Standard theme/Blue Steel BGM (ARP Default Yokosuka port) Flooded City: Another ARP BGM

    10k of Coop Battles...

    As a worthy botkiller and Strategist, i have reached a Milestone of 10k for the very last years of 2019. 10,000 Battles. IN. COOP. because i had enough of Random Battles. Coop Battles will always be in my memory and my heart despite killing difficult AI Bots and Quicker EXP (With the help of clans of course) From mid tier to X tier. My current Goal is to reach Yamato, as my 2nd Tier X Ship, Currently Battled about 10,252 times.


    Movie was a total Garbage. ever seen a Kagero with torpedo tubes as turrets, Misplaced Kaga and 1920 Era IJN Battleships? Not Historically Accurate, this is why we have the Russian Bias to kill Capitalist US Navy lol
  5. Just to Inform you this also nerfs for USN Cruisers such as Helena/Cleveland to Worcester Des Moines is still gonna pen but without the fire chances. Bombs and Rockets are now affected by the IFHE Changes. IFHE is a skill just like SAP Shells, they cost mostly at anything, no fire chances = oof

    Something's different...

    CIS continues to bleed and bleed until all its left were scattered in dust. In all seriousness why give the New russian cruisers with insane BS Stats?

    Something's different...

    @Thyaliad@S0und_Theif There's another issue that mostly ALL Regions hates the Fantasy ships of the Russians (most of them werent built so they just popped it out from existence) Surprisingly, this would not help the RU Players to increase their population, Winning by Russian Bias? Absolutely not, as you seen the statistics, RU population had gone from bad to Chernobyl with the recent issue that of Puerto Rico "Free" Grind (or Public Relations Disaster, in case you know.), the Population turned into crapfest, and most RU Players quitted due to this, but with the new Russian Cruiser Line? sounds promising but NO, RU players had been down to Dissolution (pun intended)

    Something's different...

    Other CCs have leaved and moved on to their own lives. Sub has enough of his BSittery, we already know what happened yet he apologized falsely for the claims during the Puerto Rico Scandal, they still even focus on the SpreadShiits

    Something's different...

    Do you guys there's something strange happening on other servers? Mostly the RU Cruiser Rework, many of the RU players had been disagreeing with the Cruiser line Rework.
  10. Sometimes they're nuke codes from a certain site I've seen some in numbers like: 270890 342142 881234 272130 These are examples.

    MM Changes

    Problems is Tier III with Poor Anti Air.

    We are growing...

    Exactly. All people hates Conway now i assume.

    We are growing...

    Earl is dead Conway is N E X T. Their staffs are incompetent thats why, also RU players had been hating more Paper Soviet ships that only exist on papers.

    USS South Dakota (Pre Dreadnought and Battleship)

    T9 should be the Tillman IV-1 Scheme, I think Tier 8 for her would be a better option.
  15. I mean we should discuss Larger Displacements larger than the Russian ships? Also with Yashima coming soon we should discuss gigantic Battleships planned: the Tillman After the design of the following South Dakota Battleships, the next plans are the Super Battleships, the Tillman. The Tillman have 80,000 ton design battleship, 25 kts and different set of number of guns, These Battleships are far bigger than the Iowa and the Montana-class Battleships, Can be equal that to Yamato but smaller on Grosser Kurfurst Speed: 25.2 knots Preminilary Design: Armed 4x6 with (406mm) 16 inch Scheme IV-I : Armed with 5x2, 1x3 18 (457mm) inch guns Scheme IV-II Armed with 5x3 (457mm) 18 inch guns Tillman Designs: Tillman IV-2: A 1943-44 of the Scheme IV-2 version existed as a kitbash: Carried 127 MK 41s (the same Montana Secondaries) and alot of Bofors and Oerlikons, Catapults also had been made and carried 2 OS2U Kingfishers.