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  1. juupzz

    A note

    press Ctrl + A (Select All) then you'll the hidden message
  2. juupzz

    0.5.16 General Feedback

    Bug detected when toggle AA range-circle on minimap setting. I'm using Danae. The circle is blinking, and FPS suddenly drops to...5 fps or less
  3. juupzz

    Fujin price compared to kamikaze

    maybe Fujin got cooler camo than Kamikaze. but not as cool as Kamikaze R's camo.
  4. juupzz

    i am about to loose my mind over this stealth crap

    That's why there are tiers. High tier match, you use high tier ship, and enemies too. But don't you think, they'll play like in low tier match (such as showing broadside, rush enemy without support/backup, etc). They are skilled, and teamwork is very neccesary. All you need is keep playing with high tier ship, learn every ships playstyle.
  5. juupzz

    UI Things to do Check List

    Please add this : - Give color to friend's IGN if they are in the same match (except when they are in your division) So we can notice them
  6. juupzz

    RSS or Feed on Website

    I'm just a guy who wants keep up-to-date with any informations or announcements.Why there is no RSS or Feed News available on WoWS website? I think that's good if you add it Thanks.
  7. juupzz

    fps drop after update

    Of course, in fullscreen. For now, i set my nvidia setting to force performance mode. Then the fps peak is about 30-32 fps. But still annoying
  8. juupzz

    fps drop after update

    nah, it didn't work for me
  9. juupzz

    fps drop after update

    Tell us if that method works, plsYou can send ticket by click Support on the top of this page, then click My Ticket > Submit Ticket I already sent ticket about this issue, but hadn't recieved the reply yet
  10. juupzz

    fps drop after update

    can you tell me the version of driver you use now?I defragmented my HDD, but the issue doesn't disappear
  11. juupzz

    fps drop after update

    Do you have same specs, like graphic card or something?
  12. Rename the folder arpeggio in res/banks
  13. Mogami & Takao CMD Skill 1. BFT or BoS 2. Expert Marksman (more turret travers) 3. Superintendent (for Takao, must) or Vigilance (increase enemy incoming torp detection) 4. Demolition Expert (for 20% fire chance) 5. Concealment Expert Mogami Upgrades (in case 155mm caliber turret, for more fun) 1. Main Armament and Torp 2. Turret travers upgrade (because your main battery is battleship-turret travers) 3. Propulsion 4. Between Rudder Shift or Propulsion 5. Concealment (of course) Takao Upgrades1. Main Armament and Torp2. Decrease dispersion3. Propulsion4. Between Rudder Shift or Propulsion5. Concealment (of course) Takao voice to English? Train her to learn some Engrish! Ok, change the battle voice over to English, try it
  14. juupzz

    fps drop after update

    I have same VGA card. 0.5.14, my machine can do 40-50 fps. 0.5.15, down to 20-25fps What's this. -_-
  15. The new line is more exciting, Shiratsuyu, Akizuki, and the next tier 9, tier 10, idk The re-balance main line, maybe need more adaptation. You called it gunboat line, that's why you get puzzled.I called it "end with a gunboat" line, because end with Akizuki, a gunboat, an AA boat B)