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  1. michaelzon

    Have any possibility of control turret manually?

    yea, manually turn off the salvo system or control each turret independently in shooting, not only salvo or in order turret1-2-3-4-5....blablabla maybe H for turret1, J for turret2.... LOL I ensure this suggest not suitable for St Louis
  2. Actually its a idea which suddenly floated in my mind lol We cant shoot the enemy directly during the period when we r passing the straight or just passing island/hill. Unless have passed the barrier or WE ARE CLEVELAND Its inconvenience for me at least when Im playing Battleship. For example: I have 4 turrets ready but the enemy is my backward / Im passing the island which Turret1/Turret2 cannot shoot over it but Turret3/Turret4 can Now, i have 2 choices, Give up or salvo Sometimes, i choose salvo, but it wasted some "shells" lol,unfortunately 1 DD is coming to my face, the only thing i can do is "pray to god": bless me and my secondary armament could make a critical hit to the DD But if we can manually control the turret, Turret1/Turret2 are ready for firing even Turret3/Turret4 is replacing their shells, and we can still fire to DD maybe we will miss it/cannot kill DD but at least we can hold up the DD's action, not only pray to god Have any suggestion? Don't suggest me: try Cleveland, u will feeling better lol
  3. michaelzon

    What if World of Warships was realistic?

    LOL probably we will be killed by the Iowa(1990) when the very beginning of the game by Tomahawk missile