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  1. Oro_Jackson_

    [UPD 12/2] Update Hotfix

    I like the part when WG give player Free Commander Reskill & Redistribution on wrong AA patch and then test with doubloon on hotfix patch. Thanks you Wargaming it was great value AA test.
  2. Oro_Jackson_

    Karma is stupid things

    Just look at this COLORADO Replay I really wanna know what's karma mean? For me it seem stupid. No matter how you play well or play poorly if someone right click on your name. Sometime I play very well I got reported sometime I did't nothing but i got compliment. And many time I tired with this peoples. So if karma mean nothing please remove it WG. Click here if cannot download replay. http://8b54a309.dl-one2up.com/onetwo/content/2016/7/21/8b54a309da5a0b1e528102b0266c9030.wowsreplay