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  1. RepublicTrooper

    Technical Test 0.6.6 Bugs

    1.Description: Unable to connect to test server: Unable to connect test server starting from ~17:30 UTC+7 24/5/2017. The client updated just fine. "Error connecting server. Failed to connect to the server. Please try again later." 2. Reproduction steps: Try again at 9:00 UTC +7 25/5. Same result as above Edit: Problem solved.
  2. RepublicTrooper

    Technical Test 0.6.6 Feedback

    Actually his (my) client is in English. After a few battles the description gets changed into Russian. You're supposed to buy time, not to actually defeat them. If you want a win try CV. I noticed the AI will NEVER target CV if the support ships/scaffolds are in range (got 2 Gneisenau within 8 km of my CV and they didn't bother shooting me even once (except secondary of courses).
  3. RepublicTrooper

    matchmaking system

    Agreed with the stock ships, but it's WG way to grab cash ( from premium time) so I don't think they will ever even consider changing it.
  4. RepublicTrooper

    Over Yamato

    Yamato has 460 mm guns, which can overmatch 32 mm bow armor. He can pen you through the bow at any distance so dont bow on, slightly angle instead. Btw Yamato turrets have around 70s 180 degrees traverse time, so you may want to close distance quickly so he can't track you. Yamato citadel has hexagon shape at front bulkhead, so if you get close to 8 km and he's angling around 45 degrees, try shooting under the front turrets => guaranteed citadel Trust me the Yamato doesn't need any nerf. It is already a damage sponge for HE and torpedoes and its health consumable has been nerf hard before. The only thing it better than Montana is killing other BBs.
  5. RepublicTrooper

    Soviet navy or the IJN?

    What ship class do you want to use? If you want to BBQ everything go Soviet lines. Soviet DDs are very fast light cruisers without citadel (Their tier X can reach 45 knots), excellent guns but not suitable for cap because of bad detectability and maneuverability. Their torpedo range is merely 4 km from II to VII. Soviet CLs/CAs are firespammers with decent health pool and glass armor. Tier X has the fastest shells in game. Same 4 km torps except tier IX. IJN IJN CVs has more squadrons in the air, more torpedo bomber squads and tight dive bombing circle. I think they are more flexible than USN. IJN BBs has excellent accuracy and reasonably fast. Tier X Yamato has the largest gun in the game and the best sigma. Be aware they can be citadel'ed. IJN cruisers access 203 mm gun begin from tier V. Generally they have more health than other cruisers line until tier VIII. Their torpedo range is 10 km and has good damage. Tier X has troll armor and is very annoying to BB captain (firespammer) IJN DDs... has the "best" torpedoes in game (I'm no IJN DD expert but I think they're a bit underpowered right now) , best concealment and somewhat usable guns (there are exceptions) . You may want to play other lines instead.
  6. RepublicTrooper

    Nagato A hull, seriously WG?

    tbh Nagato armor is surprisingly weak for a tier VII, worse than Fuso because of its pseudo-turtleback citadel. It takes AP damage like there's no tomorrow (I once pen'ed Nagato through the deck at close range for 13k+ damage). No slopped armor either while Amagi has huge 25mm bulge armor. Good maneuverability and accurate gun though Butt-tanking huehuehue
  7. RepublicTrooper

    Only one time offer!

    I got a 70% discount on 360 premium days yesterday even though I haven't bought anything yet. Unfortunately I'm a poor student so I'll pass
  8. RepublicTrooper

    CV Player is a potato

    Every time I play stealth DDs: It will always be a CV match Allied CV will be an AS potato Enemy CV will be a unicum who sinks 2-3 ships and somehow shoots down more planes despite he's using balanced/strike loadout My team will go alone and feed the CV Ryujo seems to be the next sealclubbing ship because I always see 5-plane squads and there're tons of them STOP. PLAYING.CV.IF.YOU.JUST.PLAY.FOR.THE.SAKE.OF.MISSIONS (play coop instead)
  9. RepublicTrooper

    Haifuri is coming

    There is already a fan skin version of Graf Spee, and no rust either http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/107406-mod-haifuri-skin-mod-for-graf-spee/
  10. RepublicTrooper

    High tier captains are absolutely shit

    Unpopular opinion. I think if WG make tier IX-X more accesible to everyone the meta may change. I only play tier X in PTS. The player skills aren't good. But they play aggressively and push more often. The gameplay is like tier V-VII. No camping bullshit. I have a lot of fun back then. So I guess it's the actually the mindset leads to stale gameplay then.
  11. RepublicTrooper


    Hi, welcome to WOWS I assume if you did take all 2 torpedoes, then he would turn pink. Pink players are players who dealt a huge amount of damage/killed their allies (intentionally or not). Any damage they inflict against future allies will be subtracted directly to their HP (ex. if a pink DD hit you with torpedoes for 20k damage and he only has 10k HP, he'll be sunk instantly). Pink status usually wears off after 5-7 battles, as long as you do not do anymore damage to allies (collision damage counts too). Be cautious when you drive near a pink ship, he might be a TK. A friendly advice, never ever shoot your allies under any circumstance (if you sink a pink ship you'll be pink too). If you see a TK, PM a mod and report (screenshots, replays). They'll deal with them appropriately. The report options are just mostly for fun, they'll subtract your karma points (look on forum), nothing more, although receiving too many "spam" reports will result in a chat ban. You only play up to tier IV. There are players who don't even know that torpedoes have maximum range, so they'll use torpdoes outside of their maximum range so watch your allies too. Keep playing, it'll get better when you reach higher tiers.
  12. RepublicTrooper

    German BB Immune to Citadel Hits?

    German BBs has weak deck armor. The Kriegsmarine/Imperial Navy designed them to fight the short range battles of Atlantic, not Pacific. Even their hulls are designed to traverse the calm water of Atlantic, and they even have less fuel too. German BB armor is also considered the be worse because they still use the all-around protection of Jutland era instead of all-or-nothing scheme. Even their turret face armor does not have slope and as a result they are vulnerable in any distance. In real life encounter with US new fast battleships (which never happened), the Bismarck would be disabled and shot full of holes before they could get close to ultilise their turtleback. The NC class has everything the Bismarck fear: 1.2 ton SHS with powerful deck penetration and very accurate radar. The battle is usually decide by the first lucky hit, which the NC is more likely thanks to its powerful radar. Not to mention the Bismarcks were designed as commerce raiders. TL;DR the Bismarck is quite overrated just because it detonated a 3-inch deck WW1 battlecruiser. WOWS battles always happened outside immunity zone of most ships, and that's too short to achieve proper plunging fire. Give it realistic distance and you will see citadel ribbon popped up many times.
  13. So you need a premium to counter a premium huh? Maybe you should improve your skill first? Good skills counter everything. There are potato Saipans too. By the way if you feel that a ship is UP, don't buy it. WG don't force you to buy ships to play, so keep your money for more deserved future releases. It's not like WG wont release another OP CV anyway. And yes i agree WG should refrain from releasing OP premiums.
  14. RepublicTrooper

    High Tiers

    You want aggressive play? Go NA or RU. Plenty of straight-line potatoes to shoot at. Otherwise, form division with unicums. You either fish or be fished.