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  1. D_R_A_K_O_N_A_T_I_O_N

    The deto-meter

    And before you guys even ask, here is @drakon233's detonation record, ranked #210 so far. Keep it up drakon, we believe in ya!
  2. D_R_A_K_O_N_A_T_I_O_N

    The deto-meter

    I can't believe it some dude actually did this… Here it is, the detonation statistics site ↓ http://deto.bunnyxt.com/index.php An. Actual. Detonation. Stats. Site. Yeah…
  3. D_R_A_K_O_N_A_T_I_O_N

    I've done it.

    Remember drakon getting triggered by that D_E_T_O_N_A_T_I_O_N IGN in one of euro's videos? I'm here to salt it up even more.