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  1. cute puka puka fleet...

    1. AsakuraShinji


      And I'm still waiting for puka puka fleets ingame. :3


      Sori baru bales btw. Ga ngecek forum beberapa hari ini, haha.

    2. XP_On


      +1 kalau ada di game... :D


  2. AsakuraShinji

    How to get dreadnought for mission

    The best way to get dreadnought is to not try to get it. Trust me. On a serious note. If you can upgrade your Colorado to North Carolina, that ship is really good at getting dreadnought, even when stock. Just stay at mid range and point your bow on everything. And if you have concealment module + concealment expert you can easily break off detection when your health is low.
  3. AsakuraShinji

    What's your go-to ship?

    Atago. That feel when you got witherer and high caliber in T10 match... just delicious.
  4. AsakuraShinji

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    Btw @Chawp, you forgot to update my previous scores again... T_T http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/18988-hall-of-fame-q4/page__st__320__pid__266302#entry266302 And you also missed stratmania's Essex entry above that post. :3
  5. AsakuraShinji

    tier by tier your favourite ships

    T2 - Chester. Idk, this ship just clicks for me. T3 - Derzki. Those wall of torps... T4 - Hosho. Capable of murdering everything at T4. T5 - Murmansk. My first premium and I still like it even with crappy MM. T6 - Torn between Arizona or Budyonny. Both are almost OP at T6. T7 - Belfast. Nuff said. T8 - Atago/Takao. All-rounder ship with virtually no weakness, basically a Zao at T8. T9 - Dmitri Donskoi. Not the best T9 by any means, but somehow I'm having a lot of fun in this ship. T10 - Hindenburg. My most fav ship. I especially like the looks of this ship, sadly it's not in a good spot right now. German cruisers needs some love...
  6. AsakuraShinji

    So...Akizuki or Minotaur?

    Personally I would get both. But if you can only choose one, and you only want the ship to have 'fun', then I'd say Akizuki. Because T10 match tends to be more... mentally exhausting.
  7. AsakuraShinji

    Iowa and Montana worth getting ?

    I also love the NC and hated the Iowa, but I really like the Montana. The problem with Iowa is, it loses the amazing plunging shells and agility of the NC while retaining the same number of guns, not to mention it's much bigger and faces T10 frequently. NC is just better in almost every way. But the Montana, this ship has massive damage potential, provided you can get enough broadsides to shoot at. So I usually play my Montana like a Hindenburg, using its stealth and speed to flank the enemy and wreck them from the sides. Just don't bother with bow-on tanking, Montana is not Yamato. So in my opinion, yes it's worth it. At least, I have no regrets getting to the Montana.
  8. AsakuraShinji

    Most survivable cruiser in game ?

    By "Tanky", of course I mean when they are bow on or extremely angled, and not exposing your citadel. Good luck penning a bow-on DM's hull in mid-close range with anything lower than 16 inch. Yorck is also very tanky when angled. I did not include Cleveland because like Fairuh said, Cleveland's superstructure is so huge it eats so much damage from everything, even HE. And I did not include british because OP asked for cruisers that can actually tank damage. You don't do than in any RN cruisers.
  9. Imo from hardest to easiest : 155 Mogami, Chapayev, Edinburgh, Kutuzov, Des Moines, Benson, Fletcher, Gearing, Tashkent, Neptune, Udaloi, Minotaur, Khabarovsk.
  10. AsakuraShinji

    How to play cruisers.

    If you're being shot when you're on a turn, that's not random shells for sure. It's simply your own misplay and the proof that enemy BB is skilled enough to predict your turn and shoot you at the right moment. Either wait for all enemy BBs to shoot or don't shoot and get in concealment before turning. Or you can also look for an island to cover your turn. If all else fails, it's better to just do bow-on tanking, at least you'll live longer that way.
  11. AsakuraShinji

    Most survivable cruiser in game ?

    If by survivable, you mean in terms of tanking capability, then here are the cruisers which I consider quite tanky, or at least tankier than others : IJN : Furutaka, Myoko, Atago, Zao. USN : Baltimore, Des Moines. KM : Yorck, Hipper, Roon, Hindenburg. RU : Budyonny, Moskva. RN : None. But as others said, you can't hope to reliably bounce BB shells in a cruisers. Even the Moskva can still be lolpenned by Yamato or plunging fire from USN freedom shells. Your concealment and maneuverablity will always be your strongest armor.
  12. AsakuraShinji

    This is sad thing if happen !

    Eh, what's the problem? The ships still remains and we can still use them, right? And I actually like it because it means I can use any port other than Yokosuka if I want to see ARP ships.
  13. AsakuraShinji

    back pains due to carrying too hard

    Just had this match with my Colorado in EU server. We flipped the point in literally the last 10 seconds of the match. And then the very next colorado game... Really, EU players never cease to amaze me...
  14. AsakuraShinji

    NERF the Belfast

    Meanwhile, my Belfast continues to stomp all the other T7s with impunity. :3 While I do agree with the OP, in the end I actually don't really care if WG decide to nerf Belfast or not. If they do nerf her, that's good. If they don't I'll just continue to statpad with her and no one can blame me.