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  1. oceanfall

    The game graphics are pretty awesome!

    Pensacola, not Pepsicola. It's a city in Florida.
  2. oceanfall

    Omg the server lag

    sometimes my ping goes to millions!
  3. oceanfall

    Torpedo range of Destroyers

    Which destroyer got the longest range?
  4. I currently have a Wickes. Can someone please tell me the range of torpedos in these destroyers? I'm having a hard time torpedoing.
  5. oceanfall

    Server temporary unavailable.

    yeah I guess so, in the site it says zero players now. So it must be maintenance. But does anyone know for how long the sever's down?
  6. Now When logging it says, server temporary unavailable. What's going on? Maintenance?
  7. Is Tirpitz the first ship of to be featured under Kreigsmarine? If so, is it gonna be a premium ship? Like the two USSR cruisers?
  8. oceanfall

    Battleship Competition

    I saw this competition on the NA site. Won't there be such competetions on our server? http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/battleship-competition/
  9. Today my ping went crazy, normally I have a ping around 100 ms, but today in some occasions my ping went into millions, disconnecting me from the game. When connected back again, my poor Hashidate has been destroyed. So is there any way I can improve my ping and get a stable ping?
  10. oceanfall

    Germany to kick off?

    US didn't have any more plans beyond Montana, but that's unfair for H-43, H-44 and Super Yamato(A150).
  11. oceanfall

    What is a public test?

    I saw that a public test is underway. And what is a public test?
  12. oceanfall

    My own private puppy dog.

    Well I gotta learn this language quickly.
  13. oceanfall

    Any way to change the server NA to ASIA?

    I'm from Homagama, where are you?