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  1. DepthCharger

    Not recording results after you quit

    Before the last patch if you quit the game after your ship was sunk but before the match ended it would tell you if your last game was a win or loss the next time you started it (same in WoT) doesn't seem to do that any more.
  2. DepthCharger

    Frustrated with Wargaming

    No idea why the Cleveland needs a nerf. My last 2 games its been annihilated in 2 salvos by long range BB's without me getting anywhere near range. Its good at taking on US DD's and other cruisers but its a very, very fragile ship.
  3. DepthCharger

    Invisable DD annoyance

    I was trying to engage a tier 5 DD with my Cleveland, he was about 5-6 k directly in front and for half that time he was on fire yet my crew could not see him, he was firing non stop at me yet all I could do was fire at where his shells were coming from. When I'm in my Clemson, firing the guns seems to light my ship up like a Roman Candle even with smoke, and it takes a good while for them to lose you again as long as you keep the speed down and not fire anything. Yet this ship was blazing away, hitting me most of the time yet only 1 or 2 times did I get a brief look at him and never long enough to line him up. What's the story with this? I thought firing your guns made your cover redundant?
  4. DepthCharger

    And people keep saying US Destroyer need buff...

    I personally think the US DD's are utter junk. Their useless short range torps are a major pain to use. I've tried the old hide behind a mountain and try and ambush a BB, sometimes it works but you have to hope enough hits register to finish him off as one salvo will blow you away.
  5. DepthCharger

    Do carriers guns work?

    The artillery guns? I've sunk a fair few CV's, often at close range and I don't ever recall one of them firing back at me despite a lot of the tier 6+ CV's having an impressive assortment of guns. Having never played the class, do their guns even work?
  6. DepthCharger

    4.1 Patch on the 26th?

    I just hope the US DD's get a decent boost, atm they are at a major disadvantage against the Japanese DD's. Their guns are better but DD cannons are next to useless against big ships.
  7. DepthCharger

    Stealth Torpedos 0_o

    Happened again just then, I'm cruising along and 4 torpedos appear straight in front of me, no enemy ships close, luckily they came head on and I was able to just coast between them thanks to the Phoenix slim beam. They just appeared, directly in front, 1-2 seconds warning. The dam Phoenix has a 50 foot high crows nets surely there would be some benefit to this??? Wish we could record replays like all the other World of Whatever games...
  8. DepthCharger

    Stealth Torpedos 0_o

    I'm in my cannon magnet Phoenix IV when I dispatch a enemy DD at medium range. I continue heading straight in external view mode when directly in front of me 4 torpedos suddenly appear, literally like they just spawned in out of nowhere. No enemy ship with 7k except for the sinking destroyer, no planes either. I counted 3 seconds before they stuck me, had zero time to evade. Either my crew are drunk, blind, completely retarded or this has to be a bug. Does this game record replays like WoT? I wanted to watch it again as I'm still perplexed as to where they came from.
  9. DepthCharger

    Losing motivation to keep grinding credits...

    Have never understood the lust for high tiers. The most fun I had in WoT was in the tier 5-7 classes, became expensive and frustrating after that.
  10. Informative reply, thanks. My game I just had then One long range hit sets me on fire, I let it burn until i am out of range then repair, turn around and get another random hit, up she goes again...
  11. My 2 lowly tier cruisers seem to be on fire for around 75% of most games. Almost every hit starts a fire, yet I hardly ever return the favour. I use HE shells, aim at the bridge or other important parts of the enemy ships but nothing happens. A earlier game I was shooting a oblivious St Louis for a long time, around 20+ hits yet not a single flareup. He finally notices me and fires one salvo, it hits and 'floomp' my cruiser is on fire.. Is it all pure luck and RNG or am I doing something wrong?
  12. I actually started again after 120 battles as my win rate went from 65% to 27% (big thanks to Phoenix IV's days of constant losses), was laughable and I became convinced IU was cursed with all the rubbish teams I was constantly put on.