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  1. NOJ_iron

    jean bart is my new waifu

    Well done Captain, it takes more than just a good ship to do well, needs to be steered by good hands. I hope we meet on the GREEN team.
  2. NOJ_iron

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    I think this would help a great deal, as per MM prior to patch 8.0.
  3. NOJ_iron

    Bourgogne or Stalingrad

    Thanks for the all the advice, newest ship in my fleet STALINGRAD.
  4. NOJ_iron

    How to Fix CVs and AA in 0.8

    I agree, perhaps going back to the previous MM CV restrictions before patch 8.0 would help a great deal for all player's, ship types.
  5. NOJ_iron

    Bourgogne or Stalingrad

    Thanks for your comment, I prefer RUM in my coke, but this reads like you mistakenly added salt to your cup of tea rather than the sugar.
  6. NOJ_iron

    Bourgogne or Stalingrad

    If u only had enough steel collected/won in battle, (thanks WG and my rank team mates) to add one of these ships to your fleet, which would u choose and why?
  7. NOJ_iron

    Good work team, the cap is secured!

    All FORCES move towards B cap NOW, please.😁
  8. Perhaps this ship and I just click or it fits my personal pilosphy, out run any one I can't out fight and out fight any one I can't out run.😃
  9. They fail because they do not play PEF correctly to it's strengths. The PEF is a Battle Cruiser, although in the game it is designated as a BB. It was designed to out fight cruisers/DD's, ships lesser armored with smaller caliber guns and out run, out maneuver more heavily armoured but slower BB's that out gun it. When fighting cruiser's it is like a BB, but when fighting BB's it is a cruiser, it must be played with this in mind at all times. So I guess they fail the IQ test on how to play the PEF or are more likely inexperienced playing this ship because it is an EXCELLENT ship and has become a current personal favorite.
  10. This is normal, but it usually happens to me when I captain a DD and trying to cap. I feel your pain mate. By the way, if I where in a PEF, I would be happy to take on 2 cruiser's alone let alone with a QE backing me up. The PEF is an awesome cruiser hunter killer, it is what it was designed to do in real life and WG have accurately modeled it this way in the game.
  11. NOJ_iron

    10K Battles

    Great, I have Touretts issues to deal with as well, wonderful.
  12. Absolutely YES it is OK. You grind 1,708,000 EXP for a 19 point captain, use him/ her as u want, enjoy your hard work, but on all the flags u can as well and camo. It is within the game rules. It is fair. Anyway they say "All is fair in love and war".
  13. NOJ_iron

    Is it worth to spend $3.5 for cossack?

    1 torp launcher, with 4 torpedos that can be single launched SRY my bad English.
  14. NOJ_iron

    Is it worth to spend $3.5 for cossack?

    Very Yes, small price to pay in real money for a great DD. Cossack has good guns, lacks a bit in torp power, only one tube, but very sneaky DD good at killing enemy DD,s. If u hit a BB with u torps that can be single fired it easy to score a devastating strike. Overall a good boat to have in your fleet.
  15. NOJ_iron

    Captain Skill For La Gasolina

    IFHE or CE. Either is a good choice. If want to live longer CE, if want higher damage out put go IFHE.