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  1. yantajianyun

    Should Kagero or Yugumo be skipped?

    I wouldn't suggest you to skip them. Kagero is the beginner guide to high tier torpedoes ship. You have the smoke, the torpedoes and decent stealth, which you can practice your torpedoes skills, and situation awareness, such as knowing when you need capping, escaping, spottinging, or torpedoing etc. Just remember you are not a gunboat but support ship which helps teammate to cap, spots the enemies and launches torpedoes to restrict the opponents movement or deal heavy blow to them. Meanwhile Yugero is the best ship in IJN torpDD line. Better than Shimakaze I would say. Yugero has the best gun in the line, better torpedoes reload than Shimakaze, and lesser chance to encounter CV (tier 9). Some tips for playing them: 1. Remember the radar range of all ships which are basically 12km, 10km, 9.5km etc. Avoid wandering within into their radar range unless you are sure their radar are in CD. 2. Press P, close your AA at all time unless within smoke or being pinned by their plane. 3. Survive and spot is your top priority, torp and cap comes second. 4. Make use of your decent stealth and smoke.
  2. yantajianyun

    Happy Birthday, World of Warships!! Tier VII Challenge.

    Being chased down by North Carolina for the whole game but thanks to our teammate, we won the game in last 10 second through capping their base.
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    WG 應該禁止新手購買T8以上的船

    其實我們都忽略了新手同時也在玩銀幣船,我覺得熟悉遊戲機制用銀幣船爬線的同時就足夠了。 我個人是覺得現在的低級房體驗沒有像以前那麼好了,CV的改版,低級房防空的雞肋化,連我這個接近1萬場的{老手}開低級船都有點吃不消了,更別說新手的體驗了。 而且說到低級金幣船,大部分都有89級的上位替代品。既然存在上位那幹嘛還要花錢買低階的,這個道理我倒是比較不能理解(用來打劇情例外)。 還有說到收益問題,我覺得用我們的數據來比較新人狀況有點不恰當。 低級房的船生存能力都比較差,我們都是老手,遇到新人可以暴打,甚至一輪帶走,收益肯定比較高;而新人遇到新人只有五五開。 反之高級房,新人玩的再怎麼菜,只要不遇到特定情況比如說吃滿雷或露肚子,生存還是沒問題的,更何況現在那些新人買的89金幣船都是一些強勢船,不容易死,而且高級船打中一發的收益比低級房打中幾發的收益還要高。 題外話:大佬的低級房數據,任務我沒看錯的話是有包括新金幣船雙倍收益的加成的吧。
  6. yantajianyun


    Working as a part-time interpreter, I do speak English, Mandarin, Japanese and a little bit of Korean. I don't think playing WOWS is wasting my time lolz.
  7. yantajianyun


    Basically the box languages are Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Thai. There's a mod in WOWS Steam Discussion pages which uncensored the East-Asian language aka box languages. You can try look for it there.
  8. yantajianyun

    UPDATE: Bonus codes now working Including new KoTS code

    Shouldn't they be following Asia working hour since the server is in Singapore or Japan or Hong Kong I supposed?
  9. yantajianyun

    WG 應該禁止新手購買T8以上的船

    那麼問題來了,除了組隊和做劇情任務,試問各位大佬開八級以下金幣船的次數和開八九X的金幣船次數? 按打錢效率,保值來說,八級以下金幣船都不用考慮吧?(特定船例外) 我贊同新手太早開八九級金幣船只會坑隊友,但不能因為我們怕被新手坑就規定別人怎麼消費吧? 而且當對面有不會開的新手玩家,我們殺人不也殺的蠻爽的。 不給新手玩高級船的機會,怎麼讓他們知道高級房都是一群牛鬼蛇神(腳本,掛機,追蹤彈)聚集的地方?
  10. yantajianyun

    0.9.8 版本更新公開測試參加者獎勵

  11. YONE RUSH B 万歳!!
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    在遠古時代,航母改版之前,玩家比起舉報,更多是點讚。業力就有點類似交際大佬證明。 我就是那個時候累積了不少。而且那個時候看到朋友在對面或同隊,都會問py交易不(互相點讚)? 但是現在只要玩航母大概率都會被舉報,不管玩的好或不好,要存業力真的困難不少了。
  13. yantajianyun

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    I think WG banned your clan is due to some of your clan members having Real Money Transaction in game, such as selling steal? I read the agreement, but I couldn't find anything mentioned about players must have fixed IP and PC etc.
  14. yantajianyun

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.5 Participants

    Maybe it’s the time zone problem? I thought SEA staff are situated in Europe too.
  15. yantajianyun

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.5 Participants

    Okay guys, I just checked the EU forum and it seems we will receive it before 23rd June Original Quote: Commanders, I have the update for you regarding those rewards for Spring Season. Your unique flag, patch and Premium Ship VI containers will arrive until Tuesday 23rd June 2020. If you are waiting for Public Test Verteran emblem, this will be distributed in 0.9.6. We are sincerely sorry for this this delay and for this inconvenience sauce: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/136962-rewards-for-public-test-095-participants/?page=3