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    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to Spotter in Regarding the 12-perk Commanders for Hood Bundles   
    Hello everyone,
    Please be informed that anyone that may have had issues about the Hood Bundle with the 12-perk commander not showing on the ship itself. Anyone who purchased the Hood bundle should have their Commander in their reserves slot.
    Not everyone is affected by this issue though, and we wish to apologize to all who were affected. Thank you once again for your understanding.
  2. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to LordTyphoon in Typical weekend rant for weekenders   
    I guess I'll be playing destroyers all weekend because I cant trust the general potato to do their job properly. 
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    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to Trojan63 in Wargaming is intentionally manipulating results of the clash of elements event   
    You can now buy a box of tissues in game for 75% off. Bonus tin foil hat for the first 100 buyers.
    That's a bargain for all the fire team members.
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    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to Trojan63 in Wargaming is intentionally manipulating results of the clash of elements event   
    So many butt hurt fire team is hilarious. Sitting there smug all week while in the lead due to the imbalance of team numbers and not saying a thing then.
    Now the team numbers are more equal and they start to lose they call foul and bias.
    Please continue with your conspiracy theories as it is making my day.

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    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to Skarhabek in Rant- worst battle ever   
    dat hosho is not noob, he is obviously TROLLING. if you really pissed just tell "dont strafe my planes"
    "why" is vague word. and as the highest tier CV commander, you should shout a command rather than silently raging on the team.
    just play again bro, not everymatch you will encounter this trolling player :V
  6. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to Syanda in Akizuki: How do you not suck in it?   
    Do not do this. You've already figured out why - Akizuki is about the size of a light cruiser, slow, and very sluggish. If you try to play too aggressively with her, you're going to take a pounding, fast. Learning when to open fire and when to hold fire is an important survival skill in all ship classes, but more so for Akizuki.
    Torpedoes on Akizuki are your backup weapon, not your primary one. Save them for close-quarters use, always have the tubes ready. Your rapid reload isn't for spamming two consecutive launches except on very, very, very rare occasions. Don't try to torpedoboat with it. Your primary weapons are your guns. 
    While this is *okay*, it's not really optimal use of Akizuki's strengths.
    Basically, Akizuki plays differently depending if you have IFHE or not. If you do not have IFHE, keep a close eye on what enemy destroyers are on the other team. Same or lower tier than you, you can safely shoot at. Higher-tier, don't even engage them unless they're broadside AND engaging someone else. If you have IFHE, though, ambush predator time.
    Akizuki basically has two main advantages. The first is a *truly* awesome rate of fire with a relatively flat trajectory at closer ranges, with just enough arc to shoot over islands at maximum. The second is a solid detection range giving her a solid stealthfire radius.
    If you have IFHE, what you want to do is play a bit like a slow, stealthy Khabab. Approach capzones cautiously, preferably with another DD to support. *Wait* for enemy destroyers to poke in, first, make sure you know where they are while they don't know where you are. And once they're at the absolute threshold of your detection range and can't run, unleash the fury. Akizuki out-DPMs practically every other destroyer in a close quarters engagement, and with IFHE, angling won't help against your HE shells. An IFHE Akizuki can outfight even Fletchers and gives Gearing a run for it's money, and not to mention Akizuki has a large enough HP pool to survive a single torpedo hit from full health without Survivability Expert. Without IFHE, your tactics are going to be the same, but you'll have to pick targets more carefully - the lack of pen on the 10cm guns means that you can't really effectively fight same or higher tier destroyers. If you're facing higher-tier enemies without IFHE, withdraw before they get close enough to detect you. Although, regardless of whether or not you have IFHE, if an enemy DD is dumb enough to expose their broadsides (Kagerous like to do this), switch to AP and melt them.
    For fighting larger vessels, you'll want to use two things - your stealthfire margin and your blistering RoF. HE shells without IFHE are going to have problems dealing damage, so switch to AP and aim for the superstructures. You're aiming to get regular and overpens on the large navigation bridges, pagodas, and other considerably less armoured superstructures instead of going for armour belt pens. Good aim basically nets you around 1-2k damage per salvo, and when you can have up to four salvoes in the air at the same time, that's going to add up. Basically, keep slicing off bits of HP wherever possible. It adds up. Again, save your smoke for when a large ship is within your stealthfire range, and save the torpedoes for anyone who tries to charge you.
    Statwise, Akizuki is actually currently borderline overperforming based on comparisons with other T8 destroyers. MM's not to blame for this.
  7. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to Velvet_Scarlantina in all in favor of getting rid of ijn dds   
    So us IJN DD users have to often sacrifice ourselves for a thankless and pompous BBs who just sit at the back to snipe? Just so they can snipe from the rear in smoke while shells fall around us IJN DDs? 
    Wait... That pattern is repeated for any DDs from any nation. I rather save my smoke for myself or a random player that's supportive of my efforts.
  8. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to EnochIsHere in Am i the only one concerning/waiting about Pensacola rework?   
    Some Q&A a while back mentioned them possibly moving New Orleans and Baltimore down a tier. I wonder what would happen to the Pensacola if that were to happen. 
    Good thing now we can take CE earlier so the Pensacola can be spotted from the moon as opposed to being spotted from Jupiter. 
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    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to kongman in Ode to IJN DD's   
    wow you losers have been OP for so long , now we even the field and you all cry , mmmmm your tears are tasty 
  10. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to Lupusregina in 2nd video. Please check it out!   
    Hey guys, this will be the second video that I have posted onto youtube where I record funny and epic moments from my world of warship play sessions. It will help me out greatly if you guy can check it out! This is my second attempt at video editing and I have put a lot of effort into it. Hope you guys enjoy it! Heres the link to the video. 

  11. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to BuckleUpBones in British cruisers are garbage   
    An old Chinese saying:

    When I’ve played 1000 games I thought I knew it all

    When I’ve played 2000 games I knew that I’ve only known half of it

    When I’ve played 4000 games I knew that I didn’t know any of it.
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    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to Bex_o7 in British cruisers are garbage   
    This is a troll post, surely?
    I mean, if you're talking about everything up to the Emerald, I'm right there with you. They're kind of weak, sure. But Leander, Fiji and Belfast are far from weak.
    It is a poor craftsman who blames his tools.
  13. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to LordTyphoon in Things In The Game That Needs To Be Changed   
    Try playing Admiral Hipper in a Tier10 game. Abysmal damage because you get focused as soon as you are spotted by various Yamatos, GKs and Montanas, and you take multiple citadels through the bow or the stern from 16km away within minutes. 
  14. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to yobbo1972 in This game deserves the name of 'World of Cowards'   
    yeah but u cant say anything to them about the way they play cuz they will report you for it.
    then u go on a 4-5 game losing streak cuz of the reporting system.
  15. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to Bob778_ in battleship ass tanking XD   
    This also works well in the Kurfurst as you have better firing angles on your guns compared to the usual 45'Deg you have when firing forward.
  16. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to Woodsy085 in this is for the sooks in the game   
    ​" a grow up man"  
  17. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to Aaditya_AJ in Match Making...Warspite.....Yobbo   
    Lol It is not just bothering a particular ship.... Everyship is effected by +2 MM... So Yeah, +1 Is much needed right now.....
  18. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to Twilight6797 in RANKED BATTLES   
    of course it's not a place to grind T6-10 only, but it does help,
    if that's your idea, then might as well insist WG make all ranked battles T10 ships only..so no further grinding involved.
    by your rationale your best captains are all on tier VI, VIII and X only?
    some of us have our best captains on lower or higher tiers or somewhere in between. (my captains haven't reached max captaincy and have only 1 ship at T8 and above)
    it's not easy for some of us to train our captains on a few ships of several nations and spend doubloons to  transfer them around just for the sake of playing ranked battles at max captaincy skills without any penalty.
    dudes, it's a suggestion, no need to pour cold water on it yet. 
    whether it happens or not is not up to you or me.
    if you know better, let's kick some ideas around to bring more variety to ranked battles.
    ranked battles makes it interesting and the rewards for getting higher ranks are more attractive than the usual rewards.
    try use constructive criticism, 
    if you all don't have anything positive to contribute, keep it to yourself, thank you.
    whenever you guys write something here, you let the rest of the readers read how "brilliant" you are.
  19. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to _Sammich_ in German battleships spoiling new players. Opinions?   
    I recently bought the Nassau.
    30% W/R, 38k DPG...
    Can someone Div with me to improve my W/R please???
    Torpedo-heads welcome.
  20. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to Syanda in WG you need to seek better super testers!   
    Watching this thread. If you guys can't be civil, don't post.
    Davud, Harpoon, I'm referring to you two.
  21. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to ragster in WG you need to seek better super testers!   
    sorry for having less than 150 battles..
    sorry for not playing too much
    sorry for having my WR so low
    sorry for being bad at the game
    sorry for having bad internet
    sorry for everything


  22. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to Ensign_Brendoonigan in Happy birthday to WG and those who have played since it started   
    Hi guys,
    I would like to congratulate WG on reaching it's first birthday and having such a great game. I proudly fly the first anniversary flag on all of my vessels now and am looking forward to a 2nd, 3rd and who knows when it might end flag. Yes, you do make me grouchy from time to time but hay, it's only a game and the good far out weighs the bad in my opinion.
    I would also like to congratulate those who came through the testing phases, alpha, beta, super testers, moderators, Community contributors and everyone else who has helped make the game as good as it is today. This is an extremely demanding game and whilst we'd all like to think that everyone is a unicum player on our team, the vast majority of players will never reach those levels. It's a challenge to some of us but as long as I'm still having fun I can fondly look back at the games and think win or lose it was still fun to play. 
    The games not perfect but you know what I still enjoy it, even the detonations (well a few games later I do). I for one am looking forward to what comes out during this next year and I'm glad you're all here to help make it that much better.
    Good luck to WG and everyone else out there whom I might meet in the many battles ahead. (Well at least those on my side, everyone else can just go ahead and get detonated!) 
    Ensign out.   
  23. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to LunaticRed in One year infograph   
    Can't take criticism? Please don't make me laugh. Let me define criticism for you.
    criticism noun
    the analysis and judgement of the merits and faults of a literary or artistic work.
    Seems to me like you can't handle the cold hard truth that asia is lacking in many aspects compared to other servers. I, unlike you, wish to make Asia better and what better way than to let me voice be heard by the mods and admin. You? Complain about people who wish to make this server better.
    So what, you've been here longer than me and what? What have you done since your time here before me? Have you attemped to make Asia server better or just complain about people and their opinions hmm?
    Riddle me this, have you played a single high tier game in random because I've made SEVERAL posts about high tier games? Isn't it ironic that all you can do is agree with WG despite having "more experience" and "being here longer" than me yet can't see the problem with this server or game? If you can't take constructive criticism by all means, goodbye.
  24. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp reacted to LunaticRed in One year infograph   
    What are YOU still here? Both of you constantly whine and complain about game discussion. Just because I want to make the ASIA server better and you don't doesn't mean you have to complain in every single thread. This is general discussion, not general complaining. If you can't handle the facts, Goodbye .
  25. Cool
    Umberto_Schnapp got a reaction from Kreigg in How does one keep sailing on? I'm sorry, I really need the help   
    I lost both my Parents to Cancer. I feel your pain. In answer to your question. Time. Just be you. 
    Time really is short. If you love someone be sure to let them know every day.