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  1. Bwahahahaha.......Hilarious. Not as good as you thought you were? Just carry and you'll be fine. Less type .....More Work ...Bwahahahahaha
  2. Umberto_Schnapp

    Tashkent and Diehard?

    Confirmed......Ram those pesky DDs lol
  3. Umberto_Schnapp

    Match Making...Warspite.....Yobbo

    I'm not confident you would understand if i took the time to explain it to you. Infact, i'm not sure you understand your question.
  4. Umberto_Schnapp

    Match Making...Warspite.....Yobbo

  5. Umberto_Schnapp

    Match Making...Warspite.....Yobbo

    Just had a T8 game. Long story short. Seems very unfair to put T6 BBs against T8 Cruisers etc.....Spesh the Mighty Warspite. Maybe restrict MM to 1 tier either side? I think that would be much fairer. Seems to be a valid issue.
  6. Umberto_Schnapp


    Diddums had a tanty. You salt ridden [content removed] attack other forum members? I just playing your game. Funny how you sook up and block. Don't invest in a loss. Non-constructive, insults. Post edited, thread locked, user sanctioned. ~amade
  7. Umberto_Schnapp

    Hit em Real Hard ...Send em Down Below

    Non-constructive. Thread locked, user warned. ~amade
  8. Umberto_Schnapp

    OMG I am Awesome

    I AM Awesome. Who are you to say that i am NOT?
  9. Umberto_Schnapp

    OMG I am Awesome

    I exude awesomeness. True.
  10. Umberto_Schnapp

    OMG I am Awesome

    I'm blind drunk on my own magnificence .......So awesome to be ME
  11. Umberto_Schnapp

    OMG I am Awesome

    To you perhaps.
  12. It's funny in any Language lol [content removed] Inappropriate content. Post edited, user already sanctioned. ~amade
  13. Umberto_Schnapp

    OMG I am Awesome

    Clearly a simple fact. Hopefully someone will understand Moved to off-topic. ~amade