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  1. Hmm, interesting reading this, actually I fell violated because there is no name calling etc, pretty sure I am on a wg forum... anyway.... I am a mostly CL/CA player with a side note of BB's and very little DD/CV experience, but from what I have read one thing has stuck out multiple times mentioned by multiple people "Teamwork/Team Play"... such a horrid word "TEAM", if ppl actually played as part of this "team" that you all speak off maybe balancing could actually work. BB's have no real counters, and anything that can affect them negatively is easily minimised by adequate positioning. They remain very effective against cruisers, and do even more damage to DD's than they do to cruisers. They need nerfs. BB's do have counters, Torpedoes, and guess what nearly every old man and his dog has them now gone are the days where you said "oh a cruiser is it US or IJN? US right lets push up on him" now we have a lot of different nations most with torps on their cruisers (in fact I think it is really only the US that decided having torps was a bad idea) now the range on these bad boys varies 6km 10km so now if in a bb if i see a cruiser i do not even bother to see what I am fighting I just assume it has torps, my Tirpitz has been deleted by torps more often than other form of damage combined because I do not just sit back and snipe I tend to see an opputunity to push and take it... of course whether the green ships (I refuse to call them team mates) actually support well it would be nice. than you have DD's which also have torps, CV's particuly IJM but US torp planes when they are out are even more deadly... yep nerf my tirpitz and watch me camp way out the back because I am not going to be stupid enough to get with torp distance at all of any ship. Adequate positioning???.... sorry when I read that all I could think "knows how to play the ship they are in" so lets punish them as well. But I will point this out you can not just blanket nerf BB's because they are hard to kill or they camp, there are different types within each class for example you have what I call the sniper, support and tank BB's examples would be Tirpitz is certainly a Tank, with secondary build and torps I can get in among the enemy, usually sink 1-2 ships and come out with roughly 100k damage. Meanwhile the entirety of the enemy ships is focused on me leaving the other green ships can shoot them without worry. Support would be ships like the newly released hood that thing can not tank to save itself, snipers are the BB's who have a lot of firepower good range and decent accuracy compared to other BB's. DD's are far too inconsistent, and are generally underpowered. You can have great games in them if you run into terrible BB players on the other team, but against good ones you have to play superbly to have an average game. DD's are also far too easy to kill, especially compared to pre-0.6.3. They need buffs (apart from the main RU DD line). Wait seriously? it feels nearly every 3-5 matches I get the 10 dd's battle........ and even outside that to have less than 2 per side is rare which I will point out is very close to the 1:3:5:3 ratio you mentioned so no I can not see them as too inconsistent. DD's are too easy to kill?? well you're in a damn destroyer fighting ships with 203mm up to 460mm guns no offense but smacking you with those is going to hurt, you are small have a lot of camo are fast as hell... so yeah if i see you and actually manage to hit you (which with a decent DD player is not as easy as it seems) I want to do damage end of story. You can not be the invisi firing torp spewing spawn of the devil without having a weakness/ Nerf all radars so they range from 7-9km. Radar is far too effective against DD's at high tiers, and requires the radar ship to put themselves in very little actual risk to effectively eliminate enemy ships. DD's are massively hindered in doing their jobs by a simple button push. Durations would remain the same, but US radars would increase from 7-8km and RU radars from 8-9km as you advance through the tiers. Radar is still a highly effective tool, but requires good positioning and awareness of your surroundings to use it without serious risk. No more rolling up behind an island at the start of the battle and popping radar and enabling half your team to delete the enemy DD with no effort, thought or skill. I am just going to reword this a bit... ahem *** Radar is far too effective against DD's at high tiers, and requires the radar ship to put themselves in very little actual risk (LIKE DD's CAN) to effectively eliminate enemy ships. DD's are massively hindered in doing their jobs by a simple button push (BESIDES WHY SHOULD THEY BE ABLE TO DO AREA DENIAL WHEN WE CAN JUST LAUNCH TORP WALLS). Durations would remain the same, but US radars would increase from 7-8km and RU radars from 8-9km as you advance through the tiers. Radar is still a highly effective tool, but requires good positioning and awareness of your surroundings to use it without serious risk. No more rolling up behind an island at the start of the battle and popping radar (HOW CAN DD'S POSSIBLE ROCK UP BEHIND AN ISLAND SAFE FROM ENEMY FIRE POP SMOKE NOT MOVE AND JUST LAUNCH TORPS AT ANYTHING TRYING TO COME AROUND AND GET THEM) and enabling half your team to delete the enemy DD with no effort, thought or skill. So there we go, DD's pretty much do the same thing here as these radar ships you are complaining about except now rather than just blindly rushing to this spot waiting for the first fish to come swimming into your barrel you actually have to think and go "they have a radar ship I might get spotted and killed if I just rush into that cap". IMO I have to say DD's have had it good, rarely get spotted just do whatever they wanted, no you actually have some game mechanics which you have to think about. Your smoke nerf is not enough to even remotely cover this change DD's need something to put the fear of god into them, the same way the wall of torps puts the fear of god into cruiser and battleship players and radar is about it. Conclusion Put simply go ahead and nerf the BB's, in compensation I want all ships to have a limited load of torps enough to fire 2-3 spreads max after that your buggered, planes to take longer reloading back at the CV about a minute each time sounds good. as for Radar, I want it to pick up every ship on the map that is going slower than 10 knots.... also I want smart bots so I can actually look at the green ships without expectations. Right sarcasm done, seriously do BB's need to be balanced? well yes but so do Carriers, Cruisers and Destroyers, not to the extreme you're asking for though, it was a well thought out idea, but it creates as many problems and questions as it solves. Not to mention you are putting way too much emphasis on the "player" but you can never account for the "human" part of the equation sadly.
  2. DarkAngelas

    Future events that encourage team work

    I still snipe, all the dmg missions did was bring out the bad BB's who don't know how to play their ships. Been fun in my cruisers just sitting there setting them on fire or penning them with AP lol
  3. DarkAngelas

    Top Tier MM

    comeon who does not enjoy the 2 vs 6 dd's matches with the mode being domination. I love losing that way it is so much fun and the only reason why I play!
  4. DarkAngelas

    Apparent changes in 0.5.3

    yes but those BB's players will be going for the extra HP, depending on how much Hp it adds I will be getting it on all my captains, even over Demolition Expert
  5. DarkAngelas

    Apparent changes in 0.5.3

    you would think so, but this is WG here.. "we can either give them a free respec for the new skills or make the pay us $$ to get them" lol I hope the go with the free respec, I can see a lot of people wanting to exchange AFT for something else >.>
  6. DarkAngelas

    Apparent changes in 0.5.3

    Actually that part is under big orange bold writing "May not be included in the patch" so another words it depends on their mood as to whether they give us a free respec or not lol
  7. DarkAngelas

    Apparent changes in 0.5.3

    From what I have read and understood of the upcoming patch changes (which can still change): (I apologize for the wall of text) 1. The commander skills: So AFT and BFT only affect 137mm now, TBH I was expecting a change to these skills since BETA, for one reason, there was no skills for anything above 155mm, essentially they became only AA and secondary improvements for most ships T7 and up, which in my opinion was the whole point of those skills. It should never have affected main armament in the first place only secondary and AA, and now that is what it will do roughly. (I was hoping for another approach though, skills added that would affect weapons above 155mm, seemed weird that only 155mm and below really had skills that affected them while everything else got a swift and undeniable punch to the throat). But the new skills added will change things slightly, increased hit points will be a must for any ship, even a couple of hundred hit points is the difference between still being able to hurt things or swimming with the fish so I foresee this taking over BFT and AFT as a mainstay skill on captains, then you have the Secondary and AA skills which increase the effectiveness of manual selection giving more control of those systems to players, IMO this will depend on ship but I can see BB's taking the secondary one almost every time and that will make it just a bit harder for dd's to get in close (which I felt was a balance issue, sure get in close but be prepared for hell when you do, it is a BB after all). As for torp acceleration some will see this as a buff for IJN DD's, but if it limits the range than IJN captain will have to decide what they want to do, invisi-torp and hope the enemy is stupid and does not change course or get into close range for a greater chance of actually hitting but being able to be blown of the map. These skills will actually vary depending on the players play-style in that particular ship hence adding to the variety of ships in play, people wanted more variety well now they have it but as with anything there will be cost. 2: CV "Nerfs" Now this one is hard IMO and I am not a CV player by any stretch of the imagination (I have a T5 IJN CV, the reason was for those "shoot down 150 planes" missions that pop up every now and then), I have felt that CV's had been hit a little too hard with the nerf hammer, back in beta as a CA player I would often escort BB's and even CV's depending on the situation to offer my AA to cover them. In the current Meta this was not really important as yes they could still do significant damage but they would have to be lucky which sort of made the CA's role as escort less important (Apart from DD hunting) and turned them into a lesser pocket BB. Now with the changes to ship bound AA (it has been reduced now, Defensive AA was reduced in efficiency by 33%) they have a higher chance to actually get close to BB's and CV's which in turn puts the emphasis on CA to actually escort bigger ships, essentially CA's have gained their role back as Escorts as now they will have to fight enemy DD's and add AA cover, not pocket BB's fighting other CA's and BB's. Also I see a lot of people complaining about U.S carrier being made obsolete but this one line that I saw makes me think otherwise "The air groups of most aircraft carriers have been revised". Now in my mind this means the carrier decks have been revised again so there will be different strike group configurations to what we have now, this could mean (and I emphasize "COULD") that carriers from both sides will have effective strike and fighter load outs. It is the first line in the paragraph but it gets overshadowed by the rest of the paragraph which makes its impact less obvious. This is just my thoughts on what I have read, but until the test server goes live (I will be participating to see for myself... okay okay the rewards might have something to do with it as well) we will see for certain what they have planned.
  8. DarkAngelas

    Land of Fire CTD

    Okay, I had this problem before the recent patch, the only time an error came up was a virtual memory error and that error only comes up rarely - did everything including: 1: uninstall aslains mods 2: check my drivers are up to date 3: uninstall the game and download a fresh install twice. 4: run game as aministrator The second downlaod seemed to fix the issue and I could play on this map without it crashing to desktop, now new patch and I am back to CTD every time this map comes up. I was frustrated before but now I am just plain angry, sent tickets last time of course no response (never do expect one tbh). The difference now is I can remove my hardware from the equation and say without a doubt it is a program issue because I have played on this map, I do not see why I need to waste my bandwidth re-downloading the game for a third time to fix this issue as it seems to be a corrupted file, an integrity check option like WoT would be nice but of course this is an unneeded feature. Now if this is coming across as highly aggressive I do apologize but after getting this crash again after fixing it simply because of a patch is beyond frustrating.
  9. DarkAngelas


    This is true, although there will be those who want to fly the AWE just to show they are a RAN ship, and given WG's tendency to use random flags not really used by the navies (some for good reason), I would not be surprised if they did fly the AWE. Well there would be little to no difference between the RAN and RN considering the the RAN was under the command of the RN (even today it is nominally under the command of the Governor-General, although this is mostly a ceremonial thing now).
  10. DarkAngelas

    [ MM ] Nice MM if you can

    Had a battle with 2 T5's and 1 T3 BB on our side with 1 T5 and 4 T4's on the enemy team, so how did MM balance that up well by giving us 2 T3 Cruisers (BB's favorite snack and the only T3's in the match the lowest on the enemy team was T4), not hard to figure out the 5 BB's just steamrolled in while our BB's just disappeared in the first 3 minutes. 5 minutes into the match we had lost 9 ships, at this stage I just gave up pointed my bow at the enemy cap and went off to make a coffee lol
  11. DarkAngelas


    well technically, the RN cruiser line is in the works which basically is the Aussie line, they did get mostly hand-me-downs back then. So most of the Ships the RAN used in the time frame (depending on what ships they choose to put in the said line) will be available just flying the British flag, well except for the few CV's they had. Most likely, if we are lucky, we might see a prem RAN ship... not going to hold my breath for that as there are a lot more famous ships out there that people across the world know fairly well (HMS Hood for example) that a lot more people would buy simply for being the Hood.
  12. DarkAngelas

    Please Prevent Disparate Tier Platoons

    just had a divi, T3 BB with T6 CA in a T7 game, since they can limit how many CV's why can they not put in a check on the tiers of ships to make sure each ship is within 2 tiers of each other. It is just plain annoying when this happens, another option is the ship that is in the wrong match (e.g T3 BB for me) is simply able to be TK's straight out of the gate with no consequences, people would learn very quickly that being in a div like that will not be fun. (on a side note: to the team I was in this match with, my apologies but I just pointed my bow at the enemy and charged in guns blazing so I could take another ship out in a more balanced game)
  13. DarkAngelas

    Yamato's penetration needs to be reduced

    so the OP got hit from what I can see by 3 shells, near the rear citadel (magazine) so roughly 3 citadel shots, and the OP is complaining about how he lost 30k hp. I would consider myself lucky considering how close you were to watching your entire hp disappear from a magazine detonation.... I have done the same to tier 7 BB's both IJN and US with my Kongo 3 shells hit 30+ damage. Now I have not gotten to tier 10 yet, did in the beta but quite a bit has changed since then, but this is an issue at all tiers except maybe T1 - 2. put simply you got hit by the biggest guns in the game and oddly enough it hurts like hell (remembers the old 4-6 T6's vs 1 Yamato and some random ship matches you use to be able to get in the beta.... just to answer, yes 1 shell could all but wipe a Cleveland of the map). It happens, I bet you feel good when you take a massive chunk of health of a BB in an Iowa, now you have simply have learned what those players felt like when you did that. But for arguments sake, from the pics posted, it was plunging fire that hit you, all the angling in the world is not going to help here, you could make your ship spin like a tornado and perfectly angle it but you are still going to get a beating. Even if it wasn't it hit right on the back part of the ship, not exactly the most heavily armored part, If 460mm could not hurt you hitting the weakest part of your armor I would consider that an issue.
  14. DarkAngelas

    How bad is the match making?

    Actually, you can be dragged up to higher tiers than the normal 2 +/- if you have been waiting in a cue for a long time. Although I do not believe it is as bad as in the CBT. (fondly remembers fighting......... facing a yamato in a cleveland...)
  15. DarkAngelas

    Land of Fire Crash

    I get the same issue, and only on this map. I have: uninstalled all mods - still crashed made sure all drivers are up to date done a complete wipe and reinstall usually it just tells me that it has stopped working, but occasionally it will say out of memory. This is literally the only map it happens on, I can play fine on every other map. I am just lucky that I hardly ever get this map (usually only seem to get it once per play session) otherwise it would be a lot more annoying.