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  1. FrankTheShip

    Tier VIII premium cruiser

    surprised no one said Scharnhorst, sure its a BB, but it can can be played like a Cruiser
  2. FrankTheShip

    CODES - Naval Legends: Cinemarathon

  3. FrankTheShip

    YouTube Container Collection Code

  4. FrankTheShip


    no longer works
  5. FrankTheShip

    110 tokens short of 1000?

    play that new London or Albemarle if you got it for a win each day will currently will get you some 🙂 A simple co-op will get you 10 tokens, once a day mission
  6. FrankTheShip


  7. received it today after completing daily mission, is there a list somewhere that list all the patches? I know i missed the Canada Day and the one with Mt. Fuji on it.
  8. FrankTheShip

    If you MUST have ridiculous themed events...

    Didn't even know they remade this into a tv series. Though after reading the comments, that may of been a good thing. Apparently they cut all the action to focus on a love story?!!! That out of the way ,having ships fight the tripods would be great, but I didn't see how they could do it properly. I mean for it to be a truly epic the mission would have to be virtually impossible, with most players getting sunk etc. I mean the aliens are from outer space, anything we have doesn't stand a chance. The Thunderchild fights so the steamer can get away, it knows its impossible odds but it's just buying time / being a distraction for the civilian ship to escape. How most gamers would feel about such a mission and would just give up on it means it's hard for developers to justify the time to develop such a mission.
  9. FrankTheShip

    Error Connecting to Server

    back online
  10. FrankTheShip

    Error Connecting to Server

    same, and had activated 24 premium last night, sigh
  11. FrankTheShip

    mac version wargaming centre closes when trying to open

    re downloading and running the download from the main web site got it running again
  12. so there was a new update to the wrapper and of course it stopped it working looking at the NA forums there are others with same issue, hopefully they fix it soon https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/80899-wows-mac-wrapper-bugs-and-feedback-thread/?page=81
  13. FrankTheShip

    Codes NEW NEW and even NEWER