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  1. FrankTheShip

    Operation Dynamo

    ok, 81 planes, but my team mates where very quick on the boats, I really should of put some free xp flags on this thing 😞
  2. FrankTheShip

    [Expired] Free Flag code

    just having these log in for that day would be so much better, save having to be on the forums every day
  3. FrankTheShip

    [EXPIRED ]Free Camo code

  4. FrankTheShip

    DOUBLETENDAY. Free camo code.

  5. FrankTheShip

    Latest Wargaming developers video

    really guys, the amount of money the company has and the presenter is wearing a Nike sweat shirt and the developer is wearing a Wargaming one. Shouldn't all your staff of gotten one to at least wear whilst doing these videos? Cheers
  6. FrankTheShip

    Free signals code

  7. FrankTheShip

    Nelson commander mission:Solution

    sigh, play all day and then find out needed to accept mission. Why arn't these just automatically added to you personal missions :( If you don't want the commander, you just didn't use her, but everything else you receive is really useful.
  8. FrankTheShip

    Japanese Naval flag

    you could argue that every flag offends someone, and that includes the USA and British flags.
  9. FrankTheShip

    SEA Cables Broken AGAIN

    doubt its fixed yet, its got 2 problems and the first isn't suppose to be fixed till the 30th, no ETA on the second fault https://www.itnews.com.au/news/sea-me-we3-to-remain-offline-through-may-491466
  10. how do mac users access this? To be honest if the mods good enough to endorsed by Wargaming, it should be added to the game.
  11. FrankTheShip

    Naval Flags

    Pan Asian and Commonwealth ship have the chose of flags. How about expanding it to every flag a ship flew during its life. So Pan asian ships get the flag of there launch/donor countries, some ships would get several ie .Gadjah Madah gets British plus Netherland on top of the 2 it currently has. Also means Russian/Soviet flags for most of there ships, the various German flags ie, Emden should has its historical Imperial flag as a chose
  12. FrankTheShip

    SEA Cables Broken AGAIN

    a new cable hopefully goes operational soon ( planned July) and another is planned for next year, finally some redundancy on this route
  13. FrankTheShip

    Mac Crashes

    try the following and see if they help 1. make sure have most current version of launcher and its definitely from the asia website 2. Open launcher, click settings, then support, then do a repair. 3. if using a Nvida graphics card get the vida drivers 4. run the game fullscreen, if your using an external monitor with a MacBook pro, close the lid on the laptop, it helps with your frame rates. 5. the mac should be making sure all apple updates are applied if not, do so. hope these help
  14. FrankTheShip

    Design A Patch submission

    drawing skills is something i say i definitely don't have , but here it is 2 halves of a sink sinking , now if i could just sinking ship.docx was trying for a traditional sinking ship like edit,, not working, will try later
  15. FrankTheShip

    MAC cursor appearing

    you shouldn't have to do that. Set it fullscreen once and that should be it. as for the win rate, can't help you there, mines shocking and close to 8 thousand games, still learning, and doing stupid stuff :)