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  1. FrankTheShip

    Yeah !@#$ finally I complete as I said

    next goal, 1000 games :)))))
  2. FrankTheShip

    CODE (Expired sorry)

    expired, cheers for listing 🙂
  3. FrankTheShip

    PC players, share your specs!

    I am a mac user and to say i was pissed when they quit support is an understatement. I now have a Mac m1 mini and have the game running using Parallels with Windows 10 ARM, seems to work well so far.
  4. FrankTheShip

    Code: Probably won't work for long

  5. FrankTheShip

    Code for Korean Children's day

    limit reached
  6. FrankTheShip

    KOTS CODE (expired)

  7. FrankTheShip


  8. the missions are not showing up in game, was there something special you needed to do to trigger them? Edit. NVM, found on the game page
  9. FrankTheShip

    Fun while it lasted

    same boat, thousands of games played , hundreds of dollars spent and you get a few weeks notice ---------thanks but f.ck off... really disappointing
  10. FrankTheShip


  11. FrankTheShip

    UPDATE: Bonus codes now working Including new KoTS code

    nope, thanks for trying
  12. FrankTheShip

    What's your favorite!?

    my go to ship when the mission says torpedo hits on missions - Kamikaze R
  13. FrankTheShip

    Tier VIII premium cruiser

    surprised no one said Scharnhorst, sure its a BB, but it can can be played like a Cruiser