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  1. Saipan seriously needs to be reworked

    if they would remove the strafe ability, that would help
  2. gib santa box plox to franktheship my the force be with you :)
  3. Xmas code

  4. free santa boxes

    https://santa.worldofwarships.asia/en/#/select from the reddit forums
  5. Wonderful Winter

    do your neighbours hate you? Or you hate them? sure your power company thinks your a great customer :)
  6. When a reward is not a reward

    reward not a reward - when they use the same Christmas flag you already have.
  7. must be over powered, has rail guns?
  8. Help with getting the Vampire

    you wouldn't do this in clan battles so why would you suggest this for scenarios? Quote updated. ~amade
  9. HAMS Vampire get!

    so would be handy if we could get the flag as well.
  10. Feedback for Mac client

    very rare to see crashes with the current client. (well compared to how it use to be) try the following 1.Make sure you have the current launcher from the asian server 2.0.16 2. Run a check game intergrity 3. Rebooting does help macs too 4. Full screen mode seems to help the US server has a active posting, so book mark it. Doubtful you will see anything on the Asia forums https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/38129-playing-on-a-mac-dstud39s-guides-and-troubleshooting/?page=57 hope that help
  11. Armistice Day

    so the event is this weekend. Will we get that flag they show for the event?
  12. Problems with pacific cable again?

    not a pleasant gaming experience with these pings, and with the ETA of fix being October, guess its back to WOW for a few months, and they just released a new patch, must be fate.