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  1. you wouldn't do this in clan battles so why would you suggest this for scenarios? Quote updated. ~amade
  2. so would be handy if we could get the flag as well.
  3. very rare to see crashes with the current client. (well compared to how it use to be) try the following 1.Make sure you have the current launcher from the asian server 2.0.16 2. Run a check game intergrity 3. Rebooting does help macs too 4. Full screen mode seems to help the US server has a active posting, so book mark it. Doubtful you will see anything on the Asia forums hope that help
  4. so the event is this weekend. Will we get that flag they show for the event?
  5. not a pleasant gaming experience with these pings, and with the ETA of fix being October, guess its back to WOW for a few months, and they just released a new patch, must be fate.
  6. Kenneth Branagh’s Commander Bolton from Dunkirk Nicolas Cage's Captain Charles McVay from Indianapolis John Wayne's Lt. "Rusty" Ryan from They Where Expendable Sean Connery's ??? from Hunt for the Red October
  7. downloaded the new version of the wrapper from the asian site (European and NA versions didn't work) done a repair and it works again, now to start on these British missions :)
  8. umm, ok can you put that into baby steps for me
  9. we just ave to wait till Codeweavers are able to make a new wrapper that is able to deal with the changes. ( tanks was the same and it eventually got a fix) Having said that Wargaming really should get there act together and get the patches to them sooner so they can be put out the same time as the patch. Mac people buy premium ships etc, there gotten our money, we shouldn't be subjected to this every patch.
  10. same, error, running the current mac wrapper :(
  11. worked for me, thanks
  12. neither, save your cash for Graf Zeppelin :)
  13. thanks
  14. thanks Drakon, thought it best to check in case it had been implemented and i was just totally blind in looking for it :(