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  1. FrankTheShip

    Fun while it lasted

    same boat, thousands of games played , hundreds of dollars spent and you get a few weeks notice ---------thanks but f.ck off... really disappointing
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  3. FrankTheShip

    UPDATE: Bonus codes now working Including new KoTS code

    nope, thanks for trying
  4. FrankTheShip

    What's your favorite!?

    my go to ship when the mission says torpedo hits on missions - Kamikaze R
  5. FrankTheShip

    Tier VIII premium cruiser

    surprised no one said Scharnhorst, sure its a BB, but it can can be played like a Cruiser
  6. FrankTheShip

    CODES - Naval Legends: Cinemarathon

  7. FrankTheShip

    YouTube Container Collection Code

  8. FrankTheShip


    no longer works
  9. FrankTheShip

    110 tokens short of 1000?

    play that new London or Albemarle if you got it for a win each day will currently will get you some 🙂 A simple co-op will get you 10 tokens, once a day mission
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  11. received it today after completing daily mission, is there a list somewhere that list all the patches? I know i missed the Canada Day and the one with Mt. Fuji on it.
  12. FrankTheShip

    If you MUST have ridiculous themed events...

    Didn't even know they remade this into a tv series. Though after reading the comments, that may of been a good thing. Apparently they cut all the action to focus on a love story?!!! That out of the way ,having ships fight the tripods would be great, but I didn't see how they could do it properly. I mean for it to be a truly epic the mission would have to be virtually impossible, with most players getting sunk etc. I mean the aliens are from outer space, anything we have doesn't stand a chance. The Thunderchild fights so the steamer can get away, it knows its impossible odds but it's just buying time / being a distraction for the civilian ship to escape. How most gamers would feel about such a mission and would just give up on it means it's hard for developers to justify the time to develop such a mission.
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