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  1. 2 ships HMS Courageous HMS Furious as she would of been designed. Has a very interesting history
  2. Moganite

    Technical issues found.

    checking just came good but there is no UK DD event directive active
  3. Moganite

    Technical issues found.

    I am having trouble with both the WGC and the login for ships since the update dropped. Also am in the CV beta test but that doesn't start till 11 my time.
  4. Moganite

    RN Normal Container OP

    Opened 24 containers (all of the containers from missions + 6 regular ones from RN shop) and nothing. knowing my luck it wont be until the well after the RN DDs are out if at all and will have to grind up the old fashioned way
  5. Moganite

    Things you'd like to see

    More action on removing bots and cheaters from the server
  6. Also use camo on your ship even if its the basic Type 1 every little bit hekps
  7. Moganite

    Decisions Decisions ....

    Thanks I think the T61 is probably the best bet right now. I already have both the blyscawicia and the lennigrad. Tthen get the Z 23 later if nothing more interesting doesn't come up.
  8. Does anyone have experience with both the german DDs? I see they are about the same price for base ships. I am looking for a trainer for when Igo up the German DD liner propper currently at the Gaede Had a look at the reviews and they seem similar enough that I cant decide which one is better. Any Ideas?
  9. Moganite

    So fishy , WG is that you ?

    the link is also a http rather than a https. I am pretty sure that it's a scam
  10. Moganite

    Worst Luck

    I just played my Belfast in the operation 226 hits on enemy ships not a single fire or kill. Also as soon as I was spotted every single last one was aiming at me.
  11. Moganite

    free reset captain skill ????

    Well thanks It looks like i will be spend a large part of one day resetting commanders
  12. Well I think the OP is subject to the Dunning Kruger Effect. The stats were hidden recently like at the earliest last Christmas DoY Battles are there. There could be an improvement but not much Given the starting point. I have been trying to get away from blaming others for a while. but yeah i still do it from time to time I Also had stats much worse When I passed 3k battles It takes a long time to improve even if you're playing much better than you used to.
  13. Moganite

    Do you regret purchasing that boat?

    Two words Stock Izumo