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  1. Moganite

    Remove Newport from Scenario Rotation

    I see both problems especially if you have a Fuso that sits back and ignores the base getting overrun behind him although I also saw a DD camping at the back in the healing circles in the same game. you wanna know how you make them turn easy torps in particular air dropped torps the bots are paranoid bout them and are better than most players at dodging them.
  2. no surprises there. Everyone in my clan bought 5 containers got at least 1 CV out of them except for the one person me the person who actually plays CVs and has heavily since the rework. Irony don't ya just love it
  3. Moganite

    How many Fish in the Sea

    My entry for this competition All the same game
  4. Moganite

    reduce amount cv in tier 8 to one

    how about no. that will only bring back the old meta the toxicity towards CVs and the game remaining world of BBs and concealment abuse.
  5. Moganite

    How many Fish in the Sea

    what if it includes gun fire but the vast majority of the damage is done by torps and flooding?
  6. Moganite

    Unlimited planes needs to change

    anyone who thinks carriers are massively overpowered should go and play them to see how OP they really are. HINT they're not. The above comment is so stupid it boggles the mind. It reminds me that most players areless intelligent than plants notably potatoes. please look up the concept of taking damage and its causes being shot at. And if you think planes can attack from any angle AA is a thing and and will often prevent entirely an attack if it is concentrated enough or if you're even 1 tier higher than the CVs planes in most cases. Also it is possible to deplane a CV entirely all too easily if you manage to get your AA close to the ship itself though the ship is as good as sunk by that point most often
  7. Moganite

    CV vs DD combat, the truth.

    Guess I shall leave these here Also have the replays if anyone is interested.
  8. and there is the free port slot mmmmm free port slot
  9. Ok This year I could get 2850 but I own the Ibuki just havent played her. Could also get The Essex, Taiho, Dmitri Donskoi, and 1 T 8 Premium and 72300 Coals Have The Fushun, Jervis, KGV, Could also Get Maass
  10. Moganite

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    OK then. I thought the steel one was mythical
  11. Moganite

    What was your first Premium Ship?

    my first one was the Albany got it with the wg birthday bonus when i started my account. played it a bit figured it was me being terrible at the game. started to get a bit better with the ship then everyone was saying it was terrible but hey found it at least as good as the tech tree ones and good for a laugh and fun. Played it with the same captain to get the 10 point captain. Got AFT on it a bit before AFT was changed. was grinding to CE when the tree was reworked. I played it enough to get a 55% win rate and 3 years later it is still my most played ship. First Bought ship was The Aurora.
  12. 2 ships HMS Courageous HMS Furious as she would of been designed. Has a very interesting history
  13. Moganite

    Technical issues found.

    checking just came good but there is no UK DD event directive active
  14. Moganite

    Technical issues found.

    I am having trouble with both the WGC and the login for ships since the update dropped. Also am in the CV beta test but that doesn't start till 11 my time.