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    Need help as BB avoiding torps

    It could have been balanced if torpedoes were detected at long range. Sometimes, they appear at the last second and they all strike you.. My Myogi is fully upgraded, and even then, AA is not okay. Only the FlaKs have the range to hit the torpedo bombers at medium, and thats where they mostly launch their torps. FlaKs don't even perform good as AA, they mostly miss. Most people aren't helpful, they don't even speak or write in chat. I mostly get pushed into lower tier battles where I am always the top tier battleship, so mostly enemy CVs have no reason to not attack me, which is usually unfortunate because I am someone who usually goes alone (Being with team mates stresses me out >.> Nevertheless, I'll try what you guys suggested unless I finally transition to cruiser or CV.
  2. m0chil_the_second_1

    Need help as BB avoiding torps

    How can I escape 6 torpedo planes which dropped their entire payload on my broadside with a distance of 50 meters and closing fast? I just died within two minutes because of them torps while driving my Myogi.