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  1. WOW need to redress this i was just in a match where one member team killed 3 ships so we lost the battle and no surprise but the whole team missed out on credits and some would have lost credits. They need to change so that any damage caused to team members is taken off the attacker and not just when the player is pink. we all make mistakes and i cant see why the innocent party should pay the price for someone else's stupidity. The battles are hard enough without the above bollocks. I am fast losing my patience with this game and find myself less inclined to be bothered wasting my time and my money. I have idea to force people to engage and that is lower the rage of all the ships guns to force closer combat
  2. 5 seconds to a win and a cruiser sailed side on to a bb and that was that life goes on next game was a great
  3. Hudson67

    One day 7 reports is not enough

    we all have bad days just enjoy the game when you can or find something else to do. maybe they should have battles were people can play together in a team that way you will have only have to play with other pros like yourself Shit my mistake its called team battles charge hard die quick......
  4. Hudson67

    Running away from the fight

    I am sick of the bag the new guy shit maybe you great players should have your own game where you can play with others of your own greatness and us plebs will carry on having a bit of fun. If you missed the point its just a game if you don,t enjoy it do something else.