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  1. Spotting in Smoke

    You [content removed] I only got it for a day So who cares I dont 1 day ban sweet dont have to read the bs from the [content removed] to WG like you Insults. Post edited, user already sanctioned. ~amade
  2. Spotting in Smoke

    Thanks some one else that can read and answered my question All you people that say i was shooting out of the smoke or this or that Can you not read Do you just come to bag me I said I was not shooting I explained excatley what was going on I have my answer now you lossers So keep bagging me and calling me names MODS dont seem to give a rats about that Even though it in the rules you cant do that But alas Only me gets banned (well Not just me I bet but hey) SO come on give me your best I DONT CARE
  3. [content removed] Insults towards Mods/GMs/Admins. Post Edited. User Sanctioned. ~dead_man_walking
  4. Spotting in Smoke

    Mate I did not yell it Did I not ask a question Which you have now answered as that all it could have been O hang on if his sonar found me Would it also show me to the other ships on his side??And with out asking these questions how would I know Know next time I will think O it his sonar that why See all I asked from start all it took was a direct answer No need for all the toher stuff is there people
  5. Basic "Rules of the Road"

    Lots of the ships have the captasans on the focsle painted red and green as well This is to help look outs in real life when they make a report Used to help me :-)
  6. Spotting in Smoke

    LOL no were in my posts about hacking do I say that mate I say you can 1 shot another ship See you cant even get facts right and Here we go again mods Bagging me is that not against the rules Or just for meAnd again fool I know you can mod this game I told you I have done it Belive me or not I dont personal care But dont tell lies about me get your facts str8 please Far out :-)
  7. Spotting in Smoke

    Yeah thanks grim and sorry but 1 No I said I started moving once smoke was set as I always do 2 No planes was no carriers at all in this game And again I said above that there were 3 others did I not they were around the 8 to 9km away I said I was trying to torp them to he showed 3 Maybe he did That is what I have asked from the first post have I not that no one wants to answer just bag me I have used sonar but I did not know it showed you a ship thought it only showed torps earler Again HE I emphasis HE said that HE was using a lvl 5 That all he said He was using lvl 5 Why I asked what or if any one knows what he on about He was in a tier 6 DD I go check what it was and edit If that helps answer my question It was the Ognevoi
  8. You can answer questions Cool wonder why you dont answer mine
  9. Um been in the real Navy we get taught how to patch hughe holes in a ship Watertight compartments as well are designed that you can take a topr hole and keep going :-)
  10. Yeah I get that it a arcade game But surley a AP shell from a BB that overpens a dd Still leaves a hughe efen hole in the DD should it not sink ??? Just stuff like that needs to be better I think I am ex Royal Australian Navy and a gunner So I do have some preconceptions I need to remove Still a good game though
  11. Spotting in Smoke

    See no response to what I said again Just a threat Gona remove that mods in particualer amade??????????????????? No idea hey is simple mate They dont follow the rules Go check my posts and see how many have ago at me call me names ect The rules you posted say they cant do that No mod has ever had ago at any one in my posts expect ME
  12. Spotting in Smoke

    Are you get mad I am far out you think you scaring me do you???????
  13. Spotting in Smoke

    After my smoke was set I started moving he was still hitting me He could see me He said so him self
  14. Spotting in Smoke

    No I am not usre why the question He said it was a lvl 5 thing why he could see me Is there such a thing if not It had to be a hack O and thank you a million for just answering :-)
  15. Spotting in Smoke

    O that is a pure lye It only what mods think As again go thru my posta and see what people call me and I got PM's were they abuse me as well i wont report them I am a man Sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me Is simple Mods just dont like me O crap more editing and warnings to come O well who cares I dont Just wont some one to answer me