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  1. develper never play T10 game i guess...If they want game like this way,then they are just a crap.
  2. yeah man ...they just dont know we are saying the problem because of we want play this game...all they do is just warn and nothing ..just no one give a xxxx what we want .
  3. ok,thanks for the news..why i need that for my yamato lol
  4. I guess its worse..i saw few news said they will increase torp speed in 053..not sure yet..i think you know more than me ...Have to give up this game ..
  5. however,a lots of CVs just gave up , because of nerf...balance is too hard to WG...its GG
  6. I just hope developer can see whats going on in T10 game ....Its not about the MM.Also i dont think its about flavour of player,its all because of version upgrade, i dont see these much DDs 2 or 3month ago .I have no idear why they keep buff DD....Without CV no one can see them..and their torps come from everywhere . shimakaze ,gearing dected range=5,9km..torp range 16-20km.
  7. 你知道島風魚雷是20km嗎?你知道現在10級房常年都會有2﹣5個島風?你算算幾個魚雷了,30──75個魚雷,你再想想這是靠近的問題嗎?你有點搞笑。
  8. shipchip


    能理解你對蒙大拿的失望。只要大和擺一個角度,你打他基本上是半傷區都很少的。。然而大和打你360°會穿,跳彈幾率也很小。 WG做平衡是很屎的,現在看看10級房,一邊3個DD 算少,多了5個也有可能。。基本上玩BB就是在賣淫。
  9. After WG buffed DD..now in T10 games everyone is losing fun because of torps.Every [content removed] single game at least 8 DDs total. AS a BB also CA player,i cant see any method to handle when 3-5 shimakaze torps to you . PLZ one of you(stupid producer) tell me how can i deal with 30- 50 torps ? I have lots of friends left,because of this stupid world of torps. if you cant do balance between ships,you will lose more players.Or you even dont give a [content removed] what players thinking .. From someone who loves world of warships Profanity. Post edited. user warned. ~tc1259 Post moderation re-applied. DO NOT REMOVE MODERATION. ~dead_man_walking