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  1. I think members of the same division should get the same amount of exp, regardless of how much damage or kill they get. If a member of a division kill enemy ship, it should be considered a division kill, not individual kill and the point will be shared by all members of the div, not just the player that done the killing. This should at least encourage team playing. As it is now, Battleship usually dual at long range. This forced the cruisers, who are suppose to provide either anti-air or anti-DD protection for the BB, to abandon their post and close in on the enemy in order to gain experience and thus leave the BB vulnerable to a bombers and a sneaky DD. I know it's not practical to ask this to be implemented at team level, but I think it should be doable in division level.
  2. p33k4bo0

    Secondaries and AA

    Some of the ships carry dual purpose secondaries like the 127 mm/32 Mk32 that also act as an AA artillery. My question is, when there are both air and sea targets within engagement range, will the dual purpose gun engage both targets simultaneously, or will they prioritized one target only?