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  1. Matchmaking is BROKEN

    Hi Reset_kala, I don't consider myself to fit into that category of player as I am genuinely interested in non premium ships - however from my meager understanding of the mechanics of this game the points benefits for training captains and/or garnishing XP and or/earning credits to purchase standard tree ships that one may want is a reasonable way of doing this. I for one do not have countless hours to spend just playing game after game (not that I would not like to) due to real life and job commitments. After looking at some forums information and some videos I chose the T8BB AKA Tirpitz in an effort to try and get a captain skilled to try out some other German ships. So my aim was not to just get the BB to rule the world because clearly that is not happening - it is however a means to an end. Now of course, through my frustration I've entered into conversations on this forum with people who have given some sound advice that has shown me that it is my skill level (playing - not captain skills) that is most likely to be one of the major contributors to these frustration. Cheers
  2. Matchmaking is BROKEN

    Thank you ReNation, I see no reason at all not to be civil and chat with some manners and etiquette. Regards
  3. Matchmaking is BROKEN

    Hi Harpoon01, that is a little unfair, as stats do not show the true picture of my attempts to TEAM play in this game, I always try and move with any group of ships that forms and even try and get people to group up to help each other, more often than not they abandon me when we move in to try get/hold cap sometime even when less ships show up. Most of the time i'll go into assist when DD calls for cap help/support. Besides - did you get good at the game without having help from others. Regards
  4. Matchmaking is BROKEN

    Hi FenrirApalis, No I don't just buy premium and then complain. It is not what my complaint was about - from what I have read from the posts that offer advice - it would seem that I just need more experience along with a sprinkling of luck.... Cheers
  5. Matchmaking is BROKEN

    Hi, Thank you for your interesting post especially the images of you most recent battle showing you ship T and the balance of T in the match, I obviously have much to learn in this game on how to stay alive and what I should be concentrating my guns on to maximize my team efforts. Thank you and regards.
  6. Matchmaking is BROKEN

    Hi All, Thank you so much for you input and answers and I will take it onboard and try get some more experience in lower levels.. No I don't get a whole lot of time online due to work and life commitments, I don't spend heaps due to budget constraints but do spend to hopefully enjoy the game. I got the Tirp and Kut as I liked the what I saw on videos, but maybe I have bitten off more than I can chew at the moment - I'll just have to put up with that with because no I don't have heaps of experience under my belt as yet. Maybe will have to search for info/video on how to use those two ships to their advantages - if possible. I do try my best to help in games and will always help defend other ships if nearby and help cap and keep cap if I am near, so if I am in a game with any of you please don't write me off as a noob, we all have to start at the bottom, from my point of view - my outlook is to stay teachable, as nobody on this planet can claim they know everything... Thank you
  7. Matchmaking is BROKEN

    well I'll have to try harder then.... Its difficult to stand and fight on your own with two-three ships when your team decide to run, you end up dying very quickly. I do understand what you are saying - and yes the bayern is quite a potent ship for tier, and I have stood my ground with her. Cheers
  8. Matchmaking is BROKEN

    Ok, sounds fair, but BB they slow to move/turn/slow/speed near islands. Just so frustrated being on the loosing team so many times, does not matter play safe - play aggressive - try to join other people they don't want to help with caps and just run once the firing starts...
  9. Matchmaking is BROKEN

    Dear WoW, You are making the game NOT FUN - and I spend money and time in the game to have fun. But with the matching of late - it is becoming stupid. I am so sick of being in T8 BB and having mostly T10 BB DD and some cruiser that shoot as far as me and reload quicker and burn me to death before I can even get close enough to make a difference. Also what is with the bad teams I am on more loosing teams because people will just not work together they bring in their long range BB's and sit back and try snipe or just not engage at all - or start to move in and then turn back when the heat comes on instead of working as a TEAM and moving with some objective... It seems I am on the BAD team most of my time at least 5 to 1.. Well rant over for now. Cheers
  10. Extreme Lag - PING spikes

    HI TC 1259, any chance you can link me the info/web/forum page, I'll add my ten cents worth. Cheers
  11. Extreme Lag - PING spikes

    Ok some more interesting information. All the following are from South Australia. Set-1 = Telstra Home Broadband Set-2 = Internode Home Boradband Set-3 = Telstra Business - my work This is repeatable - with many attempts during various parts of the day. As for the target IP/DNS this was taken from the PC during gameplay which show the actual connection IP which I used for reference across all 3 traces. You will notice that both Set-3 and Set-2 have less latency than Set-1. However what is interesting Set-1 does have better latency than Set-2 over to the 203.50.11.xxx subnet in Perth Australia How do we get Telstra to look into this! Target Name: sg2-sl-b75.worldoftanks.sg IP: Date/Time: 11/04/2016 3:43:57 PM to 11/04/2016 3:45:22 PM SET - 1Hop Sent Err PL% Min Max Avg Host Name / [iP] 1 35 0 0.0 0 1 0 My house - removed 2 35 0 0.0 17 23 18 Telstra - removed 3 35 0 0.0 18 22 18 Telstra - removed 4 35 0 0.0 18 22 18 bundle-ether4.fli-edge901.adelaide.telstra.net [] 5 35 0 0.0 18 52 19 bundle-ether2.way-edge901.adelaide.telstra.net [] 6 35 0 0.0 18 28 20 bundle-ether7.way-core4.adelaide.telstra.net [] 7 35 0 0.0 45 58 47 bundle-ether5.pie-core1.perth.telstra.net [] 8 35 0 0.0 44 46 45 [] 9 35 0 0.0 93 97 95 i-0-5-4-0.skdi-core01.bx.telstraglobal.net []10 34 0 0.0 183 202 185 []11 34 0 0.0 198 200 198 i-0-0-2-2.istt03.bi.telstraglobal.net []12 34 0 0.0 198 200 198 unknown.telstraglobal.net []13 34 0 0.0 198 220 200 sg2-n5596-fe-1-vl231.fe.core.pw []14 35 0 0.0 198 204 198 sg2-sl-b75.worldoftanks.sg [] SET-2Hop Sent Err PL% Avg Host Name / [iP] 1 35 0 0.0 0 dads house - removed 2 35 0 0.0 40 ii.net - removed 3 35 0 0.0 43 ii.net - removed 4 35 0 0.0 43 [] 5 35 0 0.0 43 bundle-ether11.way33.adelaide.telstra.net [] 6 35 0 0.0 43 bundle-ether8.way-core4.adelaide.telstra.net [] 7 35 0 0.0 74 bundle-ether5.pie-core1.perth.telstra.net [] 8 35 0 0.0 69 [] 9 35 0 0.0 121 i-0-5-4-0.skdi-core01.bx.telstraglobal.net []10 34 0 0.0 210 []11 34 0 0.0 119 i-0-0-2-2.istt03.bi.telstraglobal.net []12 34 0 0.0 119 unknown.telstraglobal.net []13 34 0 0.0 119 sg2-n5596-fe-1-vl231.fe.core.pw []14 35 0 0.0 119 sg2-sl-b75.worldoftanks.sg [] SET-3 1 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms Work - Removed 2 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms Telstra - Removed 3 4 ms 5 ms 3 ms tengige0-8-0-2.way-core4.adelaide.telstra.net [] 4 29 ms 29 ms 31 ms bundle-ether5.pie-core1.perth.telstra.net [] 5 28 ms 28 ms 28 ms tengige0-0-1-0.pthp-core01.perth.net.reach.com [] 6 78 ms 79 ms 79 ms i-0-1-4-0.skdi-core01.bx.telstraglobal.net [] 7 164 ms 164 ms 166 ms i-0-1-0-0.istt04.bi.telstraglobal.net [] 8 90 ms 81 ms 80 ms i-0-0-2-2.istt03.bi.telstraglobal.net [] 9 78 ms 78 ms 78 ms unknown.telstraglobal.net [] 10 78 ms 78 ms 79 ms sg2-n5596-fe-1-vl231.fe.core.pw [] 11 78 ms 80 ms 78 ms sg2-sl-b75.worldoftanks.sg []
  12. Extreme Lag - PING spikes

    Thanks guys for all the pointers, seems we have an issue in Australia.. Cheers
  13. Extreme Lag - PING spikes

    seems there is two large jumps Home 8 jumps to <<<< ping 45ms 9 - 97ms 10 - 184ms 11 - 199ms 12 -> 14 1ms
  14. Extreme Lag - PING spikes

    had a trace running (ping plotter) during game play to both Also the port which is open and connected during gameplay which I looked at today - and just logged into the game to double check points to different - (both had different octets) but similar domain sg2-sl-b81.worldoftanks.sg and sg2-v-a32.worldoftanks.sg Ping for all around the 190ms mark
  15. Extreme Lag - PING spikes

    Oh, my dad - Australia - Internode (their dslams/network)