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  1. About ship CA russia

    .I see someone use Moskva play in last game (My Server.WOWs Asia)
  2. About ship CA russia

    Hi everyone I have 2 question 1.What I have gone through the process before?? Then i can research CA russian ship.Last time i see it up "Soon" 2.Event Hiei&haruna i see in web tell me that "EVENT STARTS 1 March at 06:10 CET EVENT ENDS 1 May at 07:10 CEST" but i can't see anything or events yet to come P.S. I not good english language and Grammar Thanks you for reply my quastion
  3. Can't see another language

    Thanks for reply my problem I'll trying
  4. Can't see another language

    I want to know why i can't see another language or i will download and install language. I can see only English and Thai language. some one know please tell me how can i do. thank you before
  5. Konigsberg Unlock :D

    Thanks for reply me
  6. Konigsberg Unlock :D

    How i get DD Russia someone know tell me plz