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  1. Garfield62709

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    10/10 points for communicating the intended product roadmap. I don't look forward one bit to Submarines though. I don't think it's possible to implement anything that resembles submarine warfare in a game that is as fast paced as WoWS. Submarining relies on stealth, positioning and immense patience. You can't fit that into the mechanics of this game without breaking quite a lot of things. Putting subs in ranked battle for testing? Fully your choice. I seriously doubt I will play ranked while you have that on. I'm looking forward to the other captain skill developments though. That sounds promising.
  2. Garfield62709

    Naval Legends: Submarine Seehund

    I really hope you drop the idea of submarines in this game. Submarines are all about stealth and immense patience. That doesn't fit in the arcade style of the rest of the game.
  3. Garfield62709

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.2

    I can assure you I will not play "Big Hunt". If I wanted to play a space future game, I can think of plenty of games that I would prefer. But that's my 25 cents.
  4. Garfield62709

    Weekly Combat Missions: Discounts and Rewards!

    Probably wrong thread but anyway. I have played on and off for 5 years. The last 1.5 years I played a lot, even put quite some money into premium ships etc. This last release with the new skills has been an unmitigated disaster for game play. Far too many BB's hang back and try to snipe, and expect DD's and cruisers to do the work. It's enbough with a few BB's on the other team that actually still play, and the match is lost. You have to make BB's to engage more actively in gameplay, and make it rewarded to engage in mid and close range. Make it easier to get to a good secondary build on a BB. Meanwhile, I will spend much less time and definitely not a penny more on this game.
  5. Garfield62709

    Repair in Battle?

    Theres an icon for "Repair" at the bottom of the screen. Theres another icon that shows my overall health.I press "R" but nothing happens.I know theres a cooldown period, but I don't notice anything.Can someone explain what Repair can do: Restore health / repair internal / external modules? Only be used while not under fire? While not full speed shead or what?
  6. Garfield62709

    Your Commanders

    Lets say I move my CO from ship A to ship B. He loses 50% of these skills as I don't pay doublouns. (I assume it mean a 10% loading benefit becomes 5% - not that half of the skills dissapear). What happens if I complete the grind for ship C before the CO has regained the full skills? Will he just remain at 50%, or sink down to 25% when moving to C? /Edited for spelling &clarity/
  7. Garfield62709

    Can't login

    Thanks guys. I'll think about it. If the application has it's server settings hardcoded I (as an IT manager) would have to consider if this game is to be taken seriously. But at least I know.
  8. Garfield62709

    Can't login

    Great advice. But now I sit on a client that refuse to show anything but NA server with a Asia account and can't get into the game. Don't tell me the devs have hardcoded the server settings into the client - that would be ridiculous. All I need is how to change this in one of the config files.
  9. Garfield62709

    Can't login

    Same problem. The only server visible on the client is NA, but my account is ASIA. Please note that I just followed the prompts to create an Asia account and then diwnloaded the client. How do I reconfigure the client to logon to ASIA? I am not in the moid to download another 5Gb of client just to reach another load balancer.