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  1. AsliWongJowo

    I feel CV is more useless in 0.5.5

    look son, a super tester who think he knows everything thank you
  2. AsliWongJowo

    0.5.5 Rumours/News

    still in the public test phase. somebody already post a long ranting is the unbalance real? only god knows
  3. AsliWongJowo

    Give CV's more XP for plane kills

    NO! that will not happned more credits and exp for plane killing meaning more love for USN CV. as far as i know, there is no love for USN CV. even in the next patch they want to reduce the fire chance for USN CV. because in AS vs AS loadout, there is no way IJN will win in a dogfight. well maybe IJN can win, but they have lower chance to win. anyway, the game name is world of WARSHIPS. so, go kill some WARSHIP to get credits and exp, not some warplane
  4. AsliWongJowo

    Enough of the DD spam already

    agree. night time DD become do powerful, sea night time very very very dark, you cant see where are enemy DDs w/o spotlight, but the moment you turn on the spotlight, enemy know your position, but day time, DDs are shit. they cant do something like turn invisible and then pop-up right in your face. you see BB 15km ahead, you can also see the DD in her side, escorting her. not stealth bullshit. also torpedoes can be destroyed, just like missile, you cant dodge them? better shot at them. also regarding balance in real war, lets take USN vs IJN example, USN win because 1 simple thing, human factor. they have better crew. can that implemented in game? of course not. its like making damage control party for IJN only have 50% to fix flood and fire. is that fair in game? nope. but yeah, that is what really happen in war. inexperience crew can be cause of losing a battle. forget the crew. USN have better computerized instrument, but why IJN ship are harder to detect, isnt USN have better radar? why IJN BB have better spread, isnt USN have better fire control computer?
  5. AsliWongJowo

    0.5.3 did not kill USN CVs

    dont use fighter to scout when enemy CV alive -> so, you need to do sniping then? or else? wait, sacrifice one DB squad? we talking about high tier match right? ohh i see, you must be IJN CV user then, well yeah their DB squad is useless anyway, low damage, bad spread. wait, USSR DD wont even bothering with torps, they get detected first and then their torps enter effective range. as for USN they have great gun, they have good AA. put some smoke and start firing, waiting for reinforcement. no reinforcement come? well, you just out of luck then. i can understand very well why you said they (DD) wont be able to torp. because the moment torps come out, the plane spot them. even slowest rudder BB will able to dodge 10km torps if they saw it right away. now now, using torps, running if detected, never fire its gun because it make them harder to hiding.. now, what DD fit that description i wonder? some people say wows is like rock paper scissor game. [bB beat CA | CA beat DD | DD beat BB ] DD cant beat CA, that's the way it is. if DD can beat CA and BB then its not rock paper scissor game anymore. but in the field, can CA beat DD like it should be? nope. simply because stealth mechanic in the game. in order to CA can kill DD they need a vision. so spotting DD will not make DD useless, it will make the role ship become the way it should be. mano to mano with CA, DD can fight back, sometimes they lose, sometimes they win. but DD most likely will lose against CA. same applied to BB and CA. when CA mano to mano with BB its not like the CA became useless, they can fight back, sometimes they lose, sometimes they win. but CA most likely lose against BB
  6. AsliWongJowo

    0.5.3 did not kill USN CVs

    indeed USN CV is easy ship tier 4 5 6 7 majority of the player gonna use AS loadout. point and click gameplay. very easy if you want to have fun, engaging and truly effective CV gameplay, choose IJN if you want to have fun, destroying and truly effective DD gameplay, choose IJN if you want to have fun, obliterating and truly effective BB gameplay, choose IJN if you want to have fun, fulfilling and truly effective CA gameplay, choose USSR when they comes out murica is great enough. make japan great again well first of all, cant hovering plane over DD forever. when you hovering your fighter, you cant protect your team mate or even your self from enemy bomber. when you hovering your bomber, well bomber need to be rearmed right? cant stay on DD head forever. or did you want empty bomber airborne? spotting them is not enough, you need to take action. and you say that spotting DD make them virtually useless. cmon mate, you only talking about IJN DD here am i right? USSR DD dont even need to be spotted, they will show them self off. USN DD still have fight in them when they are spotted, those 2x3 127mm gun on gearing not just for show ya know. they pack punch IJN DD -> get spotted -> team chat -> "kill this aircraft above my head you stupid noob CV"
  7. AsliWongJowo

    DD's in General are Broken

    yes sir, you are right. cruiser are meant to counter DD. lets see you want to counter USSR DD, do it at 10km, effective. you want to counter USN DD, do it at 7km, effective. you want to counter IJN DD, do it at 5km, effective. if wows is rock paper and scissors game, and DD is the rock, its quite normal that DD beat any other class. because The Rock is cooking. funny thing is. the rumor said radar only have 11km absolute detection and ships can use radar are limited to tier 8 and above. now, who the hell want to sail their tashkent that close? seriously. i own tashkent, slow rudder, big turning radius, large body. getting to 10km to new orleans to fire at her is just foolish. well radar not too effective for hunting USSR DD then. now, who the hell want to sail their fubuki that close? seriously. i dont own fubuki. but i think those 15km torpedo upgrade is not just for show right? 12km range, fire torpedoes then retreat. radar also not too effective for hunting IJN DD then we have USN DD. benson torpedo range is 9km right? CMIIW need to go inside radar range to fire some torpedoes. benson gun range, 11km right? again CMIIW. radar effective range again? well i think this new radar consumable will effectively hunt USN DD, hunting USSR DD will not need any radar, she will shoot you even before you pop up the radar, hunting IJN DD? lol good luck.
  8. AsliWongJowo

    0.5.3 did not kill USN CVs

    i dont understand why if CV need to attack DD with TB then she is doing something wrong? what should CV use then? DB? isnt the chance of hit better with TB? what is air superiority anyway? well i kinda agree with this guy http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/44607-are-jap-cvs-op/page__pid__862017#entry862017 well i use overall statistic because i want to show how IJN vs USN CV perform before 0.5.3 patch, so here you go
  9. AsliWongJowo

    Torpedoes everywhere!

    need to reduce that torpedo spamming seriously thats not skill at all, just randomly shooting torpedoes. maybe WG can try to make the torpedoes loading time more longer. no? make it unbalance? how about this, make ammo cost for torpedo so damn expensive. so spamming with low hit rate will cause to deficit credits. even when you win the game.
  10. AsliWongJowo

    0.5.3 did not kill USN CVs

    kill? well not really. making it more derp it the right word. ohh yeah, bomb got upgrade big time. 1000lbs about damn time WG. US aviation already use those 1000lbs bomb like since forever. one thing that i know for sure, in battle of midway those bomber already carry 1000lbs bomb, their cv not even essex class yet. good job making it more historically accurate. honestly i dont know why WG decide to remove the 1 TB squad on essex and midway. is that because they do more damage than tahio or hakuryu? just look at this pic for a second as you can see, if we compare the CV per tier, japan CV always deal MORE damage compare to US counterpart, untill essex and midway comes. US CV player endure this from tier 4, finally at tier 9 onward, US CV can dealt more damage than japan. for historical reason, i think that is acceptable, as we know essex are large attack carrier meanwhile taiho sunk at her first sortie. look at lex plane kill ratio. 30, it so damn high. meaning that lex kill lots of planes and losing only few plane (damn those 2/1/1 you'll be missed) even with that kind of air superiority, shoukaku still manage to dealt 14k more damage than lex. that is some serious damage there. here's some piece of my mind regarding the 0.5.3 high tier cv change 1. lexington change from 2/1/1 to 1/1/1 -> did they want to reduce plane kill ratio from lex? did they want to make shoukaku rule the air or something? indeed lex still have 2/0/2 loadout, still same superiority. but really, 1TB from 2/1/1 is better than those 2 upgraded DB from new 2/0/2 2. CV sniping -> it not a rare thing we see CV sniping in tier 9-10 battle. those the new 1/1/3 loadout make essex and midway lose ability to do this? nope, they still can do CV sniping, but need more time. by i mean more time is essex and midway need to rely on hazard damage (fire/flood) those 12 torpedoes from taiho/haku can kill you instantly, no kidding. they even dont need to send their dive bomber to snipe CV. meanwhile US CV need to wait. those 6 torpedoes will not kill any CV instantly, not even hiryu. if the torpedo strike done well and enemy CV is flooding, you really really really need to wait for them to use their repair because the next 3 wave of DB you send will not instantly obliterate them. you need to let the hazard do their job, and if you dont wait and just send wave after wave without waiting, the last thing you know is enemy CV still standing there, flooding burning but then she use repair and you need to do 2nd wave of striking. and dont forget those AA upgrade. taiho now have same value ass essex. dont know about hakuryu and midway tho. 3. DD hunting -> its obvious that japan cv can do more tricky torpedo strike to kill DD on one run. TB from one side are mode easily to dodge than from 3 sides right? 4. damaging CA -> manual drop DB can do lots of damage, but manual dropping DB on CA is not the brightest plan, they fast, they can turn faster than DB doing strike run. you have lower chance hitting than in autodrop mode. not to mention those AA consumable. even when their accuracy impaired, TB can still score damage because you see the torps you aim the torp, no RNG bullshit, meanwhile DB? better pray to RNGesus your DB got one bomb hit to do 3k damage 4. BB killing -> tirpitz on one of the easiest BB to kill, i do that since using lexington, killing tirpitz for fun. the old 1/2/2 loadout can kill tirpitz in one swoop instantly. 12 torpedoes are no jokes. taiho can still do the same. already seen many tirpitz got killed by 12 taiho torpedoes. now the new 1/1/3. no man, you just cant do it anymore. even if you got 6 torpedo hits and those 3DB do their job, you cannot kill this tirpitz instantly anymore. you do lots of damage, YES. especially with the fire you started. but is that enough to kill her? maybe yes, if she dont have the upgrade that reduce fire/flooding damage. maybe not if she have those upgrades or you dont even start the hazard. bottom line: 0.5.3 kill USN CV especially essex and midway? NO. BIG NO. make it less potential? YES. FREAKING BIG YES. you need more time to kill something because you rely more on those fire that DB start. funny tho, its like WG want to make Japan CV have superiority in damage on all tier. even though in real life hakuryu is paper ship, taiho use same plane as shoukaku. cmon wargaming, be more historical. you put all the good in japan DD japan BB. why not US CV
  11. AsliWongJowo

    Carrier tactics

    wait, i thought indie only have 2 fighter in their AS loadout. did WG change them to 3? how go win? simple. snipe him lol
  12. AsliWongJowo

    BB OP?

    so, radar effectively will counter USN DD then? well honestly i want something to counter those torpedoes spamming bastard shimakaze's shooting 15 torpedoes randomly at area that need to be captured and make a wall of torpedoes. we need someway to stop that
  13. AsliWongJowo

    I wonder was there any reason that nerfing Lex

    wow 6 bomb hit in one run 188k damage lex now have so much higher damage in the future we can see those 14k difference gap become smaller. or maybe lex will exceed shokaku in damage dealt truly OP buff
  14. AsliWongJowo

    BB OP?

    but why? why killing USN DD if the radar comes out like the leak said. indeed hunting DD gonna be more easy, pop the consumable and all 10km radius will be visible. 1. IJN DD will never get into that close anyway. they have 15-20km torp for the sake of the god 2. USSR DD, 10km? they have death wish or something? big body dimension just make them easy target in 10km. who in the hell wants to shoot new orleans at 10km anyway thats leave us with USN DD. i only play till Mahan, so i dont really know how is the play style of high tier USN DD. will they need to up close to 10km?
  15. AsliWongJowo

    US DD's compared to RU

    lol, seeking attention from BB and CA. careful with what you wish for. USSR DD have big dimension and slowest rudder. ohh yes, they fast. ohh yes they got lots of HP but again what is if its without handling. what is speed if its without agility. more HP, more bigger body, more easy to shot at so it better not to draw attention that much USSR DD role is a gunboat. RoF is good, AP damage is pretty good, turret traverse speed is great at tier 9. but, what bothering me is their chance to cause flame. lowest of 3 nation. its not like they gonna win against BB with firing AP shell all the way am i right