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  1. Already had blueprints as I recall, and medals.
  2. Yugomo To Shima : My big dilemma

    Fun fact: This identical build is also excellent on the Fletcher.
  3. Migrating to yugomo

    Akizuki and Harekaze are exceptions due to their gun calibre while TAE is nice to have but hardly essential, and it's not going to make up for a lack of player skill. Fact is that CE is the really essential skill for destroyers (as well as LS, but that's easy to get). Basic build of PM-LS-SE/SI-CE works for pretty much every destroyer (excepting some Russian and Japanese) and makes sure you'll be plenty competitive. Obviously having AR, TAE, SI, RDF etc are very nice, but you don't need them to do well in the same way you need CE, not in randoms anyway.
  4. this game is literally unplayable

    Also had the lag spike issue yesterday, made DDs handle like a drunk donkey, virtually impossible to play (or at least impossible to play well). Had one good game through the sheer dumb luck of the enemy team trying to collect as many of my Gearing torpedoes as possible.
  5. Migrating to yugomo

    Mate, 10 point captains are good enough for pretty much every ship in the game. You really don't need to worry about having a minimum number of skill points.
  6. Sydney would be great, the Cockatoo Island Dockyard was pretty important during WW1 & WW2. I'd also really like to see an Ocean port that also had other ships in my collection all sailing in formation.
  7. Get RTS player feedback for CV rework

    I'm not making any suggestions about specific changes, I'm asking the developers that since they are not expert RTS (real time strategy) designers themselves, and probably not enthusiastic players either, to get good advice and testing from people who actually understand that type of game. Based on current evidence, If they rely only on their own ideas and knowledge I can't see any way they can do a CV rework that actually improves anything.
  8. Like it says in the title, please get a lot of advice and feedback from people who know RTS games and mechanics when you do this rework. CV game-play is essentially RTS, so please do everything you can to make it a good RTS experience that is fun for the players and can compliment the rest of the team in a balanced way, even if that means putting aside a bit of developer pride.
  9. Aigle mission part 19

    Easiest way to find it is to look at the XP on the team scores page.
  10. Aigle mission part 19

    Yeah, that'll teach them!
  11. French Collection frustrations

    Click on the item you’re missing. Now click on ‘Yes’.
  12. How to use Radio Location

    As a general rule, if you want to understand how XYZ in this game works, just google "XYZ Flamu" and you'll get a good answer.
  13. From all reports, it's just not very fun to play.
  14. New french campaign

    Yes, but why do that if it makes you feel stressed and not enjoy the game? There are no rewards for finishing it early. I really don't know why people are making such a big deal about this campaign and the aigle missions, compared to DoY and New Year Campaign, or even the Bismark campaign last year they are considerably shorter and easier. One of the least grindy and stressful 'events' WG has made yet.
  15. Dunkerque help wanted

    I feel like the fact that fire damage is healable is starting to get over-emphasised. You can't heal anything when you're dead, and fires can achieve that just as well as anything, especially 2-3 of them on a BB that has just burned their DC.