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  1. Webba84

    Is Duca d'Aosta a good cruiser?

    T6 seems to be quite rough for cruisers in general, I can't think of a single T6 cruiser premium or otherwise that stands out as even being very strong, much less OP, compared to DDs and BBs at the same tier.
  2. Webba84


    You're not wrong, that was only a 10 pt captain - I shudder to think what that little Q-boat could do with a full 19pt build.
  3. Webba84


    New evidence suggests otherwise:
  4. Webba84

    New Mexico for current Op?

    Fuso is rather good in RR, but as others have said actually you can take pretty much any ship as long as you know both it and the scenario well. Anshan is one of my personal favourites for it, that Soviet AP is no joke.
  5. Webba84

    Perth, Aigle, Molotov or Blyskawica?

    Perth is quite unique and good fun, once you have the smoke mod installed. Also probably the only ship in the game that benefits enough from the spotter plane mod to make that worthwhile too.
  6. Webba84

    RN Event Stage start time

    Yeah, they keep messing up the start time on these, dunno why it’s so hard for them to announce the correct one consistently. If it’s the same as last week it will be 5am tomorrow morning.
  7. Webba84

    Hall of Fame Points

    Saw and reported someone doing that today, no idea if WG will act on it.
  8. Webba84

    Cossack Engine Boost Consumable

    Given Cossack is the only ship that has both speed boost and the RN special acceleration characteristics, definitely seems like a bug - I’d submit a report if you haven’t done so already.
  9. Webba84

    Question About RN DD

    French BB early release worked exactly the way he describes. Seems like this is how they do new ship lines now.
  10. Webba84


    Basically there’s twelves weeks of these RN DD mission thingies, each one gives 4 Guineas.
  11. Was referring to the discussion thread below the picture...
  12. Thought this reddit topic was an interesting glimpse into different server meta. The stats are for the Jervis btw, OP doesn't make that clear.
  13. An almost word perfect description of everything wrong with post social media society. Well done!
  14. Webba84

    Royal Navy Containers

    Ah, I see. Well I guess you’d need a big enough sample size to estimate the chances of getting a mission per container and then you could work it out. It still wouldn’t prove that it’s rigged though.
  15. Webba84

    RN Normal Container OP

    Well Icarus does get 7km torp upgrade, it has quint launchers compared to Gallant's quads, and it has hydro, so arguably its pretty balanced compared to Gallant, although I still prefer the extra 1km range myself as well. I think Jervis might actually be the one that's really screwed though, 7 km torps on a 6.3 km concealment hull at the tier when you start to see lots of radar is not great.