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  1. This has been a problem since 0.5 but it's so out of hand you might as well do what the title says. I played 15 games straight with Taiho. 15. Without counting similar issues I've been facing since T8. Fully upgraded plane & bought all the HP increase for planes & captain's upgrade. I'd lose a plane within 0.3 seconds of getting into enemy AA range BEFORE I even see what ship they were sailing. Usually a happy DD or a CL 10 kilometers away. And I wish I'm exaggerating/only happens to 5 games in a roll. Attacking with torp or bomber? please. a DD can take down 1 and half squadrons of torp (with 15% health increase upgrade, fully upgraded, verses T8 or T9) before I can drop it. and if I see an Iowa? might as well Alt+F4. the only ones I can attack are Nagatos. Again, I wish I'm joking/only happens to 5 games in a roll. 15 games straight, every single game. Losing a plane before seeing the ship, half the time they're just DDs. By themselves. Before turning on AA ability. I'm thinking you should buff AA attack and install nuclear anti-air missiles on all T1-T10 ships, or at least 25 Miniguns & 2 laser defense systems, so you can bomb the whole map every other second. Same gameplay for everybody really.
  2. Allenault

    0.5.3 did not kill USN CVs

    As if CVs are still playable anyway with all these 20-miles range 410mm AA guns. I mean even a moderator openly put his forum signature as "I hate airplanes".