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  1. I'm planning to grind the event to get Benham but seeing that its hp is abysmal at 14.5k, 17.650khp with SE commander skill and CV's always flying around me plus the fact that missions on savage battles are too long like 2nd mission requires you to get 1.5b credits and repeat, missing some daily missions, and Fletcher is way better so nope. I'll buy camo or prem time instead to grind RU BB line and Jutland to complete my Tier 10 completion list.
  2. KongouHime

    Should I play CV from scratch??

    Thanks for the tips guys, I'll just sell my Haku and buy Midway again because I often play this ship before CV rework, I like HE dive bombers than AP ones, and USN TB's are quite good 3-5 hits if aimed correctly. I'm looking forward to play RN CV's because why not??
  3. I need advice guys. I'm a CV player who started from late 2015 and got Midway and Hakuryu long before 0.8.0 patch. I tried the new CV gameplay with Ryujo and Haku and I can say that it's quite fun at first but the longer I played it for a few games, I realized that I need to learn everything from scratch because I like CV's in general and at the same time I lost desire of this new gameplay maybe because I strongly wanted the old CV gameplay w/c is RTS style which I'm a big fan of because of playing RTS games. Should I keep my high tier CV's or sell them for FXP and credits and go back to tier 4 or 6 to learn from scratch. Thanks and have a fair seas to everyone 😄 P.S. First time to post something since I don't know when my last post is xD
  4. KongouHime

    Why play CV when you are bad at it?

    Guess I was lucky that I play CV's before they add Enterprise, Saipan, and Graf into the game that keeps the normal plebs a dilemma. I keep playing CV's even I myself got ridiculed, insulted because of a low WR on a specific CV ship because I love to play something that involves micromanagement and I believe that I can play it despite a number of AA ships that are implemented. I can handle lone cv's but against a unicum div with a pro CV on helm? I know myself that I'm bound to lose but I have to try to win because you'll never know that you might win against unicum divs. Don't tell us CV players to stop playing even we're suck at playing it because we have our own preferences. One more thing, you quit playing CV's at tier 6 and that's a good thing I applaud about you because you know yourself that you lack the capability to play the ship.
  5. KongouHime

    FREE Humble Bundle Flag

    Aww okay hahaha. Better to have it than none
  6. KongouHime

    FREE Humble Bundle Flag

    Planning to get this, it's free or do I have to pay to get the bundle?
  7. KongouHime

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Wow they really axed USN CV's ehh?? Guess it's time to sell this or savor it before the nerf comes -_-
  8. KongouHime

    Install and Mods

    Ooohhh silly me, didn't read the update about the pt server xD. I see about the mods. Never less, it's a hassle anyway so I never got the opportunity to use it. Thank you :)
  9. KongouHime

    Install and Mods

    Questions: 1. Guys how to install the public test server, I've tried the instructions there but no response from the server. Anyone can help about it? Need to play in PT test for rewards itself. 2. I see that most of the players in WoWS uses mods based on what I've seen in posts from a popular WoWS FB group, my thoughts about it is that is mods are very useful in a gameplay or just that you want to decorate your ships and every stuff with mods. I never use mods before so I want to know why it's popular these days. Thanks :D
  10. That's the best tier for that skill to be fully utilized IMO
  11. KongouHime

    What really frustrates me

    I want to play PTS but I had to download 40gigish and too many people who uses the wifi so I can't play it yet.
  12. KongouHime

    What really frustrates me

    Narai is good tbh, but my clanmates were busy or I'm offline when they're online that I can't play it only Ultimate Frontier
  13. KongouHime

    What really frustrates me

    Decorate your ship with the best camo and flags for the purpose of grinding more exp and fxp only to end up losing miserably, and there's the time when you decided to equip it with okay camo or bad camo and some flags, and boom you win the battle easily or a pyrrhic one. I was like oh why oh why, why is this happening to me huhuhuhu I'm so frustrated that my camo and flag supplies are almost run dry. Phew I vented out my frustrations and do better next time. P.S. I'm sure anyone experiences this hahaha lol xD
  14. Never did, it's a disadvantage because FT has more chances to strafe your planes to a pulp.
  15. KongouHime

    Do not level up during Lunar New Year

    You know Lunar New Year is a good opportunity to grind my RU DD, RN BB, and French CA lines because of 200% extra exp gain, and earn FXP and Elite Commander Exp, so nope. I'm willing to jeopardize my winrate and my sanity for this :D