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  1. Install and Mods

    Ooohhh silly me, didn't read the update about the pt server xD. I see about the mods. Never less, it's a hassle anyway so I never got the opportunity to use it. Thank you :)
  2. Install and Mods

    Questions: 1. Guys how to install the public test server, I've tried the instructions there but no response from the server. Anyone can help about it? Need to play in PT test for rewards itself. 2. I see that most of the players in WoWS uses mods based on what I've seen in posts from a popular WoWS FB group, my thoughts about it is that is mods are very useful in a gameplay or just that you want to decorate your ships and every stuff with mods. I never use mods before so I want to know why it's popular these days. Thanks :D
  3. That's the best tier for that skill to be fully utilized IMO
  4. What really frustrates me

    I want to play PTS but I had to download 40gigish and too many people who uses the wifi so I can't play it yet.
  5. What really frustrates me

    Narai is good tbh, but my clanmates were busy or I'm offline when they're online that I can't play it only Ultimate Frontier
  6. What really frustrates me

    Decorate your ship with the best camo and flags for the purpose of grinding more exp and fxp only to end up losing miserably, and there's the time when you decided to equip it with okay camo or bad camo and some flags, and boom you win the battle easily or a pyrrhic one. I was like oh why oh why, why is this happening to me huhuhuhu I'm so frustrated that my camo and flag supplies are almost run dry. Phew I vented out my frustrations and do better next time. P.S. I'm sure anyone experiences this hahaha lol xD
  7. Never did, it's a disadvantage because FT has more chances to strafe your planes to a pulp.
  8. Do not level up during Lunar New Year

    You know Lunar New Year is a good opportunity to grind my RU DD, RN BB, and French CA lines because of 200% extra exp gain, and earn FXP and Elite Commander Exp, so nope. I'm willing to jeopardize my winrate and my sanity for this :D
  9. Why those T9 BB are so rubbish

    RNG man, RNG trolls you.
  10. How to earn credits without premiums

    If you have experience in playing CV's, you can use them to earn credits and the best tiers will be at tier 6. You can pick a t5 or t6 ship as your credit earner if you don't play CV's.
  11. [MOG] Musashi Owners Group

    I got Yamato and Missouri and I want this one but maybe I can use my FXP on skipping my t9 ships so I'm reluctant.
  12. [MOG] Musashi Owners Group

    Does this ship worth the investment? I'm reluctant to buy this.
  13. When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    Maintenance ends at 9:30am -_-
  14. I pity CV players

    You play at your worst performance, got blamed and reported, did their best to carry the game but lost, still reported. There are players who check the profile of the CV player and ridiculed him because of his <40% win rate on a certain CV. Why I know it? I also play CV's and I eat insults as breakfast, a player ridiculed me when I played my Midway and ridiculed me because of my <40% win rate on this. They didn't know why I got this rate and don't have the right to insult me because they didn't know what I felt when I took up CV's in battle; analyzing the flow of battle, pinpointing where the least AA clustered ships at, spotting, countering enemy CV's movements, and etc. There are times that I asked myself why I still playing this class despite WG didn't do much on reworking them. The least I can do is ignore their opinions and continue playing.