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  1. As you guys may heard that there was a BUG in Step 2 of ARS Kongo Mission. The reward is not 5,000 Free EXP but 5,000 times of Free EXP you got in the last game you finished the mission. This BUG was fixed silently, probably at 17:00 pm GMT+8 yesterday, without any official statement on the webpage. Yet it is obviously that someone have already benefited from this ridiculous issue. I have a screenshot here in the attach files. The player ID is hided for personal privacy and I have no comment on the source of the picture. But I'm sure it is unprocessed. This BUG also happened in NA server(may be EU server too) and it is said that "Anyone who received more Free XP than was intended will get to keep it. We will not be removing any Free XP from anyone's account. It's not nearly that simple. This bug affected people in all regions, and it was a global decision as to what we would do about it. We had to make a hard choice about what to do, and I know that not everyone will agree with it." True. I will not agree because I have to say this resolution is unreasonable and unacceptable. If WG take this as a bonus, then just keep it to everyone who still working on this mission. How come that there was a "time limited" bonus even without any statement on the webpage? If WG take this as a BUG, then just roll back and remove the Free EXP or ships which do not belong to them(But return credits spent on anything involved). I don't think it's something impossible because WG can even trace the premium ship you sold a long time ago. This is not a simple question to just deal with the Free EXP but also a question about WG's attitude. Apparently it is a completely challenge to the game EULA. I suppose that any kind of benefit from game's BUG is considered illegal, isn't it? If WG don't treat this issue seriously, it will become a terrible precedent. Then everyone will make use of any BUG next time without hesitation because you choose to compromise today. This is not fair for most people who even don't know about the BUG and those who know it but didn't do anything for fear of possible punishment. Nothing is for granted. I spent 5 months on this game, 2,557 games played, earned 3,496,251 exp in total. I spent at leat 90$ to exchange Free EXP. Can you believe that someone earn 2,264,750 Free EXP in one battle and even don't need to pay any doubloons to exchange it? I suppose the rule of this game is quite simple——What you get depend on how much you'd like to pay, whatever time or money. Am I wrong?Please at least show some basic respect to those honest players, who spent huge time and money in this game, but find it not worth a damn overnight. Let's just make it clear. The amount of illegal Free EXP is unacceptable and unfair. Those who get it is minority, it's unwise to make most of the players unhappy and lose your clients. Most of all, it's something about principle. Your attitude matters.